Win a Kodak Printer for Back to School

With back to school approaching, there will be plenty of papers for parents and students to print out. From schedules and homework assignments, to photos and scrapbook pages, the home printer will be in high demand.
That’s why it is important to have a multi-functional and reliable printer that is easy for kids and adults to use. The Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer definitely fits the bill.

Not only does it print high quality documents and Kodak lab-quality borderless photos, in less than 30 seconds, but you can also use the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer to scan and copy.

When organizing your child’s enrollment forms, it will be nice to know that one-touch copying without the need of a PC is at your fingertips. The Kodak ESP printer also makes color copies as well for your child’s dioramas and presentations. Your student can also invite his classmates over to help with their projects since they can use the large 3″ color LCD screen with memory card and USB slots for viewing, cropping and printing without a computer.

For those first day of school photos, the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer also comes with image enhancement features. The Kodak Perfect Touch Technology analyzes the color and tone in an image to create fewer dark shadows, more vibrant colors and richer details with red eye reduction and color restoration.

The Facial Retouch Feature is an easy way to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and to also enhance facial features.
These features are great for someone who may not have a photo editing program on their computer.

The high definition CIS Scanner is capable of scanning several images at once and can even save them as separate files. That is a great time saving feature for busy moms on the go.

The entire line of Kodak All-in-One Printers is very affordable. The Kodak ESP 5 retails for $169.00 and the EasyShare line ranges from $109.99 to $199.99. The black ink refills are $9.99 and the five-ink color cartridges are just $14.99. That is definitely a great value and leaves you with extra money for an awesome back to school wardrobe.

If you would like to win a brand new Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer for back to school, all of the instructions about entering the Back to School Giveaway are included in the Back to School Giveaway post (including the code to put our Back to School Giveaway button on your site.

Here is a quick run-through:

1. Add a comment on the giveaway you want to enter. PLEASE note: You need to enter each giveaway individually so we know who wants to be entered in what giveaway. So make sure you click over to each giveaway and leave your comment there.

2. Either link back to the Back to School Giveaway post and include a “Back-to-School Giveaway” button in that post or on your sidebar or link to the individual giveaways you choose to enter.

3. As always, non bloggers are welcome to participate! We understand you can’t link – but please spread the word to your friends.

(This giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.)

Good Luck!


  1. says

    This would be an awesome win for me! I have lots of pictures that I would like to print! And I love the fact that the ink is so cheap! :o)

  2. Judy J. says

    A multi-purpose printer with Kodak quality; this would make an awesome gift for my daughter who is moving out on her own. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  3. says

    I’ve been drooling over these new all-in-one printers. Right now our printing situation is just ~sad~ – we have to print from our old computer (so the thumb drive is getting a lot of use!) and have no printing or scanning capability at all (so Kinko’s is getting a lot of money!). I have my fingers crossed… and your button in my sidebar.

  4. Jennifer Vu says

    Oh, I’d love to have one of these. With Hubby in the Army and stationed in another state, I have to print out A LOT of pictures of our two babies for him. And printing pictures on our regular printer is eating up all of the ink – quick!

  5. says

    I would love to win a new printer! I was just contemplaiting if I should get a new one or replace the empty ink cartridge in the other one!

  6. says

    Who couldn’t use an awesome new printer like this?!? My oldest is going into junior high (and mom isn’t ready for that yet) and he’ll have so many reports and projects that this would be useful for! Great giveaway!

  7. Donna S. says

    My son could really use a printer, thank you for the awesome giveaway!
    dcadmar at gmail dot com

  8. Cheryl Larimer says

    I would love this printer so I could create a photo notebook for my purse of grandkids and events.

  9. Sandy F. says

    my printer won’t even turn on anymore! this Kodak printer would be perfect…thanks :O)

  10. Cathy R says

    It looks like a wonderful printer. I would love to be able to use it to print all of the photos I’ve taken with my new digital camera!

  11. Carol says

    I’d love to win, especially with all the school projects my kids will have in the coming school year!

