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  1. Carissa
    Jul 25 - 2:40 am

    I would love to own a small boutique where I could sell the stuff I make as well as sell the stuff others make! With a photography studio in the back so that even if you cannot afford the clothes you can get pictures of your kiddos in them and have fun! Just a dream but one never knows where a dream can take you!

    The other business I would LOVE to start but fear it would fail and has to do with making sure you are prepared if something should happen to you God Forbid. It would help small families with wills, powers of attorney and making sure they have insurance. My best friend from law school and I were so close when he was called up for a year of service for JAG, I am not sure I could go it alone. But a friend from high school was killed in a very tragic accident leaving behind his wife and two young children with few plans for what they would do with the business he owned or his family farm, so I am back to thinking about these things again.

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