A Back to School/Back to Bible Study Bible Giveaway

One day I came home and found a lovely little surprise on my doorstep. It was a box of 3 new Bibles from Zondervan. I’m happy to be able to give away one of these to one of you, so read on, and see which Bible you think you’d like to add to your collection.

I’m sort of a traditionalist, and I’m not big on bling or fashion. I’m more of a utilitarian gal. I did buy a new small thinline compact Bible 6 or 8 years ago, because it was more convenient to haul around to church and Bible study, because I could stick it into my purse. However, in recent years, that small type has become more of a challenge to read, so I had been considering getting a new one. The NIV Thinline Bloom Collection Bible is larger and so the type is easier to read. And it’s pretty! This simple girl has loved carrying this pretty pink and green floral Bible as an accessory.

My seven-year-old son was given a NIrV (young readers edition) Bible at our old church when he entered Kindergarten. It worked well to have all the kids on the same page (literally!) when they were studying in Sunday school. However, he’s a good reader, and as he’s memorizing scripture, I like it to be from the “real” Bible, so I had been trying to convince him to get a traditional NIV Bible, but he liked his. When he saw this The NIV Liberty Bible: Rediscover the Faith of Our Nation’s Founders and How Their Beliefs Shaped America, which is navy blue with an American flag on it, he asked if he could have it. Score! As he was sitting next to me in church one morning, I found out another little perk. The page numbers are the same on his Thinline Bible and my new Thinline Bible!

This Bible is really soft. It would make a great gift for the veteran in your life.

When my sister-in-law was in college, she was a part of a mid-day Bible study group. College students carry a lot of stuff in their backpacks, and she wanted something very very small that wouldn’t add to her load. I remember my mother-in-law looking and looking for just the right Bible. When I saw this cool silvery gray NIV Bible Clutch, I knew that this would be a perfect Bible for the high school or college girl on the go. This Bible actually zips up and has some credit card slots inside, so you could actually zip up a phone or ipod in there, tuck in a student ID, debit card, and some cash, and be set to go. It would also be perfect for a mom to tuck into a diaper bag, since we often stop carrying our own big bags when we are juggling babies and preschoolers’ chubby hands.

As I mentioned above, one of you will win one of these Bibles, to bring your Bible study up a notch. Leave a comment below telling me which of these 3 Bibles you’d like to win, and if your comment is randomly selected, you’ll get it! We’ll announce the winner in this column on August 22.

The winner of Bonding Over Beauty is #12 Kathi Lake.

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  1. says

    Gosh, that’s hard! But I think I really like the Bloom one. I was just thinking the other day I don’t know whatever happened to my old pink NIV Bible… now I just have the plain hard cover study one we were required to have for college (‘cuz that way everyone could be on the same page! :)

  2. Jennie says

    As a mom AND a full time student, I think the Bible clutch would be perfect. I carry a paperback version with me at school for quick break time reads, but it is falling apart and needs to be replaced. The clutch would be PERFECT! Thanks!

  3. says

    Retweeted this for you! Have a great day. Also following via GFC now. Gonna go try to find that giveaway linky if you’re still doing it! Found you via “Thrifty and Chic Mom”

  4. says

    I love the pretty in pink Blooom one. I think my daughter would love it, too. So, if I win I guess it will be a toss up on who gets it.

  5. Georgia says

    Would love to win the clutch Bible, my purse Bible has been in there for several years and is starting to fall apart.

  6. Brenda Smith says

    I would love the NIV bible clutch because I am the mom of three. I need one that I can carry in a backpack without damage.

  7. wendy, NJ says

    I really would love to win the Liberty Bible for my 7yo son. He’s just now needing to start carrying a bible to and from church and this would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. says

    Oh WoW! This is so perfect! I have not heard of these and have been searching for something smaller to carry around with me. I would have to say, if won, I’d choose the pink and green floral book. Would love to be a winner of course but I am definitely looking into these as my two boys need one as well. Thank you so much for bringing these to your readers attention!

  9. Melissa P. says

    I’d love to win The NIV Liberty Bible: Rediscover the Faith of Our Nation’s Founders and How Their Beliefs Shaped America for my son. Thanks!

  10. Tricia says

    I love the clutch. I am always slipping pieces of paper in my Bible with things to look up so with the clutch I wouldn’t have to worry about losing them!

  11. says

    I’d love the clutch one. I like to carry my Bible with me all the time but carrying it in my purse can lead to torn pages and such. This would be great.

  12. says

    I would really like the clutch bible. Although it’s hard to choose between that and the pretty pink and green one. Being a mom though I appreciate the zipper on the clutch.

  13. Cee says

    I love the NIV Thinline Bloom Collection Bible! I like the clutch as well, but text size would be an issue for me :)

  14. Debby says

    I would love for my granddaughters to have the Bible with the flowers. They always go to Sunday School and Awana each week. They look so forward to going and they would love to learn from their own bible, Well, they would have to share but they are used to that!!

  15. Debby says

    I like the Bible with the flowers. My granddaughter is just learning about the Bible and this would be awesome for her.

  16. Michele says

    I can see one of my daughters carrying the flower bible, the clutch would fit nicely in my purse but the one with the flag goes along w/some studies we’ve done at church lately about the founding fathers. Would love to have that one!


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