  12. Dara Nix says

    We would LOVE to own one of these!! No more having pictures printed at the drugstore — no more having to run out to make copies of stuff — and being able to scan and e-mail documents instead of mailing them via snail mail! WHOO HOO!!

    Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!!

  13. Sandra Brodeur says

    My 3 in 1 printer just died. RIP HP printer! It was no where as fancy as this printer. I sure would love to win it!

  14. says

    I could really use this. I’m about to be on my own again, and I will definitely need a printer. I’ve bogged about your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. AmandaK says

    We bought a printer 2 years ago, and within 2 months, it went out!! This would be handy to have around- especially when i’m going to be an aunt!

  16. Karil Whetstone says

    Sounds neat, I just had my first grandson in july, I’ve been taking tons of photo’s but haven’t printed them off because my printer broke this would be awesome.

  17. Kelly N. says

    Wow! I love this printer! And boy do I need one!

    I’ve been coming to your website for a couple months now and just love it! Packed with all the information one could need!!!

    I don’t have a blog but I just sent your website address to everyone in my address book. :)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!



  18. Tonya Keener says

    I am looking for work and really need to print out my resume’ to carry everywhere. I need this something awful

  19. Virginia Murr says

    My kids have been trying to talk me into buying a photo printer, but my less-than-stellar tech ability has been keeping me at bay. This would give me the opportunity to be STUCK learning how to use one! :)

  20. karissa says

    it would be great to take an extra step out and finally just start printing my pictures at home again!

  21. Dana says

    I would love to win this Kodak All-In-One! It would clean up lots of clutter from outdated pieces of equipment. I would sure appreciate all the features this printer offers.

    Don’t have a blog but I’ll pass on your link to friends!

  22. Darlene McGarvey says

    This would be great for my daughters school work, she has so many projects that include printing from the computer. I really need a new one of these

  23. Nora Scott-Platt says

    This would help tremendously with school scvience fair projects and personal use for holiday pictures and sporting events.

  24. Elizabeth Ray says

    This would be great! I could print out the pictures i took on vacation! (My old printer has major problems, the worst of which is printing a line down the middle of everything, so I really need this!)

  25. Aimee says

    I’ve been looking at getting this exact thing! So great to hear you talk about it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Aura says

    If I win maybe I could finally edit and print pictures of my twins who are now 6 months old and start scrapbooking again!

  27. Christine says

    What a wonderful contest! I don’t have a blog but I’ll tell some friends about yours. Thank you for the chance to win this – really could use a good photo printer.

  28. Rosa Bartolucci says

    Maybe then I don’t have to share our regular printer with my husband,and continually switch the wire

  29. Margaret Smith says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win this beautiful printer. We just got a digital camera and this would be great.
    Thanks so much.

  30. Rebecca Gerrish says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win this beautiful printer. We just got a Kodak Easy Share digital camera and this would be great.
    Thanks so much.

  31. Pamela Kline says

    What a wonderful printer I so need it to print my grandchildrens pictures please count me in.

  32. Kathy G says

    I would love to win this printer. It would be nice to be able to print a picture when you want it.


  33. Aisling says

    Kodak printers are always good value and the features on this one sound great. First Day of School is one of my favorite times to take and print photos. Such marvelous memories!

  34. Marilyn Heavener says

    WOW is all I can say. This would be so great for the kids to use! We would really love to have this in our home. Thanks!

  35. says

    I have been wanting a printer for my craft room but I could not justify buying one just for me. Now winning one is a whole different story! 😉

  36. Kathy D says

    I would love this for my new nanny job. Four kids so many pictures so little time….

  37. says

    Oh, I would love this – we will have sooooo many beautiful pictures from our upcoming trip to CHINA to bring our baby girl home!!! This would be a super baby gift from 5 Minutes for Moms :) tee hee!

  38. Laura H says

    What an awesome giveaway. This would make life a lot easier!!


  39. says

    My current printer is going to bite the bullet any day now. I literally have to hand feed EACH page into it for it to print. Since we are using all of our money to pay off debts we can’t justify spending $$$ on a new printer at the moment. This would be such a blessing.

