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  1. anonymous
    Aug 24 - 11:48 pm

    this is hard to share.
    I struggled with this for years as a child. I experienced the good and the bad of how to handle it. my foster mother was the good. in the morning she would wake me and matter of factly ask me if I needed clean sheets…no shame, no accusations, just do I need clean, dry sheets. Then she would tell me to strip my bed and leave the linens on the floor. she supported me throughout but when accidents happened and they did, she just would clean it up without a single word or look.
    Unfortunately with my own parents it was different. I was shamed, I was punished, I was yelled at and sometimes I was spanked. It was talked about in front of other family members and on it went. I can’t even begin to share with you the shame, pain and turmoil I felt. I really did beelieve something was wrong with me and I was, somehow doing this on purpose.
    Years later I found myself struggling with this with two of my children. Thank goodness for GoodNights! Knowing my parents’ strategy was all wrong, I sought the advice of my children’s pediatrician and learned something that I never knew before. While our children gain control over bladder and bowel function thanks to potty training (hopefully) before kindergarten, SOME children do not gain full bladder control until they are around the age of 9 or 10. There is nothing wrong with them it is just the way they are physiologically and structurally. The pedi suggested similar strategies you mention here and offered if we were still struggling with this after age 9 or so then we could visit other strategies and possibility for further medical evaluation. Hearing this relaxed me, gave me confidence and I approached it with my 2 kids the same way it was dealt with by my foster mother when I was a child.
    My good wishes to the families, especially the children, who struggle with this. This to shall pass.

  2. Tarasview
    Aug 28 - 12:41 pm

    I must have missed this post earlier this week!

    My oldest is 9 and still wets the bed- we are so thankful for Goodnites! We are lucky to have an extended beloved family member who took my son aside and admitted that he too wet the bed until he was a teenager. That made all the difference for my kid. We remind him of that when he gets upset about it.

    He DOES get upset about it though- regularly. I remind him that he doesn’t KNOW if his friends wet the bed or not because no one talks about it. I remind him that LOTS of kids do and that doctors say it is normal. I remind him that he doesn’t have to tell anyone about it if he doesn’t want to.

    I try to be really calm about it all and not make a big deal when it happens.

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