Look Good and Feel Good in SkinnyJeans® – Giveaway

Janice in Skinny JeansI like wearing jeans. I LOVE wearing jeans that make me LOOK good and FEEL good at the same time.

So when I pulled on a pair of SkinnyJeans®, looked in the mirror and then did my ultimate “jeans-test” — I sat down in them — I knew I’d found true denim love.

hello! SkinnyJeans®

Then my love grew even deeper as I got to know the story behind the brand.

It turns out the reason SkinnyJeans® look and feel so good is that a real woman solved the real problems women have when wearing jeans.

That brilliant problem-solving entrepreneur is Catherine Hart.

Several years ago, before the trend of skin tight jeans with tapered legs was coined “skinny jeans”, Catherine figured out that by manufacturing jeans in a better way they could make a woman look thinner.

It’s shocking to hear, but Catherine was “a lawyer from California with no design experience.” I love that she followed her instinct, worked hard to design and deliver a quality product that solves a real need for real women. (And cheers to her for registering a phenomenal trademark ahead of it’s time.)

I love this video interview with Catherine shortly after she created her new brand of jeans. She tells the inspiring story of how she invented SkinnyJeans®.

Catherine did it. She had a vision, followed through with determination and you and I are skinnier for it.

The photo at the top of this post is of my twin sister Janice in her SkinnyJeans®. While you may say, “But Janice IS skinny,” and I agree she is (I always nag her to eat more), my pair is a size larger than hers and also make me look skinnier than I am. These jeans truly are figure flattering.

SkinnyJeans® come in a variety of styles in sizes 24-32 and 34, 36, and 38. (Janice is wearing NiteOut in size 27.)

Want To Try SkinnyJeans®?

hello! SkinnyJeans®Leave a comment and tell us which style you’d pick. We’ll draw a random comment number to win a pair of SkinnyJeans®.

Open to residents of Canada and the United States.

This giveaway will end on Friday October 28, 2011 at midnight ET and a winner will be chosen at random and announced shortly after. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and co-founder of 5 Minutes For Mom
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  1. Beverly Moore says

    I think I’d like to try GreenJeans. But, are ‘cords’ coming back into style? If so I’d rather choose Luxury Cords instead as winter is coming!

  2. says

    If I won, I think I would like the cords. It’s always hard to find good looking cords without looking frumpy. And winter weather in Canada needs cords! :)

  3. Gen says

    I would choose the petite (it is impossible to find jeans that are the right length (and the slimming aspect wouldn’t hurt either!) :)

  4. Elizabeth says

    I love the day wash barely bootcut! And I love that they come in so many inseam sizes. I’m a tall girl, and it is an amazing find to get jeans I could wear a heel with!

  5. says

    Oh please pick me! I am not so much rockin’ a post-baby body and would really love to feel good in a pair of jeans right now. She’s 13 months old now, and I’m just waiting for the “When are you due?” I’d go with the Skinny P’s, for my 5’2″ self.

  6. says

    I’d like the Day Wash barely bootcut in size 29 :) Look comfy,hard to find a good pair of jeans that make you feel comfy and look good after having two kids. Thanks!

  7. Tracy S says

    I’d like the Night Wash style!

    My biggest problem with jeans that I need someone to “fix” is that I am an “apple” shaped person and my weight is typically in my waist. My waist and my hips/butt/legs are completely different sizes. So, if they fit my hip/butt/thighs, I get serious muffintop (and way too uncomfortable to sit in) and if they fit my waist, they sag/bag everywhere else. *sigh* LOL

  8. Rebecca says

    I would definitely try the NiteWash. I prefer a darker color jean; I’m 5″4″ and anything that makes my legs look slimmer and longer is OK by me!

  9. Candy says

    Jeans can be my best friend or worst enemy. I love the feel and look but hate the ill fits. I’m always on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans. I looked at the styles and love NiteWash Barely Bootcut

  10. Ann Hagen says

    I love the Nite Out Barely Bootcut jean. The name is great and the jeans look fab! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair.

  11. says

    Ooo, I love the way these look! Plus, what a great story. Who couldn’t support a business woman like that?
    I’d go for the Nite Wash ( but I like the Stellar Wash, too).
    Thanks, ladies, for highlighting this business, woman, and product!!

  12. says

    I LOVE that these were invented by a mom and not some group of men who design for runway models. Yay, Mommy success story!! I love the jeans and would flip for a pair of the DayWash size 30, 32 inseam. I’ve seen these in person, but never had a pair to call my own. What a win it would be!

  13. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    These are fabulous jeans! I’d love to have the DayWash Barely Bootcut
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Jayne Thompson says

    I would love to have the Litewight jeans. I am past motherhood and ‘The change” has not done me any favors. I am trying to find a style that I can be happy with in my new body and accommadate my hot flashes!!!

  15. Chris N says

    I like the Night Wash Barely Bootcut. I have been skeptical of skinny jeans, but these look nice.

    ezmerelda at mail dot com

  16. Baarle-Nassau says

    Its excellent as your other posts : D, thanks for posting . “I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it’s not a waste of time.” by Martha Stewart.


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