Windows Helps You Survive BlogHer — An INCREDIBLE Giveaway!!!

Win A Sony VAIO SA, Windows Phone and More as Windows Helps You Survive BlogHer11.

Can you survive BlogHer?

Believe me – I’m a conference veteran and BlogHer is the most exhausting of them all! It is a marathon of a conference. Everyone is there, everyone is talking to you and everyone on top of everyone is throwing a party.


This year I’m an Official Windows Champion for Microsoft Windows*. What does this mean? Mostly, it means that they’ve partnered with me to do a few pretty cool things around BlogHer.

I’ll be tweeting, blogging, and representing Windows at BlogHer. I am SO excited that I get to go sailing with @Kristinalibby of the Windows team. What is even more exciting is what it can mean for you. You can win a BlogHer’11 Survival kit, get all the details at our Tech Tuesday survival chat and get the inside scoop on everything you need to know.

Win the BlogHer’11 Survival Kit

You won’t believe what’s included in this tech-friendly BlogHer survival kit!

Sony VAIO SA PC running Windows 7

The Sony VAIO SA has up to 15 hours of battery life (via a removable sheet battery), an ultra-light weight body and premium features like a backlit keyboard and HD screen. They are also currently running a great deal for students with a discount on the battery whenever you buy a PC.

This brand new Windows PC is perfect for a blogger who needs the best, with style. With this much battery, you can spend all day at the beach typing posts on Windows Live Writer and then come home and publish without ever plugging in. That’s staying connected without ever having to be connected.

Samsung Focus Smart Phone

If a PC isn’t enough, we are also giving away a Samsung Focus with 30 days of service via your retailer of choice. When I’m at BlogHer, I take pictures all the time and this phone has an amazing camera. You can take photos, upload to your PC and then easily add them to your blog. Next week on the Windows Experience Blog, Ben the PC guy will share the step by step instructions.

One-hour massage and breakfast in bed at BlogHer!

Just in case a phone and a PC wasn’t enough to help you survive Blogher, Windows is also giving the winner an hour massage on Saturday afternoon and breakfast in bed on Sunday. Believe me, you’ll be sore and tired from running around in heels for two days!

How to win the BlogHer’11 Survival Kit

Now, are you curious how to win? It’s simple!

  1. Comment here letting us know what you’d do with 15 hours of extra battery at Blogher and why you need a BlogHer survival kit
  2. Join the Windows Tech Tuesday Twitter Chat on August 2, 12-1 PM Pacific Time (hashtag #win7tech).
  3. Check the official contest rules.

Windows Tech Tuesday BlogHer11 Twitter Chat

Windows Tech Tuesday Twitter Chat are part of a weekly series where @windows, @windowsblog, @benthepcguy, @kristinalibby and @brandonleblanc discuss and answer questions about Windows technology – photography, travel, environment etc. It’s a bit like NPR’s Car Talk, but for PCs.

This week, we’ll be giving BlogHer survival tricks, tips, and tools. Ben’s a Blogher Veteran and Kristina has been to more conferences than she can count on all hands and toes.

If that isn’t enough, I’ll be there and joined by @robynsworld and @mommygoggles. We’ve all done it and lived to tell the tale.

So, ask questions. At the end of the chat, the winner will be pulled randomly from those who a) commented here and b) asked questions and took part in the chat. The more questions you ask, the better your chance of winning. Use the hashtag #win7tech.

Okay folks, start commenting and get excited! BlogHer’11 is going to be amazing.

* Windows Champions are bloggers who are hand-selected to work with the Microsoft Windows Team. As part of this arrangement, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for the course of year and been given the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products.


Written by Janice, co-founder of the Mom Blog, 5 Minutes for Mom.
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  1. says

    15 hours of battery life in a full-sized laptop instead of the puny netbook I have? Oh man, I could write TONS of posts while sitting at the boys’ ball practice.

    As far as the phone… let’s just say that I don’t even have web on mine. Shocked?

  2. SunRae says

    With 15 hours of battery life i could take my new laptop everywhere without having to worry about finding a plug. I can do my blogging wherever I am!

  3. says

    I can’t even imagine 15 hours of battery life! My speed bump shuts off after about 3 hours; I could definitely use a thinner, lighter more “blog friendly” laptop that wouldn’t require me schlepping around the power cord. But I’m already completely in love with the Windows 7 Phone platform. And after years of being hunched in front of said laptop, I could surely use the massage!

  4. says

    With 15 extra hours of battery life, I’d be able to check email, write my normal sweepstakes post, write a post about BlogHer, take notes during the conference, and still be able to Skype back home without having to negotiate for a free plug to recharge! This is my first time to BlogHer and I’m scheduled for so many parties and meetings! I could definitely use a BlogHer survival kit! Thanks for the chance and tweet you soon! @SweepsMama

  5. says

    15 hours of battery life means I can replace my recently deceased laptop and continue blogging like a maniac! I also teach a high school online magazine class and desktop publishing. Blogging plays a major role in my classroom and a BlogHer Survival kit would allow me to take learning to the next level for my students!

  6. says

    I can’t even imagine 15 hours of battery life! The battery on my current laptop is on a quick decline and, worse, it can’t be replaced. I’m so afraid that it will completely kick it at BlogHer and I’ll be the girl tethered to the wall during all the sessions. The phone sounds fabulous, particularly since my children have run off with my camera & can’t remember where they put it. I would really like to have photos of this wonderful BlogHer experience! Thanks so much for the chance to win the BlogHer Survival Kit, and I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone on Tuesday!

  7. Rebecca says

    15 more hours before I need to run and find that cord?! Where did I put it? Between full time work, then rush after work to soccer, tennis, drill, waterpolo, it must have gone misplaced! I would love a lighter replacement for my clunky current laptop, which I take on the go everywhere, and the BlogHer Survival kit would be great!

  8. Eloise Lopez says

    I currently work as a writer at the Pasadena magazine and I am debating in whether I should do my work with a Windows PC and Windows Phone versus Apple products. Winning it would definitely make my choice pretty obvious. I tried the Windows Phone and loved it. I am loving the all-around experience that Microsoft has with their products.

  9. Sam says

    The BlogHer survival kit would help me keep up with my wife when she goes on about all the stuff that I should know but don’t, and therefore get told off for. @samthemoose

  10. Cindy Carlson says

    I could work from anywhere for longer with 15 hours of battery life – I need a survival kit cause I don’t have one :)

  11. Cindy Carlson says

    I could work from anywhere for longer with 15 hours of battery life – I need a survival kit cause I don’t have one :) @bobisyellow

  12. says

    With 15 hours of battery life my daughter, who will probably wake up 4 am, will be able to play games and watch videos on the laptop until a decent hour and then I’ll be able to take it to the sessions and take notes and blog away all day. My cross-country trip will be easier. Once home, well 15 hours would just be amazing.

  13. Charity says

    W/ the extra battery life I could blog from vacation ANYWHERE = awesome! My phone is a dinosaur & needs that battery pulled all flippin’ day so this would be an incredible prize to win! =)

  14. says

    I would love to win the giveaway because my cell phone is so ancient, it runs like a turtle or freezes. And I do not have a laptop of my own. I am borrowing one to take to BlogHer. Winning this would be amazing!

