What’s that Smell?

As I was checking in with our sister sites this week, I was amazed at all of the fabulous articles that have been posted the last few days.

From tips to help your kids enjoy the dentist to eco-friendly redecorating tricks to teaching kids about charitable giving…..I was thoroughly entertained and inspired.

The post that caught my attention in particular was a post with a catchy title on 5 Minutes for Faith by Carol, author of Sheep to the Right. In her article, Carol compares a mysterious stink in her husband’s old car to “hidden” issues in marriage.

I admit that I sniffed around a little after reading this thought-provoking post….

What’s that Smell?

The smell was so bad he was embarrassed to take friends to lunch.

My husband drove a burgundy Saturn in the early days of our marriage. And it stunk. For a male, a little stink in a car is like a trophy. What guy wants his wheels to smell of strawberries and roses?

But over time, the smell was more than he could bear. He tried scented pine trees fresheners. When that didn’t work, he put oil of wintergreen on cotton balls under the seats…..

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