  40. Sandra Marra says

    Our printer is dying, slowly gasping out its last breaths in splats of red ink across each printed page. Alas, we mourn our beloved friend for it has served us well these past 7 years and we have no money to replace it. All that being said, we could desperately use this wonderful prize as the new school year comes screeching around the corner! Please!

  41. Robin S. says

    This all-in-one looks awesome (black is my favorite color) and the cartridge cost would save alot of $$. I had to get a different printer when I upgraded to Vista and it doesn’t work like it should. I really need a reliable printer for my kids’ school projects.

  42. denice p says

    this is nicer than the printer that i have at home. this one makes mine look like a tire elephant. Kodak is spiffy when i comes to make quick good quality photos. thanks for the chance to win1

  43. says

    This would certainly come in handy – our current scanner only works with our OLD computer and my printer doesn’t do very good with photos (or anything for that matter).

    I’ve got the button up on my blog!

  44. Mindie W says

    I would love to have a photo printer. I take soooo many pictures of my 2 kids it would really come in handy!

  45. Kim says

    I could really use a new printer now that Alvin the Hamster chewed through the cord on my old one!

  46. Ellen Ring says

    Our printer is an old one and does poorly with photos. It would be great to win this.

  47. Annette says

    What a great printer to have! It would be nice to win and actually enjoy prints of the digital pictures that at the moment stuck in my hard drive. =D

  48. Jenn S. says

    We have been thinking about buying a photo printer. This looks great! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  49. Jill L says

    This looks like a great printer. I’m so bad at actually taking my pictures to get printed that the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer would be great in my life.

  50. sandy says

    wow the ink is cheap- I so want this- I print so much and am tired of pumping the bucks into ink

  51. says

    I am all about this! We don’t even have a regular printer, my husband has to print stuff we need at work. Seriously….we neeeeed it! :)

  52. Theresa Jenkins says

    I was scrapbooking when scrapbooking wasn’t cool and have passed it on to all the kids .who use all of MOMS stuff.This giveaway would be great to up date .thanks

  53. says

    Oh, this would be fun to find in my mailbox if I won. Wait, it wouldn’t fit in my mailbox. O, that would be even more fun if I had to make a trip to the post office to pick up a large package! I think it would look fabtabulous on my desk at home. Wait, that’s not a desk….that’s an old end table from my college years. Well, a new printer would definitely add some spice to it.

  54. Pam says

    My family so needs, and wants, a Kodak printer. We have looked at one but haven’t been able to bring ourselves to spend the money on one. I think the best feature of the Kodak printers is the fact that the cartridges are so inexpensive. Thanks so much.

  55. Barbara says

    A nice printer like this one would help me to
    finally put our 1000’s of digital pics on paper!Thanks for offering.

  56. Patricia Bergman says

    I’ve never used a Kodak printer, but would welcome the opportunity to have one.

  57. Virginia Briguglio says

    First off, thank you for the most generous contest. I would be thrilled beyond words should I be lucky enough to win this. My children are getting older and I have so many ideas that this would be perfect for!

  58. Rachel Fawcett says

    Man I could use one of those all in one printers to make my life a little easier!

  59. says

    I think my comment got eaten by a spam filter (maybe because I gave the link to my post about your giveaway event?)

    Okay, I’ll try again…please just delete the previous one if you come upon it in your spam filter.

    I just bought a Kodak Easy Share camera several months ago and spent $40 at a kiosk printing out all of my photos. I’ve been dying for one of these printers so that I don’t have to go through that again (and I have a ton of new pictures that need printing).

    I did link up to your giveaway event. Thanks so much! :)

  60. says

    I need a printer so bad. I’ve been looking around for one but just can’t seem to ever afford one. This one sound perfect! It’s so nice you give us all a chance to win one. Just too cool. THANK YOU!!

  61. says

    I know my printer is virtually obsolete since I can’t get the right refill cartridges any more. Would love to have this one to replace it!

  62. Cathie says

    I REALLY need this, I bought a printer on E-bay and all the parts didn’t come with it. The seller kept saying they’d send me the missing parts and 3 months later I still don’t have them and I have no money to replace them *sighs*…..pick me please!

