Saving – The Super Smart Shop n’ Save Way

In this three part series, JB Owen-Sacallis, teaches us her tricks of the trade and applies it to back to school shopping. In her final post, JB Scallis shares some tips on how to save – The Super Smart Shop n’ Save way.

Saving is the most fun part of shopping for me. I love getting a great deal at a great price and shopping for your kids is no exception. Plan your shopping near the sales so you can get great things for next year at an even better discount. Keep in mind what your child likes and dislikes in clothing, because no matter how cheap it is, it isn’t cheap enough if it never gets worn. A classic white shirt, summer dress, swim wear, sleepers, sweater and coats are pieces you know you will use so buying in advance can only save you time and money next year.

Take advantage of scratch n’ saves, two-for-ones, or any kind of in-store special. Major department stores love to have big sales on almost every weekend. Watch the flyers, listen to the radio and get there early for the best selection. If you watch, you will be amazed at how easily you can save major amounts on promotional days.

More and more, stores are doing price adjustments for items that have gone on sale. In fact, many stores will do price adjustment up to 10 days after a purchase. Keep your receipt and check back to see if there has been a mark down. My best price adjustment was $83.00 just one day after my purchase. It may feel odd asking for an adjustment, but I like to think it becomes more dollars to spend.

Saving money does not mean having to scrimp on every purchase. I always spend more money on my kids’ jeans, coats, shoes and underwear. Reason is, they wear them often and they need to last. What use is it to buy cheap underwear that falls apart and contorts out of shape? I just end up throwing them away and buying more. Buy quality and it lasts. Shoes are important for healthy growing feet, and coats, obviously, to fight the elements. Spend the money on good pieces that you know will get a lot of wear, spend the money and then get the “cheap and cheerful” (common wardrobe term) for the fly-by-night fashions you know they will soon tire of.

It may seem like a lot of effort to put into a day of shopping, but all of us have felt the exhaustion and strain from a day at the mall with no success. Knowing what you want and going directly for it is a very simple and fundamental metaphysical law. I’m just applying it to shopping so you ideally have more fun with your kids doing what you really enjoy and more cash to do it with.

Shopping for you and your kids can be fun and easy with the Super Smart Shop n’ Save technique. It may seem hard the first time, but armed with these tips things will get easier and easier every season. Soon you will just think Super, Smart, Shop `n Save naturally, and before you know it, going to the mall will be hassle-free and enjoyable.

JB Owen-Sacallis is a mother of two. She has a Fashion Design degree and has worked for over 15 years in the fashion industry. She is a published author and writes for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. She also is the founder and owner of Agoo Apparel, a childrens wear company specializing in kids’ active wear.

If you enjoyed this article, please visit Agoo blog for more of her tips and advice on fashion, kids and motherhood.


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    I enjoy the sport of “Bargain Hunting” as well. Thankfully my guys are too little to have much in the way of opinions over what they wear (although I am picky–I won’t buy something I think is ugly or doesn’t suit them just because it’s cheap. Except for “dirt clothes”…those I prefer to get ugly stuff so I won’t care if it gets dirty or stained).

    One of the best deals going in children’s clothes though is Sears’ KidVantage club. If they tear through the knees of their jeans, Sears will replace them free!

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