Blogs can change lives… wanna help us change one?

by Janice

If you’ve spent some time in the blogosphere, you’ve likely learned that blogs can change lives. Well, this week we had the chance to change one and now we want you to help us change another!

The other night I was emailing back and forth with Tammy, our managing editor for 5 Minutes for Special Needs and I found out that she does not have a laptop.

Now that doesn’t sound like too remarkable of a discovery (you might be thinking, “Neither do I!”)… But when you know Tammy’s story, you’ll understand why she truly needs a laptop.

Parker in his crib

Tammy’s son Parker has a myriad of life-threatening, critical health concerns which have devastated their family of eight financially and which make Tammy home bound with Parker. Parker can rarely leave the house – and Tammy can rarely, if ever, leave Parker’s side.

At night, Tammy can’t even leave Parker’s room… I realized that when during our email conversation she mentioned:

“I can’t get to it tonight. It is time for Parker to be hooked up to his vent. Once he is hooked up to that I can’t leave his room in case he goes into respiratory distress. The vent is what feeds him air at night.”


I was shocked and asked her where her computer was and didn’t she have a laptop? She responded the next day:

Parker“My desktop is in my living room right now because we had to switch out my office in order to make Parker’s safe room. It was a good trade though. Parker’s worth the sacrifice. :)

If I had a laptop I’m pretty sure I could rule the world. ;)

I could blog from the hospital………where, you know, we tend to spend a great majority of our time. And I wouldn’t have to fight my older kids for computer time. They use the desktop for homework, etc. Especially my kid in college year round.

And I could blog where Parker was instead of having to write stuff out long hand and then type it up in free bits of time on the computer as the day goes on. I lose more great ideas for posts because I am always misplacing my scraps of papers that I have written on! sheesh!

Oh. Well. If wishes…… Maybe one day.”

The thing is – money is beyond tight for this family. A laptop is completely unattainable. Their family has had the most horrific insurance stories with little Parker’s health costs. And the medical costs just continue for Parker. For a mom like Tammy, purchasing a laptop for herself would NEVER happen.

SO, of course HP came to my mind.

Since HP is such a fantastic company (that makes the BEST laptops – I am sitting here typing away on one myself and I LOVE it!) and they know how to make mom bloggers sit up and take notice of them, I thought maybe we could talk to HP about donating a laptop to Tammy.

And you guessed it.

HP responded with not only a laptop for Tammy, but a laptop and a printer for her… AND a second laptop and printer for us to give to another family in need!!!

HP laptopWe know this laptop will literally change Tammy’s life. Everyday Tammy inspires and helps other moms through her powerful blog Praying For Parker and with managing and writing for 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

Now, she will be able to blog beside Parker’s bed at night, in his ‘safe room’ during the day, and even while she waits with him at the hospital for yet another treatment.

Thank you HP!!!

But it gets even better! This is where we need your help.

We need to find another family who truly needs a new laptop and printer.

As we are now facing “Back to School” shopping, the timing couldn’t be better. For some families, “Back to School” means school supplies that they cannot afford.

But for some families, this fall term will mean sending a student away to college. The costs of college are huge, and clearly at college a computer and printer are required equipment.

Thankfully, the price of computer hardware keeps dropping. (Not much else these days gets cheaper… certainly not food nor gas… but computers are getting more powerful and less expensive.)

HP is helping students get ready for school with top of the line laptops for under $800 and printers for under $100.

(I remember when I purchased my first DELL 486 for University and it cost me about $5000! LOL)

But even as low as those prices are, some families cannot afford several hundred dollars to invest in a computer. And personally I believe all high school and college students need regular access to a computer and to the Internet.

Equality in education is one of the basic rights our children deserve, but we all know these days it’s a fairy tale. Computer skills take computers, and if students get only a few hours a week using a computer in a broken down computer lab they’re not likely to become software developers, or graphic artists, or electrical engineers or heck even very proficient MS Office users.

Financial inequality is tough and there are no easy answers.

HP PrinterBut today we get to help one family over one huge hurdle.

We want you to nominate one student or family who you believe truly needs a new laptop and printer.

Try to think of a family who has extraordinary circumstances and whose lives could be changed by a laptop and printer. You may also nominate yourself as well.

You can submit your nomination on your own blog and sign the Mr. Linky below, or if you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment.

Please keep private details (including names and financial information) out of your story. If you feel you need to email us additional information privately, you can reach us at 5minutesformom at gmail dot com. Please put NOMINATION in the subject.

We will select a few nominations and then let help us with the final decision.

Before we announce the winner, we will require that we talk on the phone with that family and confirm the situation. Please be HONEST.

Prize Details

Here’s the details on what HP is providing to our winner.

HP Pavilion dv5t Entertainment Notebook PC

  • Get extra protection from data loss with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection.
  • Play Blu-ray movies using the optional built-in Blu-ray drive.
  • Features a clean 15” diagonal HP BrightView Infinity display.
  • Create personalized, silkscreen-quality DVD and CD labels with optional LightScribe
  • Chat face-to-face or capture video clips using the HP Webcam and integrated microphone.
  • Simplify your password management with the integrated fingerprint reader.
  • Available from $799.99

HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One

  • Print, copy and scan all from an affordable printer great for students
  • Save paper and ink using the HP automatic paper-type sensor that detects the paper being used and then selects optimal print or copy settings.
  • Print lab-quality photos in a few easy steps without a PC – simply insert a memory card and navigate the 1.5-inch color display.
  • Achieve fast and efficient printing and copying with speeds up to 30 pages per minute (ppm) black and up to 23 ppm color, plus photos in as fast as 25 seconds.
  • Print what you see – HP Smart Web Printing automatically adjusts web pages to prevent cutoff edges and optimize web printing by allowing users to easily combine portions of numerous web pages onto one page.
  • Available at $99.99

Add your nomination post link here:

If you do not have a family to nominate, please read some of the other nominations and then leave a comment and let us know who you think we should choose. You can also help by spreading the word on your blog, if you’d like. The more the word spreads, the better the chances are that we will find the best family or student for this wonderful gift.

We will accept nominations through August 27th and then post the winner on Friday, August 29th.

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