  63. Michelle says

    You mean I don’t have to deal with Walgreen’s anymore & I can print my own pictures? And WOW, those cartridges are so affordable, I wouldn’t have to take out a loan to replace them when they run out.

  64. Liz Thomson says

    This looks like a terrific all in one! My son could sure use one for his high school techy work!

  65. Lisa Galloway says

    my printer doesn’t do good with photos so this would be a terrific win. I would love this printer!!

  66. randi oaklief says

    It would be totally cool to win this, our old printer died a few weeks ago! Thanks you guys for a great giveaway!!

  67. Debbie says

    With four kids printing constantly for school, we need this! Thanks.

  68. Amanda Agema says

    I just started digital scrapbooking. My first project was our adoption profile and I am happy with how it turned out, but I realized I really need a new printer to get better quality pictures. Hopefully, I will win the printer so I will be ready to print out all those pictures when our new baby arrives.

  69. Wanda says

    This is an awesome prize! I would love to win. You always give away great things, thanks!

  70. Tania Edwards says

    I love that the refills are so affordable. Many times it’s cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to refill one!

  71. says

    This would be awesome… I still have the clickies… (with new babies take pictures of EVERYTHING) and it’s costing me a fortune in printing… lol.. this would at give one of them a chance at us affording college… lol

  72. Rodney Koodray, Jr. says

    This would be great with school starting back up and our printer in need of replacement.

  73. carol bondell says

    would love to win this for my scrapbooking of my pictures…thanks for the great giveaway

  74. Tracey says

    I could really use this printer! I still don’t have a scanner, and being able to print pictures of my daughter instantly would be awesome!

  75. Karen Rennirt says

    My daughters have Kodak digital cameras and this would be great to print off the pictures.

  76. Jami says

    I would LOVE to win this! My printer has pooped out and I have grandparents clamoring for photos of my 1 year old and 2 year old!

  77. says

    Since my Lexmark printer is on the fritz this would be a wonderful addition and would help with my classroom stuff as well.

  78. Jean S says

    We are looking a new printer and this is the one we have been looking at from the word go. So this would be just the ticket to win.

  79. says

    I have a digital camera, but no printer! My youngest is almost two and I haven’t even started his 1 year scrapbook/photo album yet! This would be great to get me started.

  80. says

    So as a scrapbooker, this is one of the many things I would love to have in my craft/art room. Unfortunatley I am broke more often than not and so I have no photo printer at my scrapbooking fingers to play with.

  81. says

    I would love, love, love to win this! With homeschooling this year, a copier is a MUST HAVE.

    Thanks Kodak and 5 Minutes!

  82. patricia skinner says

    I definately would benefit by winning the Kodak Printer! Thanks for a great contest!

  83. Cameron says

    wow, what a great find!!! this site, and the printer;)
    i have eeeendleessss college, and little cousin pictures to print:) and, i can use it in my future classroom!!!:)

  84. beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this! I would love to win this to print out my family pictures. Thank you!

  85. says

    WOW, what a great contest. I got a Kodak camera/dockin printer about 2 years ago for Moms Day and it works great. If a teeny tiny printer form Kodak could would so well, a full sized, real life printer should be awesome!
    I would love to win!

  86. Melanie Lee says

    My current printer is awful for photos, alas, its not a Kodak. I love my Kodak camera so if their printers are as great as their cameras,wow! I would be thrilled to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  87. says

    Our old Kodak photo printer just croaked. Completely. My husband keeps saying he can fix it, but he’s had it apart down to tiny little pieces with no luck. I don’t have much hope. We could definitely use this. One chance in 322 seems pretty slim, but one chance is better than none! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  88. treesandlobsters says

    i’m not quite sure if i’m doing this right, but i could use a printer for school…thanks

  89. Judy G. says

    I do so much picture making, this printer would make the process so much easier. Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway

  90. Emily says

    My printer has been dead for months and I am in desperate need of a new one. Thanks for the contest!

  91. Eloise Carlson says

    I could definitely use this, I don’t have a printer and with my little first grader and a new bay on the way, this would definitely come in handy. Thanks so much for the opportnity!

