The Finalists in the Summer Fun Photo Contest 2008

Wow! The response was overwhelming for our Summer Fun Photo Contest sponsored by Skinny Cow.
While making our final selections last night, Janice had her husband go across the border to purchase some more Skinny Cow Ice Cream, including Skinny Dippers. She’s hooked I tell you!

There were over 400 submissions and some amazing photos. It’s always so hard to choose only 20 finalists. Please forgive us if we didn’t choose your shot – it was so hard to decide.

If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to announce it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc and get your friends to vote for you. That is fair game. But please play fair and do not use proxy servers or other black hat methods of increasing your votes. If we do discover unfair practices, we will have to disqualify the parties involved. Remember the spirit of our site and play nice!

Please note: Democracy Poll only allows one vote per computer. If other family members wish to vote, they will have to vote from different computers.

Voting will end Friday, August 29th, 3pm EST
. We will announce the winner the same day!
Be sure to vote, because the winner receives $500.00 courtesy of Skinny Cow!

Here are the photos:

1. Pogo Stick


2. Alissa


3. Embrace This


4. Worth It All


5. One Thing


6. New Green Mama


7. 3 Girls Mom


8. Buhtafly Wings


9. Mama Harder


10. Shelley Smith


11. De In Paradise


12. Pre-Med Mommy


13. Choosing My Own


14. Stacy Ness


15. Mary Elizabeth


16. The Only Thing I Know


17. Hannah


18. Short Stop


19. Om Mami


20. Email Entry From Jessica


***The contest is Now closed and the winner has been announced.***

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  1. says

    Ok, have voted, but boy, it was hard!! There are some very good photographers out there, I could easily have voted on a sliding scale, say five points for that one, four for that one, etc!!

  2. Lisa says

    Great photos. Even though the contest was open to all the US, I am more than a tad disappointed that so many of the photos were from professionals.

  3. says

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think it’s necessarily ‘fair’ to include professional photographs UNLESS Mom or Dad is the photographer.

  4. says

    One Thing’s picture is the best, by far!!!!!

    Gorgeous composition & the illusion that the little girl is flying so high in the sky is just lovely.

    This one definitely got my vote.

  5. says

    @M,@Amy and @Lisa – we are so sorry we disappointed you with our selections. Choosing the finalists is always so very hard.

    We tried to include a variety of photos and levels of expertise. I believe that the photographers’ shots were also photos of their own children. However, we didn’t have any rules about who could or could not enter.

    Again, we are so sorry that you were disappointed.

    We tried to do our best – but really it is impossible to choose.

    Each photograph is special and told a beautiful story. Choosing which should be in the finals is so incredibly painful and stressful. We hope you understand that we did our best and we wished we didn’t have to disappoint anyone!

  6. says

    WOW….the picture of my adorable/goofy daughter is finalist #9! Thank you for this opportunity and I am up against some AMAZING competition! I am GLAD I am not a judge because I would have a hard time making up my mind (if my SWEET daughter was not a finalist)! I am trying to figure out how to vote again today….isn’t that how this works, vote each day? I can’t figure this thing out! HELP!!!!! Also, I would love it if you visited my blog and you will see what my plans are with the $500 in winnings. Thanks again!

  7. Eren Mckay says

    All of these pictures are fantastic- but having to choose a favorite- i picked “One Thing” because it resonated with me. Just looking at the picture reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel freedom and joy. I love this picture.
    Good job to everyone for these amazing images.
    Eren Mckay

  8. says

    Congratulations to all of you! So many great pics! I chose Alissa – the two little ones with legs tied! I have two boys about that size that are just about that inseparable and I love it that they are! Summer Fun for us this summer has been Togetherness!

  9. says

    Oh my goodness, those are all so amazing! I don`t think they are necessarily taken by “pros” though . . . don`t we all become pros by taking millions of photos of our little ones? I have some absolutely amazing shots of my boys (didn`t know about the contest until today), that were just the result of taking 50 shots of one activity. 😀

  10. says

    I think you picked some gorgeous pictures and having to pick a few finalist had to be so hard. I thought it was a nice mix of parents shooting casual snapshots and some who just have fancier tools at their disposal. Each one represents a beautiful part of childhood. Thanks for putting the contest together.

  11. Mia's Mom says

    Mary Elizabeth, your picture captures a moment of pure summer joy! You should without a doubt win it all! Good luck!!!

  12. D says

    And vote for # 15 — Mary Elizabeth! Your vote could make all the difference in the world. Thanks, Salt Lake! asking for votea for #15 ck it out!

  13. Me says

    These are some great pictures – i only wish there would have been more amateur photos or at least more amateur looking photos as there are plenty of contests out there for professional photographers. Still fun pictures though.

  14. Skydazzler says

    Buhtafly Wings picture #8 has to be one of the cutest darn pictures I’ve ever seen. What could be better than playing in the pool on a hot summer day. The goggles are way cute. Very special shot! Go vote for this one!!

  15. I heart NY says

    It may be a cute pic, but others are MUCH cuter and more polished looking. Just my opinion. And how did she go from not even being a contender to leading in like a day? Pretty shady…

  16. Bojo says

    Jeez… I’m thinking if you don’t have anything NICE to say- just don’t say it at all. I’ve been watching this contest from the beginning and I’m pretty sure Buhtafly has been a “Contender”!
    (Can’t get much cuter than that!) Plus All the pictures are “contenders” thats why they are in there!
    Good Luck to All!

