Simply Beautiful

As I was checking in with our 5M4M sister sites this week, I stumbled across this post by Kimberly, author of A Planting of the Lord, on 5 Minutes for Faith.

Simply Beautiful

I held my breath as I waited for the sound.

The violent crunch of the lawnmower let me know another flowerbed had met with an abrupt end. I expected to feel sadness as the blades ripped through the patch of purple flowers in our backyard. Instead, an odd sense of relief washed over me. I did not have to worry about keeping them up any more.

When we first moved into our home, I was thrilled with the amazing landscaping. Flowerbed after flowerbed. Neatly trimmed bushes. Brick pavers and loads of fresh mulch. Even the swimming pool was surrounded by mulch and vibrant flowers. Having long admired homes with yards such as this one, I thought my landscaping dreams had come true.

But it was not long before the once appealing flowerbeds became pitiful weedy messes. Messes that left my husband and I feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. One by one, flowerbed by flowerbed, I admitted they needed to go. I realized a simple yet well-kept yard would be better than an overrun and neglected one. And my life as a busy young mom definitely demanded we have a simpler kind of beauty.

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