Top Ten BlogHer’11 Moments – At Babble’s MomCrunch

Mary from The Mama Mary Show at BlogHer 2011It’s been a week and a half since over 3,000 women who blog got together in San Diego to learn, network and party at BlogHer’11.

Once we all arrived back in our respective homes, the task of recovering and absorbing all we experienced and all we MISSED began.

BlogHer’11 was so big with sessions, events, parties, keynotes and millions of conversations and experiences happening everywhere all the time that everyone missed something.

But that’s where the RECAP posts come in…

We’ve read posts upon posts and browsed through hundreds upon hundreds of photos and compiled the following Top Ten List of BlogHer’11 Favorite Moments.

Take a look and then leave a comment to tell us what YOU think should be on the list…



    • says

      Hi Virtary,

      Yes, we are so fortunate to have such a large community of women bloggers here in North America. I am sorry that you don’t yet have such a group in Indonesia, but perhaps that is an opportunity for you to grow it.

      BlogHer started very small and grew. Perhaps you can be part of that beginning in Indonesia.


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