It’s Time To Stop Calling Us “Mommy Bloggers”

Mom BloggersThat’s it. Enough.

As tired as I am of the topic of who mom bloggers are and what they should be called, after hearing the disrespect drip from the voice of a male technical journalist during a podcast today, I think the time has come for us to lose the term “mommy blogger” and instead use “mom blogger”.

Despite the fact that it was a few mom bloggers who coined the phrase and that many others followed by naming and branding their blogs as “mommy blogs”, the term is now too often used to condescendingly categorize all moms who blog.

I believe we need to put a stop to the use of the term “mommy blogger” and encourage people to instead use “mom blogger” and to only use it when accurate.

That means a woman who is a mother, who blogs predominately about being a mother can be called a mom blogger.

Conversely, a woman who is a mother and blogs about photography, design, technology, cooking or anything besides mothering is NOT a mom blogger – and I don’t care how many babies she’s pushed out. Those babies do NOT define her any more than the sperm that spawned his offspring defines President Obama as a “daddy politician”…



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    YES! YES YES YES! LOVE THIS! Awesome! This doesn’t just go for blogging..can be applied to everything us mothers do. If we pigeon holed men that way their testosterone would skyrocket and their heads would explode. We are amazing! Us mothers are extraordinary. But when I’m working I’m a designer. When I write I’m an author. The fact that I am always a woman, always a mother, that is evident enough to go unsaid.


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