  92. Sierra Rendon says

    My 4-in-one just broke! I would love to win this :) Thanks for another cool contest!

  93. says

    Our current printer is nothing but a paperweight at this point, a new printer is not a want, but a need!

    Thanks for these give aways!

  94. Rima says

    Wow! Great printer! Cheap ink refills! My printer broke a few weeks ago and my son needs one for his homework! :)

  95. Jean Jackson says

    I could sure use a new printer. My old one is so ancient that it prints on papyrus.

  96. Judy Kramer says

    My daughter could use a printer to go with her computer. And that looks like a nice printer. Thank You!!

  97. Ann Pinkerton says

    I have wanted to try a Kodak printer as my current printer costs 35 cents a copy and I can not afford the cost of cartridges. It is not a Kodak.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this printer.

  98. Becky says

    I print out pictures of my daughter for my mother-in-law who has no computer and lives hours away. This printer would make the prints much nicer for her.

  99. Sharon Harmon says

    It would be a very special treat to have a working printer!!! My printer worked a few times and has never worked since! lol! Thank you for the contest!

  100. Terri says

    What a great printer! Looks like it does everything but make a snack after school! I would LOVE this! Thanks.

  101. Gavin Hancock says

    Heck who wouldn’t love a nice printer for back to school. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  102. sara l. says

    This would be great for all the “First Year at school” pictures! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  103. says

    I have added a link for your giveaway at my contest site. That should help you generate more exposure for your contest. Best of luck with the giveaway!

  104. JOAN BARNETT says

    this would be great for me i always have to go to the store for my digital prints, so it would save money on gas and the pics thanks!!!!

  105. Janice J says

    This really sounds like a very nice printer, I would love to have it, I have so many pictures that I need to print out, thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Sheri says

    Is this the Kodak All-In-One that was shown on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”? Oooo, what a nice prize you are giving away!

  107. Laura Jess says

    I would love to win this. I still haven’t printed my son’s preschool graduation pictures.

  108. says

    I have children and grandchildren and would love to have this printer to print out all those precious pictures of them. This would definately be a big blessing for our family. Please enter us in this printer contest. Thank you.

  109. KATHY SWENSON says

    This would be wonderful to have. I just purchased my first digital camera, and would love to print pictures.

  110. Rayshine says

    If I could print pictures to use with my new laminating machine that would be wonderful :)

  111. says

    This again would be wonderful to have for starting our classes – not sure what kind of special reports and things we might have to do, but I’m sure this would be helpful! Thanks!

  112. says

    Last year, we had so much trouble printing out things for my step-son’s school projects! This would be the answer to my prayers!

  113. Mykel Freeburg says

    My son just turned 1> I could have never imagined how many pics I would be taking. This would be a great asset.

  114. Stony Normandeau says

    I could put this to great use I have just started going back to school. Thanks for the chance

  115. Tonia Franklin says

    I would love this for my computer,also I will tell everyone about this product.

    thank you very much

  116. Kristi says

    I am going back to school this month and one thing I don’t have is a printer so this would be wonderful to win. Thank you for your giveaway!

  117. Justine F. says

    Our printer does not work at all! The Kodak printer would be great…thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!!!

  118. Henry Gardner says

    I would like to win so that I could print in great Kodak color pictures of my children and grandchildre.

  119. Cindi says

    I am so hoping that I am fortunate enough to win this Kodak Printer! I could be so creative with it. Please enter me in this drawing. I always appreciate your contests…..Many thanks, Cindi

  120. Jaimee says

    I would love to print pictures bigger than a 4×6. This would be a great thing to have!!!!

  121. Cori Westphal says

    Ooohhh…I could use a new printer! Thanks for the awesome contest! Did I just say awesome? Awesome…

  122. Tabby says

    I am a scrapbook addict, but I find it such a pain to get quality digital prints. This would be awesome!

  123. Piseco's Sister says

    I want to win this for my sister, a homeschooling mom with two beautiful kids, a burgeoning photographic talent… and a dying printer. My LiveJournal is friends-only, but I’ll post a link.