    The 15 hours of extra battery would allow me to blog/ tweet through out the day at BlogHer without having to worry about sitting by a plug at the sessions! How nice would it be to sit where you want!!?

  15. says

    15 hours of battery is like a dream come true! I’m a single Mom and I work from home so having that much battery life would make my life so much more productive. We have a very busy schedule and I always stress not having enough battery juice to get me through the day!

    I need the entire survival package to get me through my first BlogHer! It has all the essentials and the breakfast in bed and hour long massage will be the ultimate luxury and stress reliever!

  16. says

    15 hours of extra battery would be off the hook! My hubby and I could pass the computer back and forth, as we pass the baby back and forth, and it would save us from needing to find an outlet in every session.

    As for the rest of prize package – wow! How fantastic would a massage be? And, breakfast in bed would be the perfect ending to a fabulous conference!

  17. says

    15 hours of battery life is like a dream! I have a Sony VAIO that I love, but the battery stinks and I’m now getting a message to replace it! Ahhh! What a fantastic battery life – imagine not having to plug in that entire time?!

  18. Chloe says

    With an extra 15 hours of battery life, the question is what CAN’T I do? That aside, I’d probably use it to keep up with all the happenings at BlogHer and to read an endless amount of extra posts under my blanket at night ;D The entire survival kit would prove to be extremely useful during my worldwide travels before hitting college.

  19. says

    Wait Janice, you mean you are supposed to be able to use your laptop without having it plugged in? (My battery lasts no more than 10 minutes now….the joys of a 5 year old laptop!)

    I would be editing more pictures for my blog! I love to blog about my kids with my pictures and would love to keep that up but it is getting harder when I have to be tied to my desk instead of writing while we are on the go!

    My twitter handle is @MultipleMOMents

  20. says

    what would I do with 15 hours? well I would not be hunched over this little desk in my kitchen attached to an outlet. That would be amazing!
    And that survival kit? I need it because I am working 5 12 hour night shifts in a row before I arrive in San Diego for BlogHer…and you know there won’t be much sleeping there…followed by hitting the ground on Sunday running back to work for more 12 hour night shifts and prepping my clowns for their first day of school that week.
    I’m not as young as I used to be.
    I need this, truly I do.
    I hope to see you lovely ladies sooner than the taxi line to go home like I did last year.

  21. says

    15 extra hours of battery life – It could go with me everywhere!! I could keep writing at the park with the kids, the coffee house, or just chill pool side. The phone keeps me connected as well- Non stop networking!! Who doesn’t need that!? Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Arslan says

    Please Please give me it to me. i need it badly oh man i can’t just believe it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please hand it over to me

  23. says

    Well I’d like to say I’d use the 15 hours of battery life to write lots of great posts. The reality is I’d probably use it tweeting and commenting about the conference on Facebook. I need this because I am sending my laptop and smart phone off to college with my daughter in a few weeks, and I will be going into tech. withdrawal. twitter id @lunaj1456

  24. meredith c says

    Id use 15 hrs of battery life to make my life better!! Not only would i use it for blogging but id use it for school and research!! My laptop keys have been sticking alot lately so even though im super anal about correct spelling, i tend to end up with tons of typos :/ NO BUENO!! Can’t wait for party ill be there as @luvmy_babygio

  25. says

    15 HOURS?! Are you kidding! Im kinda doubting this as I have never seen a laptop battery perform that well. I think I may just need t review this one for myself. ; )

    At any rate, being a mom means I have learned the art of multitasking and doing things one handed. I can get done in 5 minutes what takes most people 30. So you can imagine what I can accomplish in 15 HOURS!!!!
    – Kate

  26. says

    With 15 hours of battery life I could leave my huge heavy work laptop at home. That thing weighs a ton but it’s portable. And I need the survival kit because I am a newbie and I know I am in for it and will be running around like crazy and I will need some saving!

  27. says

    phew 15 hours of battery life, I’d be worry free for an ENTIRE DAY and maybe even two. I’d be able to take it to work, or maybe set up camp at a park and not have to worry about finding an outlet. I’d sit on the steps of the MET and blog and tweet til my fingers get tired. I’d be able to grab my laptop an go without thinking twice! yippieee, one more thing off my shoulders.

    Can’t wait to attend the party xo

  28. says

    I am so excited! I am BlogHer newbie and if nothing else just the “One-hour massage and breakfast in bed” part would be AMAZING! I want to learn as much as possible at BlogHer because I am launching my business next week and would be beyond grateful to have all of the gadgets and battery life of 15 hours would help me stay focused on what I am there to do instead of trying to find an outlet for my laptop (it only has a 2 hour lifetime :(..).

  29. says

    I plan on live blogging from the BlogHer ’11 conference in San Diego, but don’t know how my current laptop is going to hold up. I could really use 15 hours of battery life! @HapaMamaGrace

  30. says

    Fifteen hours of extra battery life??? Stay connected to everyone for the whole day, blogging, adding photos, etc. Why do I need this? I’m older than the average blogger and need the extra help to keep up with the younger whippersnappers. This is a first at blogher so need those extra survival tips and treats.

  31. Mindy says

    i could get a lot of my college course work done with that much battery life and not have to worry with any cords!! would b awesome!!!!!

  32. Gail Wiltshire says

    15 hours of battery life!! OMG!! That would EASILY get me through a school day. I would love to be able to use this type of technology with my students at school. The phone…well..let’s just say with our kiddos we’d find many ways to use it. Geocaching maybe????…..

  33. Rich says

    That machine lasts longer than I do !!! After 12-13 hours, I usually have to call it a day and only a desktop has been able to keep up until now ! and with the kind of apps I can store on a windows phone, I can check back onto the VIAO for details…

    Truly an amazing opportunity!

    Hooray for keeping Moms in the loop – even Mr. Moms !!!
    Keep up the excellent work!!!

  34. Outthink says

    I would be able to keep my family, friends and disaster response teams updated during a disaster without having to worry about power outages during the first fifteen hours.

  35. Nicole D says

    with 15 hours of battery life i would just do about everything, stay longer at the spa, stay longer at starbucks with my coffee while checking mu email & doing daily business, i would do video chat with my sister for longer, watch a movie, youtube, facebook, & do my twitter. play my daily contests, do some online shopping, look up some recipes, and organization tips. just about anything i can do it would be done with 15 hours of extra battery life. i need a blogher survial kit bad, upgrde is a word i haven’t been able to get around to with 2 kids & family everywhere that run around my life. i need a pick me up fast!

  36. Eric Wilborn says

    15 hours of battery?! I’d be blogging all day! That would be awesome! I might even have some time to play, too.

  37. Tammy says

    15 hours is alot of hours and I sure could use the 15 hours of a laptop if I’m gonna go to college and not use a laptop that has about 4 hours of battery life.

