Amish Values for Your Family, a 5 Minutes for Books review and giveaway

I have a type-A personality, and I like being busy. I also appreciate the modern conveniences that make my life easier and keep me connected. But, I admit that busy schedules and fancy gadgets can get in the way of what’s really important. In her new book, Amish Values for Your Family, Suzanne Woods Fisher explores the lessons that modern families can learn from the “plain” lifestyle.

In each inspiring and practical chapter, Suzanne Woods Fisher shares anecdotes from real Amish families “to help prioritize what’s truly important, to simplify decision making, to slow down as a family, to safeguard time together, and when age-appropriate, to let go.” The chapters are organized into four sections: Children are Loved but Not Adored, Great Expectations, Daily Bread, and Letting Go. In addition to the anecdote, each chapter also includes an Amish proverb, a “Road Map” section filled with practical application, and quotes.

This is a book to be savored. I enjoyed reading one or two chapters a day and taking the time to reflect on my own life and family. With every passing year, time seems to move more quickly, and I want to cherish each day. I also want to build strong relationships with my children and prepare them for the future. I admit that in my own busyness, I often try to handle everything myself, rather than taking the time to involve my children in the tasks at hand. I especially appreciated the stories that reminded me how much is gained when parents allow their children to work with them.

Suzanne Woods Fisher’s appreciation of the Anabaptist culture can be traced to her own family’s roots. Through her novels and Amish Values for Your Family, Suzanne shares her interest and provides life lessons for all of us. From time to time, we need reminders like these, and I recommend this book. Few of us would choose to adhere the Amish lifestyle fully, but we can live by its basic principles if we are purposeful and determined.

If you would like to win one of two (2) copies of Amish Values for Your Family, please leave a comment on this post. We’ll announce the winner in this column on August 29. This Giveaway is Closed.

The winner of The Available Parent is #14 Rita.

Review by 5 Minutes for Books contributor Lauren. Lauren is a wife, mother of two, and an avid reader. She blogs at Baseballs and Bows.


  1. Heather W. says

    This is great!!! I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Amish community. I have begun reading many of the Amish based fiction books that are out there. Thank you for doing this!

  2. says

    The simple life of the Amish has always fascinated me. I am so attracted to it and would love this book to learn more of their way of life in various areas. thanks!

  3. Mia says

    I actually considered what life would be like if I lived in a Bruderhof…I attended a couple children’s celebrations at one in Western PA. Thanks for the opportunity..this looks like a very interesting book!

  4. says

    I loved the comment that children should be loved, not adored. My husband got scolded by my sisters for not “adoring” his daughters but he sure loved them!

  5. Megan says

    I have read many fiction books and nonfiction books regarding the Amish culture. I find it super amazing and hope to someday visit an Amish town. This book sounds like a great read and something to think about and share with the family.

  6. Liz says

    Thank you for this giveaway. Amish life style is of endless interest to Englishers. I wonder whether the reverse is true.

  7. says

    There is something to be said for the simple life. I have to say that for me personally though, I love technology and truly rely on it on a daily basis. I wouldn’t mind leaving it behind for a week maybe but that’s probably about as long as I could do it for.

  8. says

    This looks great and I appreciate the opportunity to win a copy. If families today would adopt just a few of the basics maybe we would not have a many problems with our kids today.

  9. says

    I just spent the whole weekend in Lancaster PA and my family and I spent 5 hours learning about the Amish. It was a huge eye opener to see how they live and what good comes out of their lifestyle. I feel like we are all consumed with gadgets and not our family.

  10. Mama Pickles says

    Our family has a cottage in Michigan in the middle of a very Amish area. I often say to my husband when we see a buggy going down the road how nice it must be to be Amish. No internet or tv to bother you. Living and interacting with people who share the same values you do. I would love to live with the Amish for a while and just experience a different kind of life. It would be wonderful to win and read this book.

  11. says

    I’d love to win this. I just went up to visit the Amish yesterday in Lancaster County and had an amazing time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. says

    I have always been attracted to Amish simplicity and curious about their way of life. In 8th grade i wrote a paper about the Amish culture and got an A+. (Wow, that was a long time ago!)
    We are recovering from a house fire. Amish crews are rebuilding our house. As we replace and restore our home, i long to simplify but fear we may not know how to do that. We need to learn new ways.

  13. says

    Thank you for sharing my book with your readers! So glad you felt it was so worthwhile to moms. I have loved my interactions with the Old Order Amish. I’m always inspired by their focus on the “right stuff.”
    Warmly, Suzanne Woods Fisher

  14. Chris says

    I’ve read a couple of book series with primarily Amish characters – this would be interesting to read before I read those again.

  15. says

    Suzanne is right on in how the Amish values can help enhance your family life. I am former Old Order and Mennonite ( liberal now), and my mother was raised Hutterite, and I just love Suzanne’s books. Her ‘Amish Wisdom’ show is a great treat, too.. Please check her out online!

  16. says

    I saw this book at the Christian bookstore not too long ago and told myself I would get it the next time I was at the store. I’d love to win a copy here! Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. June says

    This book sounds like some good reading for many of today’s modern families. Many of today’s youth need to be guided in the right direction.

  18. Mirissa says

    ahh, this book sounds so soothing. Our lifestyle tends to get pretty hectic. I could really use a refresher to get me back to what’s important.

  19. Debby says

    I have always been interested in how the Amish live their lives. It is amazing to me and I love their cookbooks. I would love to read this book

  20. Al says

    I would love to visit the Amish community, learn their ways, and learn the beliefs. I do not think I have the strength to live this lifestyle all the time though

  21. Stacey says

    I am a reader and I would love to read this book. I have always admired the Amish and their strength to not consider modern ways of living.

  22. Alison says

    I don’t understand how the Amish can live without what we call necessities. I admire them for sticking to their beliefs, but no computer or electricity? Not for me!

  23. Amy says

    I have always wanted to visit an Amish community to see for myself exactly how they live. They are certainly smart people, and I do love their food.


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