  124. Jean K says

    It looks like an awesome printer. I would love to win it. What a great give away. Thank you.

  125. Bridget T says

    Wow…I could really use this. Get our digital pics. printed so we can actually have picture albums…instead of searching for them on the computer.

  126. Janet F says

    This would make printing photos very easy.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  127. says

    I have been looking at these and wishing I could afford one. I sure would love to win it!

    peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

  128. April K. says

    This looks wonderful! Perfect for printing pictures of my grandkids. Please count me in. Thank you!

  129. Sandra says

    I only have a printer that prints in black and white…no color at all…I would love to give this a try.

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  130. Katharine says

    I really want to try printing my own pictures rather than using a site and waiting for them to be delivered. Would save me time and money. Thanks for the chance

  131. Monique Rizzo says

    My easy share printer JUST broke last weekend. This would be a god send. Thanks for the chance!

  132. Sarah says

    This printer looks fantastic! I have worn mine out (the rollers gave out) and an all in one sure would be nice. I could give away my old scanner and have more room for my sewing machine. Ah.. well that is if I get lucky! Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. doe says

    love the all in one printer format, i’ve never had a photo printer but it seems like a wonderful way to share digital images with those friends/family that don’t have an internet connection or computer so i can share with them!

  134. says

    Oh! This is the contest that I want to win! :)
    At this very moment I am making copies on our OLD copier, & wow…we need a new one!
    I so hope I win this one.

  135. says

    This printer sounds (and looks) AMAZING! I love that the ink cartridges are actually affordable AND you can view the pictures you want to print before printing. What a great printer!

  136. says

    Great giveaway! This would sure help our homeschool, and with records for our special needs daughter, not mention the hundreds of pictures I love to take of my beautiful kids. Thanks for the chance!

  137. Barbara Richards says

    Boy it sure would be nice to have a printer like that.Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. Andrea R says

    Great giveaway! I only have a regular printer so a photo quality one would be wonderful!

  139. says

    I take so many pictures it is nuts. I would LOVE to win this printer. I would be able to save so much time running back and forth to the store to get pics developed!

  140. Renee Johnson says

    I would love to be entered. I have a newborn son and need to print his pictures. Thank you for the great contest!

  141. Carrie says

    Nice giveaway. My printer is old and doesn’t work very well (certainly not well enough to print pictures).

  142. Lydia says

    My current printer is a non-photo type, so it would be handy to print some photo’s at home vs using an in-store kiosk all the time.

  143. says

    I LOVE LOVE taking and printing pictures.. this would be just my idea thing to have and i’ve been wanting ONE FOREVER!

  144. says

    Printers can do just about everything but wash the dishes nowadays, huh! I would so love to be able to have all of these functions available in one device – what a space saver it would be! :)

  145. Kathleen says

    Pardon me for sounding Paris but I’m sleepy and I just saw her rebuttal ad … Loves it!

  146. Cynthia Shern says

    Great item for school projects and art. The kids would get so much use out of it. I can see the book reports with pictures in my minds eye. Please include me in the draw.

  147. Amy says

    Ooh…a new printer! Then I wouldn’t have to rely on my rotating slideshow for my screensaver!

  148. blanche pareja says

    I need a little luck right now and what better way to get it than from a group of moms.

  149. says

    This is fabulous. It would be great for us, because the refills are so cheap and we wouldn’t have to ration our printer use! LOL


  150. Angela C says

    This is so cool. I would love to win this. I love to scrapbook, so it would be perfect!! THANKS!

  151. Mommy Bee says

    We love our Kodak camera! This would pair perfectly with it.
    luvmybabybee at gmail dot com

  152. says

    Got a high school freshman here with loads of projects due this year! This would help her out (and me!) a bunch! Awesome giveaway!

  153. Ann Craven says

    I know I’m showing my age; but modern technology really amazes me! Winning this would really be a dream come true! And it’s by KODAK!!!!!YES!!!

  154. Laura K says

    Sorry – don’t have a blog up and running yet — but this printer sounds pretty cool… and the cost of the ink refills is phenomenal!! It’s usually cheaper to buy another printer!