  38. Paul Williams says

    It would help me look for a job, keep in contact with Family and friends. It would also help me do research and watch video’s. I like to take photo’s and video’s to share them with my Friends and family on Facebook.

  39. Shaaheen says

    I could do with 15 hours of extra battery life so i could travel further distances without worrying about bringing a charger everywhere i go! from this point it would allow me to stay at school for longer hours in the labs with less weight in my backpack, spend the night at all-nighter study groups and still have battery left over in the morning for some last minute cram sessions. this would help me get better grades all year long and that, to me is the most important task i have going for me.

  40. Duc says

    Energy is the most important with hi-tech and that’s why 15 hours not enough for me. But with my current laptop, Sony battery is the best. I hope can get it free as prize.

  41. Jason Robertson says

    I am a college student. I have no car. I have to use a bicycle 14miles one way to class. I need the lightweight computer with 15 hours of battery time so I could take notes without carrying around paper and pens. Not to mention, go digital on my books so I don’t have to carry the extra 40 pounds on my back. The phone would let me call for help if I fall over from exhaustion on the way to or from class. I would use it to enhance my education! Less worn out makes for a sharper mind and better grades!

  42. Yolanda nunez says

    Ohhh man as much as I am on my laptop now…. Wooohooooo I would be in heaven. Would not know how to act with that. I can get alot of work done without worrying about being cut off :)

  43. Caitie says

    With 15 hours of battery life it would make it a lot easier for me to do online courses no matter where I am. This mom needs a career to support her boy ^-^
    Both the phone and the computer would be great mainly because I moved to Ohio from Vermont to be with Zach, left my family behind and haven’t really had a way to keep much contact with them because we can’t afford to go up there. Neither one of us has a phone right now so calling isn’t much of an option; we have a desktop computer, but that doesn’t leave much for availability.

  44. says

    Well, I gave my laptop to my son who had his stolen in his first year of college, so I have been without a laptop for many months now. So just getting a replacement would be amazing.

    The 15 hours of battery life would be icing on the cake!

    My wife has an android phone, but it is not a top of the line like the Samsung. So the wife and I would both get upgrades! Ok honey, you can use the laptop too. B-)

  45. Houssem Boukhari says

    I am a High-school student, I study computer science I need the lightweight computer with a maximum battery life and since I’m a computer science studier, I use the computer a lot and that’s why I must have a computer with me all the time. and for the phone I Have an old phone that’s why i should have a better one, so i can call my family, when i need them… Thanks :)

  46. says

    This would be an absolutely INCREDIBLE gift for my mother. She has been using Windows XP on her laptop (which is on a docking station so she can use a larger monitor!!! Yuck!) but it does not have NEAR the amount of power to do all of the creative work that she does! She also can never take it off the docking station because the battery has pretty much depleted itself! 15 hours would be AMAZING!

  47. Mohamed says

    With that much battery life I can stay out longer and finish everything for my college classes without having to find the plug. It saves me money for school and its very efficient to a college student working with film production.

  48. Myrna says

    What would I do with 15 hours of battery life? Simple! enjoy it! My laptop runs winXP and has no battery.. Has to remain connected to wall plug. With this HUGE improvement, I can actually enjoy laptop and teach my mom the net.

  49. Patsy Popa says

    I am currently contracted to a firm that enables me to work remotely. While working full time, I am literally working by day and driving by night to help my son with his hockey quests. The laptop and phone would enable me to manage my personal life while traveling. There are these awesome stories that accompany travels. Tales of kindness, and sometimes those of heartbreak. Having the tools in hand that enable me to more easily share those stories quickly & balance personal responsibilities would be awesome. The extra 15 hours of talk time would probably go to travel arrangements and keeping up with family. Currently, I’m a BB and a “Netbook” So far hockey travels are about 230K miles over 10 years. I believe I have one more year to go. It would be awesome to do it. pay it forward to share the good stuff from the journey, and become ultimatel-tech-savvy-mom. Twitter: Idrv4hky. FB page: The Traveling Hockey Mom. Cheers!

  50. says

    What would I do with 15 hours of battery life? Post away on my blog. I post freebies so I spend a lot of time searching for different things to get for free. It can get a little time consuming so that battery would be great. My hubby and I are both full time college students as well. We’ve been dying to get a laptop, but 1) we are unsure of which one we should buy and 2) we are always short on fundage (hence the freebies). The phone looks amazing, who doesn’t need one? And I’d say the same thing about the message. Winning this prize would put my blog on track for success!

  51. Francine says

    with 15 hours of battery life I’d keep everybody updated with everything i do through out my day, and it’d help me keep my friends on the west coast updated even more with what’s going on with my life. And for the phone, I could use that when i couldn’t lug a laptop around with me :)

  52. Hannah Schwarz says

    I would use the new Sony VAIO SA to replace my old Sony VAIO! I am a college student studying Biomedical Sciences with emphasis in Forensic Science. I use my laptop every day, all day. I would use the 15hrs of battery life while I’m on the go, jumping from class to class, research, meetings, etc.. my current battery can’t keep up! I’m in the process of applying to graduate schools for Physician Assistant Studies, now that the medical field has practically gone paperless I need a light weight computer and up to date phone that I can count on. Help me out, please!

  53. HappyMomC says

    With 15 hrs of battery, I can take my laptop during our my working time and sit and enjoy the outdoors in a park or beach

  54. Christie keller says

    I am a deserving student that has a few PC’s and could always use a new playtoy. I am already tired of My XPS. The phone interests me very much! I have a blackberry and it is no secret that I love all things Microsoft and would love to have my pc’s and phone in perfect harmony. That sounds so corny but its true! 15 hours of battery life would give me more time to study your stuff! I must add I typed this painfully on my 3g phone.

  55. subin mathew says

    With 15 hour battery can be save your energy. You do not have to plug it all the time. Especilly when a person do not have job, its hard for that person to to pay extra money for the electric.. i do have laptop but is belongs to my sister.. if have my one i can give to her laptop. Then i can have my own, and it will be safe for ever…. hope i could win

  56. says

    WOW ! Windows keeps AmAzInG me ! I would love to win this Viao/WinMo combo because i have been stalking the online Sony store ever since i signed up for university in fall this year ! This is the ONLY computer that is sexy AND powerful ! I <3 that ! Im also the administrator of a Natural hair group on Facebook ! 15 hrs of battery life is jaw dropping for a machine with all the perks. I could chat and give advice all day on that baby! lol. Not to mention i could keep in touch with my members on my spunky WinMo! Its a blogger/student DREAM !!!!!! I would definitely survive !!! <3

  57. Denique Haynes says

    With 15 hours of battery life I will be able to complete my school assignments on time and attend school online so that I can attain my degree faster. With a busy work schedule I currently have to find time in my day to travel to the homes of my friends and family so that I can use their computer. I recently lose my 6yr old Sony VAIO laptop because the motherboard is destroyed and can’t be repaired. This has become of great inconvenience to me. I will also love to change my attendance routine from on campus to online, if I win this computer it will really save me time, help complete my classes and avoid me from bothering friends and family to use their computer. If I win the phone I will give it to my mother she is currently having trouble with her phone and I will really like to bless her but I am currently unable to. So that is what I will do upon winning this package.

