Life in the Fast Lane

Who else feels like they’re living life in the fast lane? There is simply too much to do, too much to keep track of, and too much….everything.

Today, an article on our sister site, 5 Minutes for Faith, caught my attention. Life in the Fast Lane is something we can all relate to. Like author Barbie of My Freshly Brewed Life, I need to evaluate the way I spend my time.

Life in the Fast Lane

I’ve never been one to enjoy the thrill of a fast moving car. I’ve had the occasion to find myself in one a time or two. Buckled up tightly, I hung on for dear life as I was tossed to and fro, whipping around turns as the outside world passed me by in a blur. I am older and wiser now and would never choose to be in a fast moving vehicle. But my life can feel like one at times, as I am whipped to and fro, backwards and forward, taking sharp turns and enduring sudden starts and stops. On those days, life passes me by and I wonder where the day went.

Although life may be fast paced, I don’t want to live in the fast lane, strapped in tight and hanging on for dear life. In reality, there are things I need to accomplish every day and people that require my time and attention. But God never intended for me to run around feeling frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer, Lolli.

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