  155. Kayte Watts says

    Would love to stop running to the library every time we need to print something!!

  156. Sarah says

    We totally need a printer!!! The old one broke and we can’t exactly afford a new one. thanks!

  157. Emma says

    I would love to win this! I take so many pictures and spend tons of money sending them to online photo services.


  158. Rebecca C says


    Sadly, I don’t have a printer, but all the good coupons are print out now, plus school work requires printing!

  159. janeh says

    I’ve been planning to purchase the Kodak Printer….the reviews have been great, and it’s so much more economical to replace the ink cartridges. Very nice giveaway!

  160. Amanda Chapman says

    I could use a great new printer like this. Our old Lexmark is slowly dying on me. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  161. missy richards says

    thank you so much for the chance to win such a great prize. i am a scrapper and i could really get alot of use out of this if i win.

  162. Ida Mousaw says

    I would say this would be Great really quick!Thank you for giving away an Awesome prize from an Awesome Site!

  163. says

    I really need a photo printer! I have a billion digital pics that I really need to get printed out sometime this century lol. I am so bad at never getting prints.

  164. Jessica says

    This looks so easy to use, it would be great to have an easy way to get pictures from my camera into scrapbooks

  165. Jill Myrick says

    This is something that we could so desperately use.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    We would LOVE to win !!

  166. Tracey says

    I really need a new printer. It would be so great to have a good quality, functioning photo printer. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  167. says

    I can really use this to scan and print pages for practice work!
    Please enter us.

    (I had added a button already) 😉
    Thank you!

  168. Katie R says

    I don’t have a printer, this would be a great help. Right now I go to library to print. I will spread the word via email. I don’t blog.

  169. says

    I did the one on the main page so that way I didn’t have to copy all of the URL’s. Thanks a bunch! This seems SOOO fun!

  170. tammy b says

    not only do i need this for my personal use, but i’m ptsa treasurer this year & i forsee a lot of printing in my future!

  171. Martina Rose McKever says

    I could use that printer for my daughter. She is taking Honors classes and has 4 papers to write before school starts Aug. 20 on 4 books she had to read this summer.

  172. says

    I LOVE the fact that you can see all your photos and of course the price of refills is super. And think of all the reviews I could do on CIAO! if I win! LOL! This is great for all the photos I take and scrapbook!

  173. Amber S. says

    I could really use one of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. Pauline M says

    An all-in-one printer would be perfect for my household! I’m always snapping shots of my kids everywhere they go and this would be perfect for home and when the kids go on field trips to give photos to their friends!

  175. Lynn says

    My daughter is heading off to college and this is just what she needs for those small spaces when sharing a room.

  176. Kelsey Weigel says

    Great giveaway!! I am leaving for school soon, and though I am a Business major I am taking photography up as a hobby and this would be a perfect printer to help out! I plan to start with just point-n-shoot cameras so this is perfect!

    Thank you!


  177. says

    My printer just printed its last job and died. So this would be a great thing to win at this time. Thanks for the opportunity to win something like this.

  178. MARILOUISE K says

    I really need a new printer. The ink for mine is so expensive and we go through it like we use water.

  179. Valerie C. says

    Our family could really use this. Our old printer is now a non-working item. I would be so happy to win! Thank you!

  180. Lori Vann says

    what a cool printer. My dad has one and I am always threatening to steal his. Now if I can win this – I won’t have to!

  181. Tina says

    It would be so nice to be able to print quality pictures at your own leisure to scrap what you want when you want!

  182. Jaque says

    I have wanted a Kodak ESP 5 all-in-one printer since I became aware of them, great product! Thank you! :-)

  183. says

    I would love to win this :) For all the grandparents who don’t get the net, they can have pics printed out instead 😀

  184. Mattie says

    Well, now…I just entered to try to win a digital camera to bring me into the 21st century. What could help complete my 21st century sojourn? Why your wonderful picture quality printer!

  185. Christie says

    The inexpensive printers I have been buying for the last few years all seem to die within a few months. I would really like to step up in class to a Kodak and see if would have more staying power.

