Have You Heard What Tina Fey and Rob Lowe Are Saying?

I love listening to people’s stories. I’m fascinated with lives that are different than mine.

I could listen for hours and hours to interesting, intelligent and funny people tell me their stories. And in the last few days, I actually have.

You see… recently a friend sent Janice and me the following Facebook message…

Yeah, it was a really hard sell, hey? LOL.

But it was a well timed message as I’ve always meant to try listening to audio books. I love reading but I just can’t seem to sneak enough book-time into my crazy busy work-at-home mom life. And so I’m always looking for ways to multitask and make more out of my time.

My friend who sent this Facebook message said that he listens to audio books from Audible.com on his iPhone while he’s exercising, doing chores and driving.

So I clicked through to audible, signed up for $7.49 and downloaded Tina Fey’s book Bossypants for free.


I loved Tina’s book.

But what I REALLY couldn’t get over was my excitement for my new found boost in multitasking. I listened while I walked, drove, did dishes, sorted laundry, formatted posts, edited photos, tweeted, confirmed Facebook requests… everything.

I discovered I have hours of time where I’m physically busy but my brain has cycles to spare and is begging to be kept busier.

That might be revealing my slightly ADD tendencies and my pathological hatred of boredom, but I’m sure I’m not alone. I bet you’ve got lots of mundane tasks chewing up your day where you could handle some extra intellectual stimulation.

So I fell in love with Audible through my gal Tina telling me all about life on the set of 30 Rock and kicking ass on SNL.

Tina Fey Bossypants

I loved that I could relate to Tina as a working mom struggling with the impossible balancing act and feeling uncomfortable with the term “Nanny”.

But once she’d told me all she had to say and the fabulous 5 hours and 35 minutes of Bossypants were done, I had to move on.

And I knew whose arms I was running to…

Yes, those arms.

Just like every other teenage girl in the 80’s, I fell in love with Rob Lowe as a bad-boy in St. Elmo’s Fire and then watched him struggle with career ups and downs.

As an adult, I sighed with relief as he found the perfect role in the West Wing and we remembered he wasn’t just hot, he was talented.

But now it was time to really get to know him.

I clicked Download on Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

Rob Lowe - Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Rob spent more time with me than Tina had. So far I’ve enjoyed 8 hours listening to him tell me everything from the day he realized his dad wasn’t coming home to the ego-busting moment when he realized his Sodapop Curtis storyline had been almost completely hacked out of the Outsiders.

Okay, fine… neither Tina nor Rob know they’ve been hanging out with ME while I install software on my mom’s new computer or while I sort my 6 year old’s socks. But, I think they realize how powerful their stories are… especially when they read those stories themselves out loud. It’s an intimate thing… to read your own story to another person. To make your listener laugh out loud or choke back a tear.

Tina Fey is a hilarious comedian and as I listened to her voice through ear buds on an iPhone, I felt like she was there entertaining just me. Rob Lowe is a talented actor whose had a complicated ride through stardom and I felt like I was with him as he auditioned before Francis Ford Coppola.

It’s been a wonderful few days. But just as my time with Tina Fey had to end, in just over an hour, I’ll be saying good-bye to Rob Lowe.

And the question now is… who’s next?

Who do YOU think I should listen to next?

  • Do YOU have an Audible.com account yet?
  • What audio books have you listened to?
  • Have you read Tina Fey’s or Rob Lowe’s books?
  • Which do you think you’d prefer, reading or listening to them?


Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and 5 Minutes For Mom Co-Founder
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  1. says

    I got into listening to audio books last year when our dishwasher was broken. I found that I actually looked forward to talking long walks and doing dishes and laundry because I couldn’t wait to get back to listening! :)

  2. says

    I have been a long-time fan of audio books and I love when other people discover the joys! I started while commuting to work, and then branched out when I got my Blackberry 2 years ago. I listen while walking the dog, folding laundry, cleaning the house…. Love it!

    I’ve been listening to the Anne of Green Gables series and a few years ago I did Narnia on audio. Oh if you haven’t read any David Sedaris, he is hysterical and even funnier on audio.

    Audio books have come a long way in the 6 years I’ve been listening to them, there’s so much more available now. Welcome to the club!

  3. Jennifer says

    I do use audible. I recommend Michael J fox’s books which he also reads himself. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta date with Rob Lowe!

    • says

      Ohhhh… great suggestion Jennifer. I think I’ll listen to that one next. Thank you!

      (And enjoy your time with Mr. Lowe.)

  4. says

    I adore audible. I listen to it while cleaning or while sewing. Just love it. Its something my Grandmother taught me. She would go to the library and get books on tape to listen to while she quilted. I love when they do voices for fiction like with The Help. The Dressmaker of Khar Khana was amazing as well.

  5. says

    Jennifer’s suggestion for Michael J.Fox is great – I’ve read one and listened to another. I also LOVE Paul Resier’s books on audio because he too reads them. And believe it or not, Tori Spelling is hilarious – her audiobooks are a riot!

  6. says

    This is so interesting. My husband has been listening to books from Audible.com on his iPhone, too. He’s currently listening to Pillars of the Earth which I find annoys the heck outta me during the hour-long, and I mean LONG, drive to my parents’. But the books you mentioned sound really interesting. I think I might have to try out Audible for myself. Will let you know if I come across any noteworthy audio books.

    • says

      I think one of the reasons the audio versions of Tina Fey’s and Rob Lowe’s books are so amazing is because they are actors reading them out loud… hence they’re pretty darn good at reading out loud. LOL

      It makes their stories so much better when you hear their actual voices telling the stories.

  7. says

    I would have to recommend “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders. I don’t know if it is an audio book yet but it has been a great read so far. I love his insight on building our confidence, it has really help me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dream.

  8. says

    My fiance and I recently started getting into audiobooks as well. The first book we listened to together was ‘The Road’. I initially thought it was going to be hard to just sit and listen to a book being read to me, but it was actually pretty amazing! So far, I’ve never actually multi-tasked while listening to an audiobook, but I Iike the idea and am gonna give it a go next time I’m in the crafty craft room whipping something up, or doing some chores around here. I had no idea that Tina and Rob had recorded their own audiobooks, that is awesome! Rob is definitely a talented guy…I was sad to see him die on ‘Brothers & Sisters’. I think if I were to listen to an audiobook about someones life, I’d probably reach for ‘One Last Dance Patrick Swayze’.

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