Where Do You Get Your Stock Images?

by Lolli

As a photographer and a blogger, I place great value on using high quality images within a post. Good photos I use a lot of my own photos in my articles, but I often have a need for images that I simply haven’t taken myself. Before I knew better, I would do a quick internet search to find an image to use, but I’ve stopped my random image searches.

I am concerned about respecting copyright laws – I don’t want random people visiting my blog and copying my photos for their own use, so I am determined to show other website and photo owners the same courtesy by not snagging their photos.

Over the last several weeks, I have enjoyed testing out Fotolia, a microstock photography agency that sells affordable photos, videos, vectors and illustrations.

About Fotolia

Similar to the music or film industry, Fotolia believes that every artist’s (photographers and designers) image is a work of the soul and protected by intellectual property rights.

Fotolia is convinced that the principle reason for illegal pirated use of protected images is mainly due to the high price barrier created by other agencies.

Fotolia provides a compromise between photographers and buyers, by protecting a photographer’s intellectual property rights and offering high commissions, while legally lowering the price barrier so that everyone may enjoy/afford these beautiful images.

Fotolia Facts:

  • Free photos and vectors are offered daily to Facebook fans
  • All images offered on Fotolia are Royalty free, they can be used for all kinds of professional documents with no limit on time or copies
  • So far, there are 12,278,167 images, vectors and HD videos available at Fotolia
  • Fotolia Plug-In instantly adds high-resolution photos, videos and illustrations to your Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Word documents
  • Fotolia subscriptions allow you to download between 25 and 250 images a day during the period of your subscription.


Our experience with Fotolia:

Images were easy to find and download. With the subscription option, we could “stock up” on stock photos that we regularly need here at 5 Minutes for Mom.

This week, I was searching for summer break photos. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what type of photo I need before I see it. I love that Fotolia has a wide selection of high quality photos that I can scan through. I also love that it is equally as easy to narrow a search down to find a specific image that I need.

Please note: Fotolia provided us with a one month subscription to test out their services, but the opinions expressed here are our own.

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