Every Stage Is Perfect

One of my favorite surprises in parenting is that every stage of childhood is perfect. Each moment is exactly what it should be and you don’t have to worry about it ending, because the next moment will be perfect in a new way and it too will be exactly as it should be.

When my first baby was a tiny newborn, weighing so very little and still struggling to latch for a feed, I held her and thought how perfect she was at that very moment. I just couldn’t imagine anything being better than holding this little girl exactly as she was. I didn’t want to let the moments pass. I didn’t want her to get older.

But then a couple weeks later, she was effortlessly gulping gallons and I could hardly remember what was so difficult about teaching her to latch. She was perfect exactly like this. Still so very small, but now nursing like a pro. If only she could stay just like this.

And then she smiled. Okay this is the perfect day. Stay just like this.
And then she rolled over.
And then she sat up.
And then she crawled, walked, ran.

Each day was perfect. Nothing could beat it. Until it did.

The time neared for her to speak. But she took her time, and I didn’t worry, I knew she’d talk when the timing was right.

As my quiet little two year old waited to talk, choosing to sign her words instead of speak them, she taught me to trust in her timing.

As is each child, she is amazing and needn’t be rushed.

And when she took her time to potty train, I remembered to trust in her timing. And now as her little body makes us both wait until she can stay dry through the night, it’s my job to help her learn to trust timing. To show her we can find ways to help us through the tough stuff, like using GoodNites® Underwear until her nighttime accidents are over. It’s time now to teach her that every stage comes and goes when it is supposed to. And we needn’t rush them at all.

Today my first born little girl just started first grade. And as I walked her to school today, and breathed in her excitement over her new dress, new shoes and new school, I remembered all the perfect days that have come and gone and all the perfect days that are still to come.

Because every stage is perfect.


Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and 5 Minutes For Mom Co-Founder
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Disclaimer – We are working on a paid campaign with GoodNites® Underwear to spread awareness and information about enuresis, also known as bedwetting. I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments about the product.


  1. says

    Love this!
    I remember with my first born…the one who is now 24 and expecting her 2nd child…people would ask me as she grew what stage was my favorite and I could honestly say “this one!” meaning what ever stage she was at. Okay, I confess her teen years were hellacious and thank the good Lord He made her so darn cute nut still every stage with her, even now, and every stage with her four siblings and that gorgeous grand daughter she has blessed me with are my favorite stages in my children’s (and grands’) lives.

  2. Jennie says

    A really lovely and well written post. My daughter is 19 and still often resists the urge to be a little girl. I guess I need to learn to trust her timing and relish in her need to still be with me and to still need me sometimes.

  3. says

    Susan, this is wonderfully written!! I agree. As much as I loved my babies when they were babies, each stage really does have it’s wonders and miracles. I have enjoyed each stage (though admittedly some have been tougher than others…). Thank you for the reminder to enjoy my kids exactly how they are today.

  4. says

    I am enjoying every stage in my daughters life as well and looking forward to many more special moments. Makes for great family memories. Great Article =)


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