  17. anonymous says

    I have been watching the comments on this photo contest, since the finalists were posted. I must say, it’s pretty sad to see a bunch of adults acting like children.
    Mean things have been said, accusations have been made.
    This is an awesome thing that the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom have been able to do, and it’s so sad to see so many respond in such a negative way.
    Everyone has played by the rules.
    The rules had mentioned that the finalists could promote their picture to help to receive votes, that means posting about it on other sites, if need be.
    Can’t we all just be nice?!?!?

    And just so you know, I am not a finalist.

    And thank you 5 Minutes for Mom for putting up with all of the crud that was said. You ladies are awesome.

  18. WM says

    I am disheartened by the comments that were made on this site. Each child is beautiful.

    I voted for Buhtafly Wings photo b/c to me it represented what summer is all about. The colors are eye catching and vivid. The photo is real and true to life. It tells a complete story, just as a photo should. It reminds me of when I was a kid. The simple times. The good times.

    I’ve never met the person who took this photo. But I am sad that she is under attack b/c her photo has taken the lead. It’s a great picture.

    Play nice. Play fair. This is a great thing that 5 mins for mom has provided.

  19. says

    I agree that some of the comments are out of line… Although I like to call myself a pro, I am 100% self taught, by reading on photo forums, checking out books, and following tutorials, so that doesn’t make me a pro in a lot of people’s eyes.
    For a VERY long time all I used was a canon rebel xt, which can hardly be called a pro camera. It’s more soccer mom quality, but is capable of a lot when using it’s manual settings.
    Congrats to all the entries! Mine is the one of my kids sliding….. I forwarded it all over the place, but have topped out on my votes, I can’t seem to get any more!

  20. Mom says

    Wow, it is amazing how catty women can be.

    First off, just because a signature is on the picture does NOT mean it is a “professional” shot. It comes down too mothers taking shots of their children doing wonderful summertime activities. To be honest, I bet, to get that perfect shot it took more than 1 time down the slide and playing with bubbles, or that puckered lip of enjoyment over ice cream. Honestly, they all look professional.

    Second off, because someone else didn’t have a lot of votes when first finding they are a finalist and then bam have multiple, all 20 contenders are mothers. Mothers=busy, which again equals maybe not being able to get the word out to friends and family until a few days later. I can’t believe someone would call that shady.

    It is about networking and getting it out to others that your picture is in a contest. Be it via online friends/playgroups, emailing all your co-workers, emailing family to email all their co-workers, it all comes down to networking. Again, who knew networking made things shady.

    Also, this is about 5 minutes for mom being generous enough to allow mothers submitting pictures of their children to be voted by the public.

  21. Mister Lister says

    Ok ladies, it’s getting to the point where the chastising comments are every bit as ridiculous as the ones they are chastising.

    Let it go!

  22. I heart NY says

    Okay, I would like to officially retract my comment. I am NOT a finalist, but I got caught up in the competition and rooting on my friend’s photo and I almost instantly regretted what I said. All of the photos are wonderful in their own way and while I do have a favorite I regret that I didn’t just keep my thoughts to myself. Can we all just move on now? Thanks and sorry again.

  23. jenniferbf says

    Number 8 is a beautiful picture and my pick because it does make me think of summer, it is reminiscent of my childhood spent playing with my little brothers. Those kids are adorable and Buhtafly Wings is very talented.

    I am so saddened that competition evokes the ugliest in some people but glad to know that one was mature enough to apologize.

  24. Lola says

    Weird how #15 keeps going up at the same time as #8, so she stays just a little bit ahead in the vote. It almost seems as though she is using a router to change ip addresses and voting multiple times from the same computer when she watches #8 get more votes.

  25. Anjee says

    How embarrassing that an adult would act the way the “shady” name caller did. I voted for Butafly Wings because it is a “real” picture taken by a “real” mom representing “real” children in the summer time! Priceless. All the pics are great, but we can only vote for one! I hope that people making comments like that one doesn’t ruin fun games/contests like these! They are a great idea and shows how many talented busy moms are out there with beautiful children. Way to go all the mommies!!!! I wish I was as talented as you all. Of course I have the best looking kid….but don’t we all :)

  26. I heart NY says

    Well I already apologized and since I can’t give you people my blood that’s the best I can do. My comment wasn’t any ruder than all of the jabs at the professional photographers and what Lola most recently said. So go ahead and keep standing on your soap boxes. My conscience is clear.

  27. Woolley01 says

    Go,Go,Go NO#8 ALL the pictures are wonderful but as already stated this 1 really captures the meaning of summer fun! Buhtafly wings you have got my vote!!!!!

  28. Lil Auntie says

    I think it’s REALLLY clear that there was major cheating going on, maybe using blackhat methods by learning to do so on youtube, since they tell you how?? I know there were two that were clearly in the lead, and then all of a sudden, in NO time, the winner got 400 votes. LITERALLY.

    Hope there’s some way to disqualify her. And I do think it’s shady to give away stuff from around your house to solicit votes, too. reposting was fair game, but buying your votes? No, that’s not.

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