Babble Launches MomCrunch

Today, Babble launched their newest blog, MomCrunch.

I'm a mom who means business (in social media) Read more at momcrunch“MomCrunch is the digital mom’s go-to site for news, resources, information and insight into the world of technology and social media.

The MomCrunch team provides daily updates on what’s new in the world of mom blogs and regular features on such topics as how to navigate social media as a parent, how to build and maintain a successful blog, what technologies the digital parent needs to manage and maximize the success of their work or craft in the digital space, and how to balance a busy virtual life with the demands of home and family.”

Susan and I are honored to be on the fabulous team of writers for MomCrunch.

Everyday will be packed with articles about social media and technology — from the perspective of moms. So make sure you add MomCrunch to your daily rounds. You can also follow @BabbleMomCrunch and like the MomCrunch Facebook Page.

My first post just went live a few moments ago on MomCrunch… Here is a little taste, but make sure you jump over to MomCrunch to read the entire post.

Why No One is Reading Your Post

You have written a blogging masterpiece — but why isn’t anyone reading it???

woman-laptop-officeAs bloggers, we want first and foremost to be READ! We don’t polish and prune posts to have them ignored, languishing comment-less in cyber space.

But, as much as we much as may long for each sentence we write, each concept we flesh out, to be thoughtfully consumed, the reality is — most posts are never read! They are SCANNED.

Yes, those words, those beautiful, beautiful words you wrote are not all being read. Some of them are never even seen as readers eyes fly across and down the page, digesting only what they need and then moving on to their next feed.

7 Ways to Get People to Read Your Post

So, what does a blogger do? What hope is there if online readers are really not reading after all?

Embrace it. Recognize that the majority of your posts will only be scanned and write for it!

IF you do an amazing job creating a scannable post THEN you may win the greatest honor — when a reader decides a post must be slowly savored and goes back to the beginning, reads it from start to finish and then shares, shares, shares!

Continue reading at Babble’s MomCrunch

Written by Janice, co-founder of the Mom Blog, 5 Minutes for Mom
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