Thrive with Autism – Checking in With the Sisters

Now that my kids are older and at school for the majority of the day, they don’t have as many “opportunities” to have melt-downs in public.

As a mother of five, I’ve certainly been in a situation or two like this, although I am not a mother of an autistic child. I love these 5 ‘Elevator Speech’ messages that guest writers Andrea Richardson and Andrea Warner from Thrive With Autism shared on 5 Minutes for Special Needs this week.

Thrive with Autism – Tips for Those Looking to Understand

Have you ever been in a store, movie theatre, or, yes… even an elevator, and your child has a meltdown? Did the people surrounding you look at you like you were the worst parent around? Or worse, even ask you to control your child?

This is a common situation that many parents face on a daily basis as their children are learning skills needed to manage their environment. Meltdowns are common to most children, but seem to occur at a higher level of intensity for children with Autism.

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