  58. Markus says

    Would love to win that for my girlfriend. She is going to nursing school and is working with an old netbook that hardly holds a charge. 15 hours even beats macs. :)

  59. delores m. doyle says

    I am on my own for the first time ever in my life. My only way to really communicate or work is by p

  60. Guilford Guthrie says

    15 hours means more programming on my new sony laptop and developing apps for my new windows phone!

  61. says

    With fifteen hours of battery life, I’d get more work done, more time to be social, more time to spend with my husband, and I’d probably pick up a gig writing for BlogHer. :)

  62. linda feltner says

    With 15 hrs of battery life I could continue with fb. Every time it storms here wether it be rain or snow the electricity goes off. I could pay bills talk to friends. chat check out windows and sonys sites. we have an old sony vaio desk top and it still performs the only thing we did was years ago ad a stick of ram. So sony vaio laptop is my dream.

  63. says

    As an aspiring photographer, loyal PC enthusiast, long time Vaio fan, and [ the dreaded phrase, as we know] “starving artist”, these 15 hours of battery life (otherwise known as OMG AN AMAZING LAPTOP FREE OF CHARGE!?) would mean the world to me. I already have college, books, jobs, rent and personal living expenses to worry about; a mother that needs my help to continue being as great as she is, and a supporting family that has spent blood, sweat, and every last cent to put their kids in a great country as foundation for their bright future. I know what it means to be the fruit of hard labor, and for that I take these 5 minutes and put my wish in for the 1st laptop I will ever have owned (my mom says she’d love to use it too, ha!). It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and I’d love to give back with all my creations for all of you to see and enjoy with me. Not to mention- 15 hours?!?! That is insane, I will probably never see the light of day with non-stop photo posting and traveling thoughts. Wait a minute, Yes I will! Portable goodness will allow me to broadcast my ideas literally from anywhere. While still being able to carry my equipment, and my good intentions. I do believe I’m a good investment! Best of wishes to all the contestants, and looking forward to those everlasting green fields of stream-of-consciousness. :)
    Sincerely, @MangoDelight

  64. delores m doyle says

    My computer crashed &I cant blog for money because I can only post3/4lines at a time on my phone.HEL

  65. Debora Dubose says

    With 15 hours of extra battery time I could take my pc with me when I go visit my daughter.I don’t have a computer that’s working right now and am not working and need to find a job.Most companies require you to apply online for employment and I would enjoy a new innovative phone. I have an e-reader but it doesn’t have a flash player and sometimes the applications are too big to load onto the e-reader.I would love a new PC.

  66. cassondra sell says

    Oh wow if I had a laptop with 15 hours battery life that would help me out so much my laptop just stopped working on me and I need one for school and the phone oh that would also be great cause my phone is so out dated

  67. Joanna Brooks says

    I am a new mom of a two week old and my time is precious. When I’m not actively attending to my son, I am on the Internet looking up his latest behavior / tips from mom’s with blogs. My current laptop is big and bulky and the battery life is only a couple of hours. Having a laptop with a 15 hour battery life would be heaven. It’s not easy being chained to a wall. I currently have a first generation iPhone which is very slow and the legendary call drops often plague my day. The slowness and dropped calls interrupt my day when I try and make doctor’s appointments and talk to my other mom friends and husband. These new cutting edge pieces of technology would ease my burden and help me spend more time with my son instead of wrestling with frustrating tech! Thanks!


  68. says

    I would give to my wife for her birthday (who is a mother of 2). I am active duty in the military and I am always away from home. So she is pretty much a single mother some of the time and she is doing a great job at it. Not to mention she is also attending college online. I am a part time blogger and would love to use this BlogHer survival kit to introduce her to blogging as well. Maybe one day she could be a guest blogger on!

    I am sure the extra battery life will get put to great use while we are at the park watching the kids play and blogging all about it!

  69. says

    Let’s see….15 hours of battery life on a new laptop? Need for a survival kit for BlogHer? Why I need them? I have 4 grandsons; 8-year-old twins, a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old. The twins fight for my current phone constantly, while the 6-year-old pouts, so they can play games. A Samsung Focus with 30-days of service would be just what the doctor ordered for the 6-year-old! (Gran says he’s not old enough for a phone.) A Sony laptop with 15 hours of battery life? OMGoodness! I might be able to write my own blog! Since I have just this minute been made aware of the 5minutesformom website, I bet I could spend 15 hours on the laptop before I had to plug it in and my grandson’s found out I had a laptop! Maybe I could tell them it was exclusively for BlogHer business! And since I would also have an hour-long massage at BlogHer, maybe I could attend and for an hour my fibromyalgia could be heavenly!

  70. Austin Tierney says

    My Twitter name is: austintierney

    I would love the extra batterylife because I’m a small lone start-up business and being able to work those extra 15 hours without recharging would be really great…Of course the real reason I would fall in love with this laptop would mean boring car trips would become a thing of the past. I could also bring it with me on long airplane trips and keep myself from going insane when my battery drops out. As for the phone I would love to get my hands on an actual phone (Right now I have a cheap phone) I would love being able to whip it out when I need to make a call compared to having to secretly hide my phone when anyone is around me. (Trust me, it’s embarrassing to pull out this little toy when everyone else has a smart phone) Thanks for the opportunity for me to enter this contest.

  71. Sam says

    I would finally get bored working on my laptop and put it away before it runs out of juice, something I always dreamed of but was never able to do :-D. Of course, that would be after accomplishing a great deal of work and doing so much writing.

  72. says

    Hailing from a small village in Ohio, (Yes it’s seriously considered a village) I, Lauren, will soon be setting off for a journey down the long winding road of adulthood. This journey shall begin within the Great Temples of Knowledge (aka I’m going into my first year of college). With nary a penny to my name I shall foolishly go forth armed with, dundundunnnn, Tortoise’s Desktop of Olde. XP Equip bonus of negative 5 speed. ( my very slow windows xp desktop)

    Anywho, back in 21st Century speak, I am majoring in Game Simulation and Development and I need a laptop that I can use in my classes, and in my dorm, something that I can use all day without having to plug in every hour or so. With 15 hours of battery life I can maximize the use of my laptop. So more hours of studying, some social time with the people back home,(Gotta let Mom know I’m okay) and I won’t be needing to run around campus looking for outlets. Having something that only needs plugged in once or twice a day would be ideal for my major and my new lifestyle.

    twitter – @sirblarghalot

  73. Patti says

    I am in need of a long lasting battery (15 hour) because of all the schoolwork coming my way. I am an Information Systems with Security concentration B.S. degree. I currently do not have a laptop computer to take with me to school. My last one crashed and was unreparable. :'( I haven’t been able to afford a newer one.

  74. says

    With 15 hours of additional battery power, I would probably just play more EVE Online from where ever I am. I suppose I could also do more productive work since I’m in college, but most likely I’ll be using it to game, because who is taking notes 15 hours straight for school.

