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This week I was inspired to write to all of you. In case you don’t know me, my name is Shera and I’m the host of The Sampler. I’m the mom blogger behind A Frog In My Soup where you can often find encouragement, information and “Mommy Realities”. Occasionally you’ll find me at Faith Lifts, a ministry of 5 Minutes for Mom, where I mainly wear my administrator hat. I am blessed to serve with some truly amazing devotional writers to bless moms every day.

The Mom In Me

My oldest son will be 13 in a couple of months and sometimes I’m amazed that I survived to tell the tale! If I can just make it through the teenage years of my oldest son, I’ll feel fairly confident about the rest. Well, maybe until the twins get there anyway.

Life hasn’t always been what I expected; motherhood in particular did not exactly match what I had long dreamed in my mind. It was easy as a young girl to envision life as a mom. Believe it or not, I dreamed of having 6 children … NOT all boys mind you, but there were 6. I can’t remember if there was a set of twins among those 6 children in my mind (I honestly DON’T think so), but if there were I can guarantee you they did no wrong, were perfectly behaved and spoke softly to everyone who came near.

Enter reality! My two year old twins can’t seem to stop moving for more than ten seconds, feel it necessary to rip the pages out of almost any book they can get their hands on (a huge pet peeve of mine), think that everything is for climbing and that they are equal in size and ability with the bigger boys. My 5 year old thinks he’s bigger than my 9 year old (almost true) and thinks he should be in charge of the twins. My 9 year old thinks he’s the boss of everyone and likes to shout orders and my 10 year old, well, he thinks he’s funny … VERY funny, but he’s really not (poor thing). My almost-13-year old thinks that since he’s bigger than me he shouldn’t have to listen to me as much, thinks he’s basically an adult and suddenly seems to be having trouble making intelligent decisions (or did he ever?).

So, what does one do when faced with a challenge of gargantuan proportion? When a mom who already has four boys finds out that her surprise 5th pregnancy is twins? Go to God! It’s that simple! I almost passed out (I kid you not) on the ultrasound table when the technician showed me the two babies side by side, when I recovered I asked one simple question of God … “You seriously think we’re up for this?”

In all honesty, that is a statement that I continue to ask Him all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our family for the world, I love each and every one of my boys, they are amazing. I know that He gave us these wonderful boys for a reason and we were entrusted as parents who could handle it, but sometimes I feel so much less than adequate! There were definitely times when I “only” had three children and felt overwhelmed, so I do know that it isn’t only a large family issue. Without being able to lean on Him and regularly “give back” each boy with their problems and needs, it would be easy for me to get caught up in only seeing the negative.

With the help of God, I continue to find creative and constructive ways to parent these children. I find all of the wonderful qualities each of them posess, even in the midst of the crazy boy behavior. By leaning on God, I learn how to be more like Him in parenting and interacting with my blessings. I’m learning to find the Mom in me more and more each year. He put it there, I just need to ask Him to reveal it to me each and every day!

~Written by Shera of A Frog in My Soup and Sweet ‘n Simple Design.

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  1. says

    Yes the ‘plan’ often bumps into reality in unexpected way.

    I found myself pregnant with twins when I already had 3 children, the youngest with special needs.

    Whilst I was in the midst of hot flashes and angst wondering how on earth I would ever cope, thinking that I was really in trouble, suddenly, well about four months in, I lost one of the twins. My remaining twin also has special needs.

    I am especially grateful for all four of them.

    Best wishes

  2. says

    6 boys! Well, nobody ever knows what they can handle until they have to. Good thing God decides for us and not the other way around. Makes it an easy pill to swallow. At least for me.
    I only have the twin boys so I can’t imagine how tired you must feel but know that you are the princess in their eyes. I thought I would be sad not to have a girl….but I’m loving the extra attention I get being the only girl in the bunch.
    Enjoy them!

  3. says

    Sometimes life’s surprises are God’s greatest blessings to us. I am impressed by your great spirit and attitude toward the 6 blessings you’ve been given stewardship over. Just think: God must really think you are great at what you do, to give you 6 future men of God to mold for His glory and His kingdom. And from what I can read here and other writings of yours, they are equally blessed to have MOM in you.

    Thanks for the great encouragement on mothering our blessings.

  4. says

    Sounds like you have a wonderful family – so many blessings! I’m sure that you can say life is always interesting.

    Wonderful story and encouragement to other moms to remember to go to God.

  5. says

    I have four boys, including a set of four-year-old wild twins. Some days it’s a struggle to keep my patience, but God is certainly a comfort, and I realize how much he has blessed me!

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