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As much as I love the Fall, with the milder weather and the changing leaves, and the new school year for my kids, it is also a time of LOTS of change. Our routine changes. Schedules change. We add homework and new teachers and new class mates, and new sports. And with change comes adjustment….and adjustment is not always easy.

I found a post called Learning to Let Go on our sister site, 5 Minutes for Faith this week. Writer Rachel Martin, who blogs at Finding Joy, shares her perspective on the changing season, the challenges of changing routines…..and letting go.

Learning to Let Go

I am glad that it’s October.

Yes, I know that October brings us one month closer to winter, and for those of you who live in the frozen northern lands like me that means snow, but I really am grateful for a new start. Somehow when I flip the calendar over and see the month — the new month — it fills me with hope and opportunity.

You see, September was hard. September didn’t go as planned. Our family was sick most of the month. When you have a family of nine a long lasting cold really becomes a long lasting cold. And things didn’t get done. Including my September post for 5 Minutes for Faith. It was on my schedule, but then the very cute orange schedule book remained on top of my kitchen cabinet for weeks.

These weren’t my plans.

I had planned to start our homeschool year ahead — with plans photocopied, and trips to the orchard, and nature walks. I had planned to have my meals scheduled and shopping lists prepped. I had planned to stay ahead on my laundry. Wait. That’s always my plan, but somehow that one never seems to work. I had planned to keep on top of my blog writing — get my posts done, add some extras, and more. I had planned to have the kids join different groups and have weekly park days. I had planned to get up early.

My plans didn’t happen….

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Checking in with the Sisters preview written by 5 Minutes for Mom managing editor Lolli. You can find me blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.


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    I love your blog and I am getting inspiration from it to apply on my own blog that I just started… thanks for all the great articles that you guys post here! A great way to take 5 for mom!

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