Caught On Video – The Messy Twins Behind 5 Minutes For Mom

Okay, this is embarrassing…

In fact, it’s so embarrassing that we weren’t even going to publish it.

We laughed and laughed as we watched it over and over, but we thought it was a bit TOO real to share with the rest of the world.

But, as I read Janice’s post yesterday about how to get the most FUN out of blogging conferences, I thought maybe we’d let you all in on the laugh that Janice, Erica, Louise and I had with our camera girl in the middle of the final night of BlogHer’10 in New York.

In this video we reveal the crazy mess of our hotel room and the mad life we lead during our BlogHer video shoots.

Now, before I show you this… I assure you that we ARE capable of keeping a hotel room in decent shape and Janice has had many blogging conference roommates who have not kicked her out.

(I’m a little scared that when we show you this video that neither of us will ever get a blogging conference roommate again. But, really it’s only when the TWO of us get together at BlogHer that it is THIS bad.)

Okay… Here it goes…

Pretty bad, hey?

Well, BlogHer’10 in New York was especially crazy because we were shooting video at a bunch of different off-site party locations. We were taking cabs and running around the streets of NYC trying to make it to as many parties as we could.

The hotel room is overflowing with swag — most of which we ended up giving to the hotel housekeeper the next morning as we couldn’t take it all on the plane with us.

I think this year BlogHer’11 in San Diego will be very different. I’m guessing there won’t be so many off-site events and I know I won’t be using up precious time in a cab, stuck in traffic, trying to get to a party.

But don’t think for a moment I’m complaining… BlogHer’10 in New York was so much fun and a most unique blogging conference. It was an experience of a lifetime.

What About You?

So tell us… are you going to BlogHer in San Diego? Have you ever been to BlogHer? What about any other blogging conferences… have you been? Do you want to go?

Thanks to Our Sponsors

kmart designWe want to thank Kmart Design for sponsoring our video shoot during BlogHer’10 in New York.

Watch more of our BlogHer’10 video interviews here!

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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  1. says

    OK… now that kinda reminds me of what things *might* be like when my 3 sisters and I are together just having fun without kids or husbands around :)

    • says

      Isn’t it brutal! That trip was madness — we were running in and out of that room dashing to parties and meetings. So fun and SO messy!!! The worst ever I am sure!

  2. says

    You girls are a trip. LOVED watching this video.!!! Looks like you had a great time!!

    I soooo wish I could go to Blogher 11 but I didn’t jump on soon enough and doubt I could get sponsors.. bummer.
    Would love to learn and grow my blog..

    Oh well, I live vicariously through you 2 ! :-)

  3. says

    Hahahaha! I love it! Honestly, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel room that DOESN’T look like that during a conference!!! I saw Louise in there, too, HI LOUISE! LOL seriously, love the candid videos!

  4. says

    The room may be “slightly” messy but at least you are having fun. Last I checked enjoying yourself at a conference is what it is all about after all.

    Either of you have room in your suitcase to sneak me into BlogHer 11?

  5. says

    I’ve never been to a blogging conference and honestly, it’s my dream to be able to attend with you ladies. I don’t even mind if I get to go because it’s my job to keep your hotel room clean…lol. They always sound like such amazing events!

  6. says

    Why didn’t I think of taking pictures or video in our room at Type A?! That was totally fun to watch. And, hey, the room last weekend was not as bad….so you’re doing good! LOL

    PS – now I am REALLY wanting to go to BlogHer with you! Waaah!

  7. says

    Uh oh – that’s bad? I was hoping for much worse.
    **slinking off to contemplate my own bad hotel room**

    I’ll miss seeing you girls this year! I’m not brave enough to take a nursing baby all the way across the country with me…or worse, a breast pump. #Torture

  8. says

    Too funny. Yes, that is a mess. Tsk Tsk. Your poor roomie. lol I would love the opportunity to go to a blogging conference. I hope to when there is one close to me so I can save on hotel stay. Though it would be fun to trash a hotel room with swag like you ladies do with style.

    • says

      Oh no worries – we didn’t have any roomies!!! Just the two of us! Erica and Louise and our camera girl were in other rooms. :)

  9. says

    Ok, so you are MY kind of gals!!! I am gooffy and crazy (and messy, NOT on purpose of course) just like that!! Yep, we’d get along! 😉

  10. says

    I am going to BlogHer ’11 this year and it will be my 1st Blog Conference. I am super excited, but after seeing that video a little scared! LOL! I am sure that I am even messier, and now I am worried – How am I going to clean my hotel room before I leave?

  11. says

    I was at BlogHer in NYC but amidst the crowds I didn’t introduce myself to you or Janice. I and my roomies, Kailani (An Island Life) and Debra (A Frugal Friend) left much of our swag for the hotel housekeeper too! (I bet they love conferences)
    I just attended Type A and once again didn’t swim upstream through the crowds to meet Janice … eventhough I was on the same small plane as she was into ORD. I loved Type A! I liked the intimate setting with the smaller crowd. Also the sessions! I learned SO much.
    I’ll be at BlogHer in San Diego (just south of where I live) with my roomies Kailan & Debra AND…I will fight the crowd and introduce myself to you and Janice!! ;D

    • says

      GIRL!!!! You were on the same plane as us?!?!? Where were you sitting??? Why didn’t you say hi? Did you see us in the airport???

      For SURE say HI in San Diego girl!!!

      • says

        I sat three or four rows behind you! I was last to get my luggage off the cart and by the time I lugged the dang 40+ pound thing & my 20 pound backpack up the stairs to the terminal I was beat! haha
        And…after lugging it all back down stairs to catch the shuttle to terminal C and back up stairs again I thought I was going to die! While sitting at my gate trying to catch my breath! and waiting for my flight to LAX… I saw you waiting at the very next gate. I was just about to come over and say hi when you started boarding. :(
        Before my flight backed away from the gate I read your comments on FB that you were still AT the gate. That is when I commented back that I was on the next plane waving at you. Small world especialy for two people going to such different destinations! I will see you in San Diego & say hi!! ;D
        Oh…I was the gal carrying Papa Smurf since he wouldn’t fit in my overpacked bags! A birthday gift for my 34 yr old son.

  12. says

    “Okay, so I’m going to Seaworld’s residency camp from grades 10 to 12. and I was wondering if anyone has gone there before? As in how was it? We’re the campers there friendly? and how are the roommates? What if your roommate was really rude or something? That’s the most thing that concerns me.. thanks!. “

  13. says

    LOL! As a mom of 5 year old twin girls, I’ve often wondered when the “that’s MINE!” game will stop. Now I know…never!! hahaha. That was awesome to watch. Thx for sharing.

  14. says

    I am going to BlogHer for the first time EVER this year! I am so excited Janice! While I hope to see you again, I hear it is crazy busy at this conference and won’t be too hurt if we miss each other in all the craziness.

    I will have fat baby Lucy with me, so no partying for me. But I’m saving up my money cause next year? I’m totally doing ALL the parties and everything!

  15. says

    Heading to BlogHer this year, the first conference I’ll be attending. At least now I know I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing that extra dress, shoes, and whatever other grown-up clothes I can muster into my bag!

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