Smartphone Etiquette – How Polite are You?

smartphoneSmartphones keep us connected to our world at all moments. But when is it time to disconnect?

Ok, I admit it. I like to have my iPhone with me. Always.

In fact, if I accidentally run out of the house without it, I start to twitch. Seriously. I should tweet a pic. But wait — I can’t cause I don’t have my phone!

I take it to the park, to the grocery store, and to bed when I snuggle my three year old to sleep.

Stop judging me!!! I don’t use it the whole time. I just have it close to me. Like a security blanket.

(But, no worries. According to Cecily Kellogg, I am not suffering from a serious addiction.)

However, to some people, I am rude!

I shouldn’t chat in the grocery aisles or tweet from a wedding — even though I am Facebooking a picture of the stunning bride. Really people — that is just a 2011 courtesy.

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