God Has Answered My Prayers

A year ago today, I met you.

With cries, pushes and a lifetime of prayers, you finally made it into my arms.

But oh sweet girl – in those last few moments before I heard your precious cries, I thought it would never happen. I felt like I would never be strong enough to make it through the agony. I was sure I couldn’t find it in me to push even one more time.

I screamed, begged, and then miraculously the pain ended and you began.

And from that moment, you have been the answer I prayed for. You are a living dream.

I wish I could live this past year over and over again, never forgetting one moment of you. You are as delicious and perfect as life can be.

And yet as much as I want to relive your short past, I can’t wait to watch you grow and discover who you are.

My beloved baby girl, I wish you Happy Birthday.


  1. says

    My daughter’s birthday was yesterday. On how time does fly. She turned 15. It seems like only yesterday that I held her in my arms.
    Happy Birthday to your precious one.

  2. RACHELLE says

    My little girl turned 5 yesterday and she is such a fireball. Sometimes I wish she’d listen more and be crazy less, but I know that’s just her wonderful personality shining through. I know your daughter will bring you lots of joy!! Enjoy the moments they live in your heart forever.

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