High School Reunions — Solo or with your Spouse? A Poll!

Apparently I am old. Really, really old.

Sue and I have our high school reunion tonight — and it isn’t our 10th! 😉

(The only consolation is that everyone else there will be just as old!)

But, as I am getting ready for the evening, I got curious — when you attend your high school reunions do you go on your own or with your spouse or a date?

For my husband’s tenth reunion, he brought me with him. But for my last reunion, I went solo.

I was planning on bringing Phil to that one, until our good friend said that his wife wasn’t going (she didn’t go to school with us.) He pointed out that it can be uncomfortable for the spouse when they are left to mingle with other “dates” while old friends re-connect.

It didn’t bother me when I went with my husband to his reunion – I am a tad gregarious, so I was fine on my own while he got lost in conversations with high school friends.

But, I was relieved when our friend suggested going solo to class reunions. I know I would feel torn keeping my husband included while reuniting with my high school class.

I think my husband is just as relieved — besides he is going to go play hockey tonight anyway.

What About You? Solo or Date?

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    My husband’s 20th is coming up and he is going solo. We met after he graduated High School (but before I graduated) and I know only 2 people from his graduating class. He is more outgoing than me. Plus there is the cost of it all. He graduated in Ohio, we live in Louisiana.

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    I have never even considered attending a high school reunion. Is that horrible? Granted, I would have to spend a LOT of money to fly to Portland (where I graduated) and get a hotel and everything….but I have hardly kept in touch with anybody from high school, other than my close group of friends who followed me on to college. I still keep in touch with them.

    If I DID go to my 20th reunion (which, by the way, would be 2012) I would definitely bring my husband. Otherwise, I fear that I wouldn’t have anyone else to talk to and my husband is a total social butterfly. A male butterfly…

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    you two lovelies are not nearly as old as me, I attended my 30th without my hubs as it was 3,000 miles away and our budget this time just would not allow it…my high school classmates were sorely disappointed that he couldn’t come. And just 2 weeks ago I came along with my darling husband to his 30th reunion…the first of his reunions where I attended and I wasn’t knocked up.
    Have fun!

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    I recently attended my ten year reunion and, due to lack of a babysitter, I had to go without my husband. It killed me. I wanted my husband to meet all the people I have talked about for so long. But, even bigger than that, once I got to the reunion, I felt as though I fell back into the high school days (which were not very pleasant for me) and I had no grasp at my current life to bring me back to reality. My husband was not with me as a constant reminder of who I am now and what my life has grown into. I would never attend another reunion solo.

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