  75. Karen says

    As an ancient computer techie, this granny with a laptop with a 15 hour battery life would have the hottest tech toy in town. I would use it for work (small business network consultant) and play (Angry Birds anyone?) and could watch Netflix movies and surf the web from most anywhere at anytime. And of course I could check Facebook and have a video chat with my 2 year old granddaughter in CO. Then I would take it to the next Red Hat Chili Peppers monthly event and share it with all my gal friends there. And to top it off I would take it to next Windows Networking Solutions User Group meeting and let all my male geek friends drool over it :-)

  76. Alex Wright says

    15 hours of battery life means no long waits of sitting inside plugged into the charger or dealing with a slow 2005-2006 windows vista that has too much stuff on it for its own good. Why i need the blogher’11 survival kit is i live with 3 women(my Grandma, Mom, and Two Sisters) and my grandma thinks facebook is one of those sites where you see who is searching for you, and she also thinks that some of her dead friends would be on there looking for her.

  77. Kathy Tamburello says

    I wouldn’t know how to act ….this laptop won’t even work without being plugged in and the windows phone sounds awesome…my cell doesn’t even have apps

  78. says

    My wife needs a new phone and would love the Samsung Focuse. I have one for myself, but she needs an upgrade and she would defintly love the massage and breakfast in bed. And the lap top we could use, since our 9 and 7 yr boys like to hogg our one pc we got. Please pick me.

  79. ellen says

    15 hours of battery life…. I am a twitter addict pure and simple. With 15 hours of battery life I could tweet and be portable :)
    And a phone? Ask anyone, I am the last person on Earth without a cell LOL!
    As for the massage and breakfast in bed, I would donate it to someone there at blogher- goodness it sounds fun and there are so many terriffic people going!

    • ellen says

      I forgot to add, I will be tweeting at you as @tannawings- and I will have tons of questions!
      Sorry to add this on, someone always wants something and enter got pressed!

  80. Renee says

    My daughter needs a BlogHer survival kit and I think is a deserving student who could use a laptop with 15 hours of battery time. She is a student and is able to type faster to take notes than write them down. We are just getting back on our feet my husband lost his job as a DBA, but luckily after 2 years found a job. My whole family has cut expenses to buy basic things. She had to delay entry into school due to finances. The computer she uses is so old and slow. She had to take a job at an assisted living facility doing laundry. The battery life could allow her to use it at school, then at her job for homework. You would make her dream come true for a new laptop to help her wth school. Since she has never had one. She can also blog and post to all her friends. The phone would be a bonus for her. She has just the basic phone used for emergencies. Even with her hardships, she still maintains a 4.0 gpa. I think she is very deserving and has a great attitude. These items would allow her to keep up with her classmates and the latest technology.

  81. says

    I would love to win this great gift . I am Disable & ,It would help me to reach out to more people, I want to feels help full in the life , I have left THANK – YOU L. E. Kehres , I will say a pray for this one 1 I have never won any thing in my lift … Wish me luck !!!!!!

  82. Darlene McKinney says

    I need a PC w/long battery life so,I can write about people watching in the park & get fresh air @ the same time.

  83. Dan says

    Wow, 15 hours of battery life and a Windows Phone! I know exactly what I would do. I’ve been wanting to try my hands at some Windows Phone development, but my laptop and PC are too old, I would love to get a new laptop, but times are tough. This would not only be great, I can work untethered with 15 hours of battery. Plus it is Sony, so we already know that the quality is there. What more an anyone ask? I hope you consider me for this, see you at the Twiiter Cast!

  84. Deitra says

    Twitter name: @accordingtodee
    I would love 15 hours of extra battery life. The. I wouldn’t be stuck by the plug in like I am with my current laptop. It has to always be plugged in! It’s very inconvenient. So this kit would be a lifesaver. Thanks!

  85. Cynthia Chambers says

    I could do a whole lot with more battery life. I need a survival kit because I do’t have one

  86. says

    This is my first BlogHer so 15 hours of battery life and a BlogHer survival kit would go a long way for helping me manage all the sessions and craziness! I can’t wait to go, and this would be the best gift to my productivity!

  87. says

    I could do so much with extra battery time – tweet, blog, video chat with the hubby & kiddos, check the email – getting exhausted just thinking about it. Oh, and then I could lend my power cord to someone not quite as lucky :)

  88. says

    Twitter name @epeiguss.
    The reason I really want this kit is that I recently lost my Samsung Focus on my study abroad trip to Costa Rica. It was so useful for travel even though I didn’t have service I could still utilize the WiFi to get on the internet and email my family and friends. I have been utterly lost without it and keep stealing my boyfriends Focus to play games, email, and chat with friends when I am on the go. I am a Senior in Animal Sciences and could use a new computer as well. Mine is old and has some issues. The battery life is also terrible and I always have to be near an outlet to use it. Being on campus in a classroom doesn’t really allow me to have access to an outlet so some of my notes are on my computer and some are not. All that battery life would not only allow me to take notes more efficiently, but also allow me to start my job search for a career when I graduate. This is also the first BlogHer series I will be part of! See you Tuesday!

  89. Rory-Mama Contemporanea says

    With 15 hours of battery life and a BlogHer survival kit I can connect with my family via Skype, blog, tweet, , etc, etc. would be great if I can win.

  90. says

    With 15 more hours on Batter Life, my new application could run TWICE PER DAY without having to recharge your phone at work. Camera, Internet, Geo Services, and other Sensors built into Win7 devices allows humanity to benefit, or at least when batteries get better!

    In the end, humanity will be more comfortable when they have their phone with them!!!

  91. says

    I need it!!! I have been trying to figure out how I could get a new computer – mine let my email AND my blog get hacked last week!! Oh how I need a new, fresh start!!

  92. Lauren says

    I could really use this. I’m a blogger, freelance writer, and hope to be a published author one day. I NEED some good battery life. Plus, I need to try and learn how to Skype sometime soon haha.

  93. says

    With 15 hours of battery life, I could:

    – be over my son’s shoulder….whispering in his ear for all his waking hours during the day.

    – twitter the day away!

    – get rid of the 17,000 emails in my inbox. *No, that is not a typo.

    – watch Titanic over and over and over again.

    – get all my questions answered at this Tuesday’s chat…and then some more!

    – write the longest blog post shouting the praises of Microsoft, Windows and 5 Minutes for Mom. (Wonder how long of a post that could be?!)

    …Just to name a few things I could do :)

  94. says

    15 hours of battery life would be great for watching movies anywhere, like a plane!, without having to plug in the computer. the smart phone would be awesome because, well, I don’t have one! as for the massage and breakfast in bed at blogher, I would be giving that away since I am not going :) I’m @idahojill on twitter.

  95. says

    With 15 hours of battery life and the BlogHer survival kit, I would be able to jot down notes at all the sessions I attend, and tweet out the nuggets of wisdom I hear at these sessions! Looking forward to partying with everyone at BlogHer…

  96. jerry gilchrist says

    My wife and I will be starting a blog in August that we hope will be a great resource for families who deal with autism on a daily basis. 15 hours of battery life would be fantastic new blogging newbies like us!

