Do Your Kids Wear SunScreen All Year?

kids-in-sunI have to admit — when summer approaches, the one thing I dread is applying sunscreen on my kids!

And so when the clouds and cold move in with October, I am relieved to put away the sunscreen. (Well, I don’t put it far away. I do pull it out if the sun makes some rare appearances!)

Now, I know we should wear it all year round, but come on people — I live in Vancouver, read: a rain cloud ten months a year!

If we go skiing in the winter, I make sure to slather on the sunscreen to protect against the reflection of the sun on the white snow. But most regular days as we dodge rain drops here in soggy Vancouver, I don’t bother with sunscreen.

But — I am feeling a guilty about that! I know that the sun can be damaging even in the winter.

So I am wondering: Do you and/or your kids wear sunscreen all year round? (If you live in Arizona, I sure hope so!)

Week 2 — Disney D-Lightful Living

This week, the challenge for the Disney D-Lightful Living: Animate Your Daily Routine program is all about Skin Care All Year Long.

As I said, I don’t look forward to sunscreen time with my kids. BUT, when Disney adds some of their magic, it sure helps.


Yes, a little Phineas and Ferb definitely makes the sunscreen more fun. Thanks Disney!

So, this year, I am taking the challenge of taking care of our skin all year round.

Head over to the DCP’s official Facebook page known as Disney Living to find out more about this week’s challenge and tips from the “Go-To Mom,” Kimberley Clayton Blaine, who has partnered with Disney to bring weekly video parenting tips.

There is also downloadable checklist outlining all 12 weekly challenges available that you can put up in your house to help track your family’s progress. And if you want, you can also join in the online forum to share your tips toward healthier habits and enter to win a weekly Disney-branded product prize package.

Please note that we are compensated Disney Brand Ambassadors, but as I said, our love of Disney and all of our opinions are completely our own!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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  1. says

    Uummmm, I guess I think we put too much emphasis on sunscreen these days…I really think with all of the vitamin D deficiencies we need to actually get out in the sun way more than we do. And I live in ND so we take vitamin D in the winter and are SO excited to see the sun when it appears!! LOL Of course I am careful and don’t take my babies out when it’s the heat of the day…but I do think sunshine is healthy for us!!!

  2. Eileen says

    No way!
    Recent studies show too much sun block. Reduced your ability to produce melanin. Melanin is the body’s own natural protection (a hormone) against the uv rays of the sun.
    Also too much block and the body cant make vit D.
    I never use more than 8. And i am a pale skin Irish.

  3. says

    I am very fair skin Scandinavian and burn easily. But I can go out in the sun for some time without getting burned. And with all the news recently about Vitamin A in sunscreens possibly increasing our risk of skin cancer (not to mention that the actual nano-particles and chemicals that make up the suncreens are fairly toxic) this year we’ve cut way back. We wear sunscreen only if we’re going to be out all day playing (like at the waterslides) and my boys wear swim shirts as well as shorts so there is less skin exposed.
    Plus, as someone else mentioned, many of us are not getting enough vitamin D, especially in our northern climates (I live in Washington).
    Sadly I think this is another case of industry pushing us to buy their products when we really don’t know how much benefit there is from them, or even possible harm.
    If I remember correctly skin cancer rates leveled off in like the 70’s and with the huge increase in sunscreen use there hasn’t been any decline in skin cancer.

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