Education, the Building Blocks of Change

It is a whirlwind week for the 10 mom bloggers currently in Kenya with activist-group ONE.  Are you following their #OneMoms Tweets? What these ladies are seeing and learning is changing their hearts and impacting their lives.

They are witnessing the poorest of families with hope in their eyes. They see strength and determination in young children, eager for education.

Day 3 in Kenya

On their third day in Kenya, the OneMoms traveled to Nairobi. There, they visited an early learning program at a USAID Education Site. This school is located in what Jennifer James described as “the slums of Kenya.”

She was struck by the sense of community, but even more from the juxtaposition of poverty and eager hope.

Seeing their lessons in progress I was astounded. Everyone sat in their wooden benches, each one wearing worn and ragged clothes,  but that didn’t matter. Their attention wasn’t on what they didn’t have. Rather it was solely focused on the lesson at hand. They read sentences from the board in unison. And when the teacher called upon a student to come to the front of the class to perform a task, the teacher praised their work when done and their classmates clapped for their success. It was beautiful.

The children work hard at their lessons. They learn all they can so one day they can leave the slums and make a new life. They are striving to meet their potential and chase their dreams with what they have. Think on that.

And on day four, the ONEMoms will speak with Kenyan women entrepreneurs, learning about how they utilize programs to open doors to a better life.

Every single program helps these women, children and families make a better life.

Today’s daily action

Daily Action: Today the bloggers are meeting with teachers and students in Nairobi. Watch our video “Chieftainess” about a remarkable woman who is teaching her community about the importance of education. Then share the video with your friends and leave a comment:

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