  97. says

    15 hours of battery life would let me zip around from event to event without having to stop and recharge! I could cover so much more ground, meet so many more interesting bloggers, and share my award winning Windows Phone 7 app called edRover (check in to business locations to earn funds for your favorite school) with so many more people. Crossing my fingers!

  98. Kimberly Gentry Shingleton says

    I could do alot with 15 hours extra battery time. For once I wouldn’t have to worry about and thinking “My laptop is about to go, I’ve got to get up and find an outlet to plug it up”. I’m disabled, my entire Rt. leg stays in constant pain. So my laptop is my main entertainment tool. I spend alot of time on my laptop. So it’s hard for me to just jump up and run to a plug quickly. This would be a huge blessing to be able to win this wonderful Laptop with 15 hours of battery time. It would be a big help to me with my leg pain the way it is, not having to get up as much.
    The Windows Phone would also be great to win. I could also use a phone such as this. I look forward in talking to you Tuesday on Twitter.

    Thanks, Kimberly

  99. says

    OMGosh…i desperately need this BlogHER survival kit…since i have NO hours at this point…15 sounds lie a million 2 me!!!

    i just landed a paying gig during the Cheap Sally Party that paid my way or i would not be there…it has been a bad 2 years since i lost my JOB!!! i have NO laptop and NO smarty pants phone at all!!! I will be so unconnected at BlogHER that it’s almost embarrassing!!! Almost…I am a happy soul who will make the best of my friends’ tech toys to stay connected during the conference…unless I am the winner!!!

  100. says

    Oh I’m sorry, my brain can’t even fathom 15 extra hours of battery life. But it sure would make hanging out in the hallway or in my hotel bed while the tiny little baby sleeps easier.
    And the massage? Just stop. Right now. Want.

  101. DJ says

    Twitter name: @Jefforey
    If I won, I would play lots of Xbox Live games on the Windows Phone 7 and I would make lots of videos with Windows Movie Maker on the Sony VAIO PC. I would also actually have a computer that doesn’t have to be plugged in 24/7. (My computer’s battery doesn’t work.) It would be really awesome to win.

  102. says

    This was meant to be – I was just pricing the Vaio S last night!

    I need the BlogHer survival kit because I’m a complete baby when it comes to conferences. I whine about having to get up early and do so much in such a short amount of time. So really, the survival kit would help the people around me, because I’d be whining less.

  103. says

    Sorry to add a second comment, but I forgot to answer what I would do with 15 hours of batter life (I wouldn’t need to sit on the floor next to an outlet) and add my twitter handle: @SelfishMom.

  104. says

    With 15 hours of battery life, I’d leave my current HP Pavillion at home since I have to keep it plugged in now to use it, and I’d enjoy true mobility. I’d leave my charger in the hotel room, and roam untethered until my feet could bear no more.

    I need a BlogHer survival kit because my current laptop is on its way out. We’ve been through thick and thin, but it won’t be much longer before she’s a goner. I’d love to be able to switch from my Blackberry to the Windows Phone 7 OS so I can sync my files with my SkyDrive account with speed and reliability. My whole technological life is due for an upgrade, and this would be the perfect start.

    Twitter Name: @wootbetogod

  105. Kristin says

    With extra battery, I would take the laptop in the kitchen for trying a new recipe so I wouldn’t have to print it out. I need a blogher kit because I don’t have a smartphone yet and I would love one! Also, my Sony Vaio is 6 years old and I could really use a new one!

  106. Rodney Marvil says

    With the extra 15 hours of battery life, I could take the laptop with me all day while i attempt to do computer work and start making a living for myself. With the windows phone, i could replace my cheap half broken prepaid cell phone that hardly works as it is and could keep up to date with everyhting i need to do and can use it to look up information with any problems i come across whether it come to computers or my school work. I honestly need this to help my career with computer repair and assistance and it would be a tremendous help! I dont have a lot of money, and this would help me start earning some a lot easier.

  107. says

    Woohoo – such a great prize package. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 15 hours of battery life and not have to worry about getting to sessions early to find a plug? What joy that would be! I would love not having to sit on the perimeter of a room and instead be able to sit in the middle!!!! And why do I need to win? Heck why not????

  108. Kelly Ann T. says

    With 15 extra hours of battery life, I could vicariously attend blogger thru the bloggers who are actually there. I’m looking forward to reading about all the fun.

  109. Paula schuck says

    With 15 extra hours I would write so many killer posts and the amazing eight books I have in my head. Love gadgets. Love them even more when they keep improving them. Now if my iPhone got thatmany hours of battery I would be happy.


  110. MOM4everandever says

    meet some awesome ladies for sure and sit far from a plug ant stress- even on the floor if there was no room. Why do I need to win…my computer is already worn and old, battery only keeps a 2 hour charge- thanks so much

  111. says

    15 hours of battery life? Seriously? That would change my life :) I could get everything done that need to by taking my laptop with me and working during all my sons football practices. It would be helpful for homework also

  112. MOM4everandever says

    meet some awesome ladies for sure and sit far from a plug ant stress- even on the floor if there was no room. Why do I need to win…my computer is already worn and old, battery only keeps a 2 hour charge- thanks so much put my twitter name in the top but want to make sure its right @mom4everandever

  113. says

    15 hours!? Wow! I would love to be able to have the battery time to know I could blog, tweet and even Skype with my son back home and know that I don’t have to rush to find an outlet somewhere! Heck, I could even watch a movie on the plane!


  114. says

    5 extra hours of batter life would mean I could actually sit in a chair & live blog, hang out & talk to people instead of lurking along perimeter walls, hoping to find an open electric outlet to charge my laptop as I usually do. LOL,I feel like a juice vampire.

    Why do I need a survival pack? Please! I’m a pasty faced geek who does computer better than I do people & I’ve got so many meet & greet events scheduled I’m afraid! lol, winning this would put some style & ease into my blogging at blogher & through out the year!

    I’m @geekbabe on twitter, thanks for this great contest!

  115. says

    The netbook that I was bringing to BlogHer is ka-put so with 15 hours of battery I would have an amazing computer to take with me! Also my phone is not due for upgrade for a whole year, so this great phone would be such a cool upgrade!

  116. says

    with an extras 15 hours – I’d have plenty of time to read the blogs of all the new bloggers I’d be meeting :)

    Twitter Handle: @CarmaSez

  117. says

    Twitter= dave01568
    With 15 extra hours of battery life I would hook it up to my house and tell the power company where to stick it. Then I would blog on my starter site Mytechmancave about it while visiting Blogher. I need the blogher survival because I would use it to show people that windows base hardware is better than the other platforms out there that everyone blogs about. See you all on twitter Tuesday

  118. says

    With 15 hours of battery life , I would actually be able to read every blog that I follow and even comment on all of them. Plus, I could take the time to go through my random downloaded pictures and get them organized into folders…and still have enough battery life for the kids to watch a movie or two on netflix!! Thank you for the chance. Have fun at Blogher!! My hubby has business travel then…so unfortunately I can’t go…sounds like so much fun though!

