Giving Thanks For Our First 365 Days with Sophia…

by Susan

A year ago today, you completed our family.

Sophia Vanna — my second miracle baby and the sixth, and likely the last grandchild, for your grandma.

Your first birthday could not have fallen on a more fitting day — Thanksgiving Day. Today all of Canada gives thanks, but I am convinced that I am the most blessed Mommy in the entire nation.

After waiting for over three years for your sister Julia to be born, I couldn’t imagine that I could be blessed again with a second beautiful baby girl.

But the Lord created you and let you grow inside of me to become a most beloved daughter, baby sister, cousin and granddaughter.

Sophia Ultrasound

Sophia 3D Ultrasound

Sophia Cutting the Cord

Meeting Sophia

I couldn’t be more thankful.

You are an amazingly sweet and sensitive baby.

As I look back on your first year, I can barely remember those first couple of months where you spent a little too much time in tears. You were sensitive to light and sound and your favorite place to be was in my arms, nursing, or in the dark with the calming white noise of the shower.

You loved to be snuggled and carried and to sleep nestled in bed next to me. But you also loved naps in your buggy while cozy in your snowsuit. Pretty much the only two ways you would sleep were in your snowsuit in your buggy or in bed with me.

After a few months, you still insisted upon those two sleeping arrangements but you became a most relaxed, dare I say “easy” baby. You take your time enjoying toys and calmly observing the world.

Sophia 11 Months

You love your routine and every night I’m amazed at how you blissfully fall asleep nursing and enjoy an eleven hour sleep. (With midnight nursing of course… but with you snuggled next to me, we hardly even notice.)

Sophia and Mommy

You are an amazing little person and, as my heart breaks that you’re turning from baby to toddler, I am delighted each day getting to know you better.

Happy First Birthday My Beloved Sophia!

Your Auntie Janice made this slideshow for you…

Sophia’s First Year from 5 Minutes for Mom on Vimeo.

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