My Husband Eats Snails…

by Janice

Sure he “French’s it up” with garlic butter and a fancy sounding name, but they are still slimy, gross snails!

It is our nine year anniversary, so tonight Phil and I indulged in an overpriced dinner date.

Now put Phil in a nice restaurant and he will order escargot. I guess it isn’t really his fault. He is French and was raised eating escargot. (His dad routinely cooked them up for dinner – good grief!) Why French people with all their good taste in food decide to cook up snails is beyond me.

I, on the other hand, would sooner starve to death than eat snails. Well, maybe if I was starving… I don’t know I have never been forced to make such a decision. But I certainly wouldn’t pay good money for them.

So I was wondering – am I alone in this?

Do you eat snails…oh sorry…“escargot”?

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