The Premiere of Cars 2 – It’s Almost Here

CARS2Rev2Christie here…

Show of hands: who has been waiting for years for Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 to come out?!

(Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!)

It was my son’s first animated film and I loved it so much because of its friendly message of friendship and doing the right thing, I really think it was the perfect first animated film for him to see.

Years later, it is still one of our favorites and we’ve been waiting with bated collected breath as a family for the sequel to come out.

And guess what?! It’s almost here!

Fortunately for me, Janice and Susan couldn’t make the trip out to LA for the premiere and they asked me to cover it for them. So I’ll be heading out there to catch the premiere next week and interview Lightning McQueen himself (Owen Wilson), Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and the rest of the gang — and there are a lot of new faces.

What Do You Want To Ask Lightning McQueen?

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some new video and facts about these movies, but for now, I ask you, the readers of 5 Minutes for Mom, do you have any burning questions for Lightning McQueen, Owen Wilson, or the film’s director John Lasseter?  

I’ll ask them one of your questions, link to you, and post it in the recap after the trip.

While I’m there, I will also visit the Disney Animation Studio and view the new animated film, Winnie the Pooh, which is set to hit theaters soon too.

The Help

I’m thrilled I’ll be seeing a screening of the Dreamworks film, “The Help“, based on the New York Times Bestseller. I am reading the book right now and I love it.

TheHelp: Courtesy Dreamworks Studios

Follow Along With Me

Join me on my trip through twitter (@christieo) and on the hashtag #disneydreamworksevent starting June 15th. I’ll be tweeting and shooting video from the red carpet and some of the other events.

So, Tell Me…

Tell me your questions for Lightning McQueen, Owen Wilson, or the film’s director John Lasseter… leave a comment below.

And I’d love to know…

  • Are you a fan of Cars? How many times have your kids seen it? (And how many have you?)
  • What was your child’s first animated film?
  • Will you be taking your kids to see Winnie The Pooh?
  • Are you planning to see “The Help”? Have you read the book?


  1. says

    Ask Owen if he could make a Day Out with Lightning happen (like Day Out with Thomas) so kids could ride on Lightning.

    I love fans. We’ve watched Cars almost every week for at least 1-1.5 years. And sometimes more than that.
    Cars 2 will be my kids’ first movie theater animated film.
    We’ll have to see about Winnie the Pooh. I haven’t heard anything about it.
    I will be seeing The Help and the book is awesome!

  2. says

    Go Cars go! It is a great kids movie, I love how Disney and Pixar have these wonderful messages for kids to stick together and be friends. Secondly, I so would love to see the screening of Help, so lucky you! Hope you have a great time. Recently the movies that have come out based on the books have been great.

  3. says

    Cars is one of our family’s favorite animated films. My youngest son was a baby when we saw Cars in theaters, and he is still a huge fan. I would love to ask Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy what it was like to be the voice for a car. Did it feel awkward at first? Were they surprised by how each car developed it’s own unique personality?

  4. says

    My daughter LOVES Cars!!! It is her current favorite so I am so excited to let her see Cars 2 on the big screen. We watch it at least twice a week. So we’ve seen it too many times to count. I don’t really mind much though because it’s the kind of movie I don’t mind seeing again and again. We will be going to see Winnie the Pooh! It is an old favorite. My daughter’s favorite is Tigger and bounces around just like him. Cars 2 will be my daughter’s first big screen film but we’ve been watching movies all her life. I’m a huge Disney fan so I would watch them in the afternoon before she even realized they were on.


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