Would You Trust Google To Speed Up YOUR Website?

Google Page Speed ServiceWe all want our sites to load FAST. But trying to tackle the techy issues of optimizing page load time can be overwhelming.

Maybe we should make the most of a content delivery network (CDN) such as MaxCDN or the Amazon S3 service or even Dropbox CDN. But that all sounds technical, costs money and what if it goes down like Amazon did earlier this year messing up services like FourSquare that rely on it.

Well, it sounds like Google is getting in on the game…

Apparently Google will do it all for you with their new Page Speed Service. It makes sense… After all, who has the fastest servers that are always working and delivering the top ten search results in a third of a second from all over the world?

In typical Google “invite-only” style, Google has announced to “a limited group of webmasters” it’s new Page Speed Service which promises to speed up the internet by fetching content from your servers, rewriting it using best practice methods and then serving it up through Google’s own worldwide network of servers.


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