    I tweet @zebastyandylan

  119. says

    Hey, I’m @mamastephf on twitter, and I would love 15 hours of battery life because the one hour I currently have is very limiting when I’m in certain places, like Barnes & Noble, trying to write, and there’s no a/c outlet! I could even go outside to write! WooHoo! Good luck, everybody!

  120. says

    With 15 extra hours of battery life at BlogHer I could concentrate on the sessions and networking with others instead of being in a constant panic over how much battery I have left on my laptop. I wouldn’t need to waste valuable networking time searching for an empty wall outlet to recharge! This would be a lifesaver!


  121. Kellie K says

    With 15 hours of battery life I could be sitting outside and enjoying the sun while tweeting with you! @keltom2

  122. kathyluman says

    What would I do with all that battery life? I would enter tons of sweepstakes and contest. It is passion and I love doing it. Having a desktop computer limits to home use. If I had a laptop I could take it every where with me and enter when ever the urge struck.

  123. christie keller says

    I am a deserving student that has a few PC’s and could always use a new playtoy. I am always wanting new things to satisfy my sick and twisted need for more technology. The phone interests me very much! It is no secret that I love all things Microsoft and would love to have my pc’s and phone in perfect harmony. That sounds so corny but its true! 15 hours of battery life would give me more time to study your stuff! I must add I typed this painfully on my 3g phone.

  124. Charlye Sims says

    If I had 15 hours of battery life, I’d be able to retire my Macbook for good. It’s gotten some years on it, and I have to keep it plugged in all of the time to use it. It’d be nice to be able to walk around at BlogHer and not be tethered to a power outlet the whole time. I could manage my newfound contacts, trade social networking information, and even share presentations without being stuck at my table.

    I need a BlogHer survival kit so I can take back my productivity. It’s time for a new laptop, and this one would be a huge help. I’m not eligible for a phone upgrade yet so the Windows Phone 7 handset would be a welcomed replacement for the Blackberry I regret purchasing.

    Twitter name: @charsims

  125. says

    1. I could REALLY seriously use that extra battery life time most especially for Three reasons!
    A. My youngest daughter 18 (we are VERY close knit) moved away to live with her sweet boyfriend across the country from us and we haven’t been able to see her in almost a year. So we saved our money and we get to drive to see her in Sept for her birthday! It’s a 14 hour drive straight there. My husband and 2 other daughters and one daughters boyfriend are going to take turns driving (not me!) I’m a mod on so I would be able to have battery life the whole trip to do my work and have some fun too playing word games and twittering and reading blogs! lol It would last the WHOLE trip! What a treat.
    B. My youngest son is 16 and has bipolar disorder and severe GERD so we have frequent dr appts and I homeschool him so it would be so helpful and time saving and convenient to have that kiind of battery life so we could even get some of our work done while waiting in waiting rooms etc and that would free up both of our time more for other more fun things too.
    C. I would love to share this with my WELL DESERVING husband who is always doing for others and is so selfless. This battery life would help him immensely bc he has to work 12-14 hours a day 5 days a wk one wk and then 7 days a week every alternating wk. AND he is going to college working on his masters degree (eventually phd) and getting all a’s and b’s so he can get out of his slave driven hours job eventually and if he had that kind of battery power he could even take it with him to work and sneak in a bit of his homework and classwork online during his coffee and lunch break bc currently he has to squeeze it in when he gets home exhausted after such long days and just wants to sleep.

    2. While I can’t attend the conference I know of a blogger mom who IS and I feel I can relate to her in a personal way even though I don’t know her bc her son is Bipolar and I personally have 1 son with paranoid schizophrenia and 3 kids with bipolar disorder so it would tickle my heart to be able to give HER the swedish massage and breakfast in bed while she is there this year bc I know from experience the heartache, stress and worries a mom goes thru with a precious child with mental illness. I think if I won that and could give it to her that SHE EARNED IT!

  126. Debby says

    I only have a used school computer and I could certainly use an updated computer. Most of the time it takes me over 15 minutes to just log in. I would love to have this and give my school back their old laptop, This is a great gift!

  127. Alison says

    My computer will not keep a charge over 1 hours. I can’t imagine have 15 hour battery! I really could use this since both of my daughters are in modeling/acting. They contact you by email and sometimes we have missed auditions because my battery was dead. I am also having another girl in December and I need to have contact with family and doctors. This is a great gift and I would love to win!

  128. Prakash Natarajan says

    My current laptop is really doing a bad show and unable to get my personal and officia stuff done. With 15 hours of battery life, I’d be able to accomplish more tasks both personally and officially. I need a BlogHer survival kit so I can take back my productivity.

    Twitter name: @ktngandhi

  129. Jennifer Maddox says

    I would love a new laptop with battery life mine has no life left it barely lasts 5 minutes unplugged.

  130. says

    I thought Mom 2.0 was a busy conference but I just entered things into my calendar and am already exhausted before BlogHER! These gadgets would help a ton.

  131. says

    One of the reasons why I am going to BlogHer in San Diego all the way from Massachusetts is the fact that I will actually be able to get some work on the plane! Blog-catch-up! With a toddler at home, I can barely pee, let alone Blog. But I do, at night after the sun goes down and in the morning before the some comes up. I would love everything about the BlogHer kit but the two things that I would love the most is the breakfast. I would finally be able to eat a meal in peace! And the 15 hours of battery! Well, that would totally last me from MA to CA, even with the cheap-fare layover I have both ways. Having a new phone that has not been thrown on the floor by aforementioned toddler would be a super blogging bonus too! Then perhaps when BlogHer is over, my blog will be able to survive with the husband, three dogs and 21m old again.

  132. Didi Matregrano says

    With 15 hours of battery life, I’d be able to make good use of that S-series VAIO, doing all the things I enjoy doing from the comfort of wherever I choose, free from any power cords. Managing my pictures and music, to surfing the blogosphere for all sorts of technical knowledge.

  133. says

    If I had 15 hours of extra battery at Blogher I would use it for the laptop I have that cuts off every time I unplug it. I’ll be able to do way more work with out having to make charge up stops.
    I need a BlogHer survival kit so I can survive the fast pasted blogging life and be technologically up to date. No broken screens, cords, random shut downs. I’d be stress free and more relaxed and I would LOVE life and get things done much easier! With a smartphone i can keep up to date with scheduling and have super cool apps and with the computer i can blog even better. I would be so HAPPY!

  134. says

    I would take notes on all the great panels at Blogher11! My laptop right now does about 3 hrs, 4 if I turn the brightness down, etc…!

    my twitter for the tweetchat will be

  135. says

    I would totally use the extra 15 hours of battery life to keep up with all of my friends who are at BlogHer, since I have to stay home and miss the conference. I’m counting on everyone to share great information from sessions. Thank goodness for twitter for making me feel like I’m still connected to BlogHer in some small way, even if I’m on the opposite side of the country!

  136. garianne draves says

    i would not have to keep charging over and over again causing a lot less grief. I need to win this cause my desktop died today and my laptop only holds 3 hours b4 it needs to be recharged.

