Farberware Coffee & Tea Maker, Review and Giveaway

Deb here… I will boldly admit that I am a brew snob. I want to wake up to a cup of coffee and end the day with a cup of  tea, and I want delicious or I would rather do without. Are you a brew snob, too?

The roots of my love for coffee and tea

My love for coffee is from my Gram. She drank it all day long. Hot, cold, or in between it didn’t matter. She lived in the upstairs unit of our duplex, and I loved running up there for our coffee dates. Gram would let me select my favorite from her china demitasse collection and she would fill it with equal portions of coffee and warm milk with a little sugar. Many of my four year old problems were solved over a cup with Gram.

Understanding and appreciating the soothing qualities of a delicious cup of tea came from my Mom. It could settle a queasy tummy or warm up even the coldest Michigan winter afternoon.

Because of those two dear women, my love of coffee and tea began at a very young age – making me the brew snob that I am today.

And it is due to my snobbery that I prefer to make my coffee and tea at home. If you’re a brew snob too, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked to review the new Farberware® 12-Cup Programmable Coffee & Tea Maker this past week.

What I liked about the Farberware® 12-Cup Coffee & Tea Maker

The first thing I liked was that the stainless steel unit has two specialized permanent filters for coffee grinds and tea leaves. Having both capabilities in one unit has made it possible for me to replace my old coffee maker and my tea kettle. I love it when I am able to pare down on “stuff.”

A few more things I really like about this product:

  • The glass carafe’s “perfect pour” spout is really perfect! It never drips! Something that drove me crazy about my previous carafe.
  • The “Sneak-A-Cup” feature is also drip free. No more burned coffee on the warming plate.
  • The auto brew programming and adjustable auto shut off give me two less things to think about first thing in the morning. I need that!

Check out this quick demonstration of the features:


My husband says that he wishes the fill window on the side was a little easier to read, but we both agree that all of the things we like about this coffee & tea maker far outweigh that one.  I have tried many different coffee makers from very inexpensive to those with a much higher price point, and this is without a doubt my favorite.

The Farberware® 12-Cup Programmable Coffee & Tea Maker is currently available at Walmart.com and at all stores beginning in November.

Okay, true confession time, tell the truth . . . are you a brew snob, too?

We’re giving away a Farberware® 12-Cup Programmable Coffee & Tea Maker

To enter to win a new Coffee and Tea maker from Farberware® all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you would love most about having this in your own kitchen!

This giveaway will run through October 5, 2011 at midnight and a winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly after the end date. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Written by Deb, wife, mom, “gram,” and busy blogger at Counting my Blessings. Deb is also a contributing editor at 5 Minutes for Faith.

Please note: I received a Coffee and Tea Maker from Farberware to test at home, but the thoughts and opinions about this product were my own. I really do love it!

Coffee photo by hellojenuine on flickr (creative commons).


  1. Robin says

    Oooh I love it! We are brew snobs too. This would fit nicely with our busy life style and the frequent hosting that we do!

  2. says

    Well… since the last coffee pot died and I’m the only coffee drinker in the house I’ve been only doing French Press or Percolator coffee. I so miss having that first cup of coffee hot and ready as soon as I stumble into the kitchen in the morning!

  3. says

    I would love that each morning while the madness of getting everyone ready in the AM there would be magic going on JUST for ME? … OH to dream a little dream. Thanks for the chance.

  4. says

    I would really love to win this because I enjoy coffee in the morning, but really love an afternoon latter or cappuccino and packing 4 kids in the car to go get one is usually more hassle than it’s worth!

    Thanks for the great review!!

  5. Carole M says

    You had me at “programmable”. I need my morning coffee, and it would be nice to have it waiting fresh for me in the morning!!

  6. Anita Yancey says

    I would love most that it makes both coffee and tea with only one machine. I also love that it is programmable. What a great machine.

  7. Shari says

    I’d love having it because, despite being a coffee drinker myself, I have a lot of friends and family who are COFFEE DRINKERS, and I don’t have a really good coffee maker for when they come over. I’d love to be able to treat them to coffee from this.

  8. says

    I’d love this because my other brewer went on the fritz and I am a true brew snob too! This would be great to wake up to! Thanks for the chance!

    pricousins at aol dot com

  9. says

    There are so many things to love about this coffee maker…the special filter for tea so the flavors dont mix, the 12 cup carafe (my current pot is only 4cups!), but I think the best thing is I can program it, and set it up the night before and have hot coffee as soon as I get up in the mornings. Also, it would keep the coffee hot until I get to it. My current pot makes the coffee and then shuts off. I got it second hand and have no idea how to program it!

  10. Katie says

    I love that it makes both coffee and tea…best of both worlds! My husband and I drink both every day so this would be perfect :)

  11. Barb K. says

    Hi: This would be a big help in the morning. Set it the night before fresh coffee and tea as everyone is rushing around getting ready. So handy.

  12. Athena says

    What an amazing idea! I love both coffee and tea, and I am picky about how they taste. Sounds like this would be a perfect addition to the household!

  13. Liz says

    We are tea drinkers and this would be perfect. I would love to be able to set this in the morning and not have to worry about both letting the water boil AND steeping for the right amount of time!

  14. Tona Speltz says

    We are major coffee drinkers in our house and would love to be able to have a nice, quality cup of coffee in the morning. We have looked into getting a nicer coffee pot but the expense of it is holding us back. Maybe I’ll win this one! :-)

  15. SalmaGlez says

    Hi Deb!
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway
    I really enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning, and some cups of tea in the rest of the day,
    I’d love to win, because I’ve never tried a coffee o tea maker machine,
    Best regards,

  16. Stacy B. says

    I would love this in my kitchen because I am a coffee drinker and my husband, a tea drinker, so we’d both be happy! And the stainless steel would be a good match. Thanks!

  17. Sue W says

    I love that you can make tea in it too! Would make the mornings so much better to wake up to coffee or tea already made with all of the other stuff I have to do!!!

  18. Alexa says

    I am a broke college student who managed to break my coffee pot right before going back to school this semester and decided to wait off on getting a new one right away. But if I had this I would be such a happier college kid when getting up at 6 o clock for my 8 am classes and have coffee to make in the morning. Plus it would fit perfectly on my tiny counter space and makes both coffee and tea.

  19. Sandra B says

    I go through phases… coffee for awhile and then hot tea in the morning.. always the same routine just a change in beverage. I have a windowed kitchen nook that is all mine in the morning. I am always up first and love the quiet and solitude before the days rush begins. I have gone to a coffee press and a single serve steeping tea pot since my auto drips have both failed. I would love to have something still small but more convenient and programmable… lol Count me in for your giveaway and thank you for the opportunity.

  20. trishden says

    Hello, the feature I like the best of the Farberware Coffee & Tea Maker is the reusable, permanant filters. No more having to buy filters. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. says

    Oh man my coffee pot is on it’s last leg! Sometimes it doesn’t even brew the entire pot! I would love to have a reliable pot so I don’t miss one good sip!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  22. Amy Brewer says

    I would love this to be in my kitchen so I wouldn’t have to go out when I needed a coffee. Would love to try this out and drink some coffee that I make at home.

  23. katklaw777 says

    Our coffee maker is old and the would be a wonderful upgrade.
    The auto feature on ours no longer works so the auto brew programming and adjustable auto shut off will be a most welcome feature!

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