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IMG_0032Tanner is modeling the hat I brought back for him from Bolivia. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend filled with laughter and cuddles. It’s true, I am head over heals in love!!

We are thankful that he is such a happy baby. The only exceptions are those times when he is hungry!

Our normally sweet bundle of joy becomes inconsolable when he wants food, and you can probably tell from his adorable physique that he is blessed with a healthy appetite.

I can’t imagine not being able to feed him when his tummy is empty. What must it be like for loving parents and grandparents to watch their little ones wasting away from starvation. How helpless and hopeless they must feel.

Tanner didn’t choose his parents or his citizenship. They are blessings.

As I sit here typing this my eyes are filled with tears. I keep looking at the photo of Tanner and comparing it to my experiences in Bolivia and to the photos and videos I’ve seen from the Horn of Africa.
Here are the facts:

  • 12.4 million are affected in the region
  • More than 35% of all children in the region are now facing emergency levels of malnutrition
  • Starvation is a real threat in famine-declared areas of Somalia
  • Some 30,000 children have already lost their lives
  • Worst drought in 60 years
  • World Vision has assisted communities in the Horn of Africa for 3 decades. Even now, our teams in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are responding to this crisis with food, water, blankets and other critical needs for families
  • To learn more visit – Horn of Africa crisis: 14 strategies to make an impact

Sharing the blessings we have received. That’s gratitude.

What one thing they would give up?

We can make a difference.
We can help put an end to the devastation.
What would you give up

Will you sit down with your family tonight and ask them what one thing they would give up?

Then you can donate $10 by texting the word “Famine” to “20222” and join World Vision to help fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Or if you prefer you can join me and click on the Famine No More link:
Famine no more

World Vision Blogger Link up Campaign

If you are a blogger, please join the blogger link up campaign to help us get this important word out to your readers. We would also appreciate it if you would share this on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #faminenomore.

Together we can do this!
We can make a difference!
We can save lives!
It takes so little for us to do so much! Please join me by giving gratitude to God for His many blessings and helping those in need.
For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich. – 2 Corinthians 8:9

Be a blessing!
Be blessed!

Written by Deb, wife, mom, “gram,” and busy blogger at Counting my Blessings. Deb is also a contributing editor at 5 Minutes for Faith.

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