5 Minutes for Fitness: Energy boost

by Lisa

Feeling sluggish and tired today?

Let’s get up and MOVE! Even just a few minutes of activity will give you a gigantic boost in energy.

Need a plan? Try this: (Do not take a break between each minute, just go right into the next)

Minute 1: march/jog around your house
Minute 2: jumping jacks (either high or low impact)
Minute 3: run up/down a flight of stairs
Minute 4: do squats, either standing squats or up against the wall. Keep your form in check!
Minute 5: dance around your house! Crank up the music and sweat!

Catch your breath, grab a drink of water and enjoy your energy! If you have more time, do it all over again.

I always find that a short burst of exercise gives me the energy I need to get me through my day. The next time you feel like you just cannot stay awake, try this out instead. You might be surprised by how GREAT it makes you feel!

This column is hosted by Lisa. She can be found doing squats and lunges over at Workout Mommy.

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