  137. says

    As a blogger I always have blog posts to catch up on! I have a million ideas for posts and if I had a laptop with this kind of battery I could take it anywhere on the go and actually get caught up! What an awesome sweet survival kit! I have never been to a #blogher before and look forward to #blogher11 – I hear it is a zoo + lots of fun! A massage and breakfast in bed would totally rock!! ~See you on the chat soon! ~Melissa @TimeOutMom

  138. Stefanie says

    Considering my current aging Sony laptop has NO remaining battery life, I’d love to have a new one with 15 hours of battery life to tweet, email & listen to Pandora.

  139. says

    With 15 hours of extra battery life, I would be able to take my laptop to my grandmothers house and share all my family pictures with her! She doesn’t have a computer or internet but she loves looking at pictures!

    • says

      Whoops, misread the question! It would be great at blogher because you wouldn’t have the added anxiety of worrying about your battery dying mid-conference. The survival kit would be great because I’ve never been to a conference before and I would need a survival kit!!!

  140. Lillie Kirkpatrick says

    I would love to win this! I would use the extra batter life to chat with friends and family all over the US. Plus, it would give me more time to enter contests!!! :)

  141. Christie says

    With 15hrs of battery life, I would definitely get the most out of school work and studying. I recently quit my job and at the age of 42 have decided for a new career change. I am going back to school to get my degree in Business Administration. I would love to win it.

  142. says

    I need the kit, because I’m new to blogging. And could really use the great battery life it has so I can be on the go and still connected! :)

  143. says

    I would be able to finally get back on track with my website since I haven’t been able to do much without a computer. I would also be able to keep things on my computer without risking losing them while I’m gone.

  144. says

    I’d be able to illustrate longer without having to sit at the counter where my plug is! Would be awesome to make digital drawings from the couch, hehe! 😀 @VectoringMomma

    • says

      …. kept ya hanging, eh? If I had 15 hours of battery life, I’d devote it to recording meaningful topics, things to make people smile, yummy treats and made by mom inspirations! @caffeinenut

  145. Lyn says

    With 15 hours of battery time, I could take laptop into kitchen and load all of my recipes on it and maybe learn how to understand Twitter
    Twitter name: catslitterbox
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  146. joanne smith says

    I would spend the 5 xtra hours taking pics of my son or talking to him because we have never been apart for a day. He is autistic and has to talk to mommy! I would need it because I do not have a phone and I am trying to jump start my blog and could use the help.

  147. says

    With 15 extra hours, I’d get a lot more time out on my MIL’s back porch while the kids play outside. With the survival kit? Well, I’m not gonna be at Blogher this year, but I imagine it would help me survive if I were! I need all the help I can get. I’m clueless.

  148. says

    If I had 15 hours or battery life I would not have to always sit in the back next to a plug!!! I can’t go this year but next year I really want to so it will give me time to get used to my new pc and phone.
    I am going to the NASCAR race Labor day and really need a smart phone and new pc so I can twitter (no power there).

  149. says

    Because power outlets are usually a huge issue at conferences, I always run out of battery before I’m done working on my computer. It’s a big problem because I usually live tweet. Also, I do a lot of car travel and I can only work for as long as my computer battery has power. It’s never enough. I usually take 10-15 hour drives! This would be a huge boost in my efficiency and productivity.

  150. evic says

    With 15 extra hours of battery life I would never fear running out of juice!!! So then I would have every app open and always be connected so I can tweet, blog, post, etc all day long!!! Then of course re-charge it that night and do it all again!!!

  151. Bridgette says

    With 15 hours of battery life, I would live blog my way through the BlogHer sessions without missing a beat! Now only if I had a battery to recharge my own energy! LOL!

  152. Christine says

    If I had that much battery life maybe I could finally get my pictures organized without crashing every two seconds!

  153. says

    15 hours of taking care of business which includes keeping up with the family and friends. Does it have an auxiliary port for the user? Oh well I have caffeine for that…

  154. Brian C. says

    With 15 hours of battery life I could make it through a movie and still have time to update the companies SharePoint site.

  155. Diana V says

    I’m not a blogger yet but think I might start to in the future. This is an awesome prize and 15 hrs of battery time would save me always running mid computer project to find a power cord!

  156. Rhonda says

    I would use the 15 hours of battery to take my computer outside – the backyard, park, beach, restaurant, mountaintop – anywhere to work on website, class lectures, blog. This would be an incredibly package to start my new job with at the end of the month. It would also help me mentally get out of the house when caregivers are around to take care of my inlaws. Ahhh, a moment of sanity!

  157. Rhonda Ladd says

    I would use the 15 hours of battery to take my computer outside – the backyard, park, beach, restaurant, mountaintop – anywhere to work on website, class lectures, blog. This would be an incredibly package to start my new job with at the end of the month. It would also help me mentally get out of the house when caregivers are around to take care of my inlaws. Ahhh, a moment of sanity!

    *Forgot to include Tweets from @RhondaLadd in previous post (#199).

  158. Jill H says

    I would use the 15 hours to use the laptop without a power cord. My current laptop only lasts 1/2 hour without the power cord, which is not productive at all!!

  159. says

    With 15 hours of extra battery I would not have to worry about checking twitter all day, and maybe even do some mobile blogging via email on my phone!

  160. says

    Wow! it would be amazing to have 15 hrs of extra battery life. I would take it on the back porch and email or search the web look up recipes or coupons…or just play games. I could even take it to the mountains on would be just so great to have that much more battery..not to mention that you could even use it if you had power outage.

  161. Debra says

    I assure you that if I had 15 hours worth of battery time, I would go somewhere quiet and burn the battery now!! I get so tired of mine dying just as I am about to do something. I can’t imagine having such a great laptop and I could always use a survival kit!! You Ladies are awesome!

  162. kendell says

    It would be wonderful to have battery life for 15hrs, I get busy with mine and then the hour is up and it is dead. What an awesome giveaway it would be nice to win. Kindest regards

  163. says

    With 15 hours of battery life – I could replace my iPad with a notebook, upload photos, go online in my holidays … And at least for the first few days I wouldn’t have to worry about finding an adaptor for Spanish power outlets.

  164. says

    If I had a longer battery life I could work on my website I am making to help people with figuring out and taking back control of their computer to make it work for them instead of against them. It would make it easier because when I am in classes and at work, I work in IT, I see people struggle with small computer problems. Things change so much they have trouble even troubleshooting it. I think they are often even a little afraid because they think they will destroy it with a keystroke. I want to help people use their computers better and safer.

  165. June says

    This is a great giveaway. I could surely use a survival kit,cause my desk top is getting pretty old. And 15 hours of battery life is amazing too.

  166. Bolivar says

    With 15 hours of battery life I could finish up the final touches on my script. Get started producing, sampling some tracks and performing live electronic music with ableton live. Dj a show until the break of dawn and then some. Be able to finish up some programming and website. And last but certainly not least enjoy a movie on my flight for those long international flight to another gig.

  167. says

    I really like what you guys are usually up too.
    This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the terrific works
    guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.


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