Super Smart Shop n’ Save

In this three part series, JB Owen-Sacallis, teaches us her tricks of the trade and applies it to back to school shopping. Join us today for Super Shopping, tomorrow for Smart Shopping and Thursday for Saving. In no time, you will be hitting the malls the Super Smart Shop n’ Save way.

Once again the stores are blaring the back to school anthem and you are stuck in the crossfire between what you want to buy, and what your kids want to wear.

Choosing those back to school items can tip the scale of any responsible shopping excursion into a stressful and un-enjoyable event. Even the calmest minds can be pushed over to the dark side of “just get anything and lets go”, or “that’s that all you need, no more”, leading to an unhappy result for both you and your kids.

I propose a new strategy for this year, something that you will appreciate and your kids will love. I call it Super Smart Shop ‘n Save. Years of shopping for celebrities have taught me a thing about malls and the dynamics behind making the purchase. Often the first to wait for the doors to open and still at the register as the doors are locked at closing time, I can honestly say that there are ways to make shopping easier on your brain and your pocket book.

Having a plan is the key to success in any business–and the business of shopping is no different. Take a moment to decide what items need to be added to your child’s closet for the upcoming season. Imagine dressing them from head to toe and list which items they need to buy new.

  • Start with undergarments then move on to main items,
  • then jackets, and footwear.
  • Then do the same for different weather conditions, sparking thoughts of rain clothes, gloves, thermal layers, rubber boots, or other outdoor garments.
  • Consider sporting activities, recreational days, or any other special events your children take part in.
  • Creating this mental check list will help you focus on what you have and what you need to buy.

    Once you have the items you need, move on to the styles they like. Take notice of what items they often wear. What shirt or favorite pair of jeans do they always have on? What colors are most of their clothes and of what fabrics? Do they like stretch, cotton, jersey or frills? Listing some of the characteristics of their favorite clothes and knowing what they are constantly wearing will help you keep them focused when the new, uber-trendy styles seem utterly enticing.

    Kids are often influenced to buy what is new on the shelves and yet once home it sits collecting dust in the closet.

    Before you actually go to the mall, compile your list and write it down. Having this list keeps you focused when the throng of shoppers and the overwhelming amount of clothes challenge your patience.

    Super Shopping means getting what you need all at one time.
    The idea is to purchase all of your items in one excursion in order to save time, energy and, most importantly, money. Armed with your list, you know what you need, the right styles and where to get them, so without any wasted time (or anything else), you can actually super shop everything you need.

    JB Owen-Sacallis is a mother of two. She has a Fashion Design degree and has worked for over 15 years in the fashion industry. She is a published author and writes for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. She also is the founder and owner of Agoo Apparel, a childrens wear company specializing in kids’ active wear.

    If you enjoyed this article, please visit Agoo blog for more of her tips and advice on fashion, kids and motherhood.


    1. says

      I love going to the mall for back to school shopping. Although I didn’t know it had a name – Super Shopping. I like being able to get everything in once place – but with a variety of different stores – which mean more sales and clearance racks.

      I thought it would be easier to split the boys and girls up. That way I didn’t have to try and go back and forth between the girls dept and the boys dept and my son wouldn’t get bored looking at girl stuff – and vise versa. So one weekend I took my son and got all his shopping done. The next weekend I took the girls and got all their shopping done. It is also a good way to spend time alone with the kids – which doesn’t happen very often.

    2. says

      I wish I would have read this before I did my back to school shopping! Although my daughter wears uniforms for schools there are still plenty of choices to be made on what types and colors. I ended up making three trips and missed out on a big sale. Next time I’ll be sure to follow your advice.

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