  186. Kendra Moyes says

    Oh how I need this!! Just started a new little business and this would save me big time!

    Thank You!!!!

  187. Andrew Desmarais says

    This would be awesome if I could win this printer because I am going to school in a month and I really need a printer

  188. Tesa says

    What an awesome prize! I’d love to have one of these to capture the memories, and print them immediately!

  189. Kasey says

    I would love to win this, I swear I feel like the only person on earth without a printer
    My old one died 2 years ago, and I havent been able to get another one since, this is such a great contest

  190. Kathleen Luman says

    This would be great. I just got a new digital camera and I would be able to print the pictures I take.

  191. Hayley says

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  192. Kathy Stallings says

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  193. amy dipaula says

    This sounds great and the ink cartridges are quite affordable. Would help in my lesson planning/printing.

  194. M. Pertierra says

    Facial Retouch Feature…? I love it! A woman can never have enough facial retouch features!

  195. says

    My printer is a hand-me-down from two others – it does print stuff for me, but it doesn’t do all the other tricks. Wow – wouldn’t I feel uptown with that little darling printer.

  196. Marlena says

    What a great prize! I’m starting out on a photography business and this would be so helpful! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  197. Pamela Kline says

    I love taking pictures of the grandkids I take them continually so would love a way to print the pics I’ve taken as lasting mementos.

  198. Crystal Roberts says

    I have been needing one of these for a very long time. I love taking pictures and I would love to print them out. The printer I have isn’t good for pictures.

  199. Susan Taylor says

    Thanks for the giveaway…This would be an awesome printer…..I would love it especially for pictures.

  200. Pamela says

    Kodak wins hands down for print quality, and I love the price of the cartridges! Makes this even more desirable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Susan says

    Hi and thanks so much for offering the giveaway! I’m new at reading blogs but hoping to start one soon! My email is susanoa (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks again!

  202. Ann Marie Walker says

    This is such an excellant all in one printer. I wrote an essay on someone that you would want to give back to and won one of these. Of course the printer didn’t go to me, it went to the person I wrote about. I’m hoping now to actually win one for myself. :). Especially since I dont have a printer. Thanks for the great site and the contest.

  203. C thompson says

    new to this blog thing, but worth trying for a printer like this if lucky! Tks for chance to enter.

  204. says

    Oh this would be so great! I’ve been needing a new one, mine is on its last legs, and the day it goes will be the day something is due!

  205. Lchaya says

    I was just looking these up online when this came up as an option!
    talk about Divine Providence
    Thank You!

  206. Liz Sawyer says

    I want to win because I definitely want to be able to scan items, as well as using the other features! :) This is the Best Ever Giveaway!

  207. Rebekah says

    Looks alot better than the crappy printer I have..Plus I have a kodak camera so this would be perfect!

  208. Michelle H. says

    I have a large family and we could really use a new one for all of our photos. Thanks for the ocntest.

  209. Gary Watts says

    What a great prize you’re giving away! .. I’ll be knockin’ on wood for sure! .. Thank You!

  210. Michelle Griffin says

    This would be a great thing to have for school projects as well as your pictures that you will treasure for years to come! This is handy and less expensive and time consuming then getting your prints from your local drug store.

  211. Paula Harmon says

    My printer is broke, kid put change in it. It was a dinosaur anyway. Its time to upgrade!!!

  212. Kasey says

    This is a terrific giveaway! Even though everyone tends to send photos via e-mail because it’s quick I still like to send photos and gifts through snail mail. I think it makes it a little more personal and I know my family members enjoy receiving them.

  213. DL Stephens says

    I really need this printer, ours is going on the fritz and won’t last much longer. Please, please, let me win it. Thanks!

  214. Sarah Le Blanc says

    This is a win I could really use! I have so many pictures on various SD chips and my computer, but I don’t have any prints to actually share with people. I could make a lot of great christmas gifts with this! Great contest!! 😀

  215. Tammy Darling says

    This would be great! My old printer doesn’t do pictures very well & my scanner died last week. Thanks for the contest.

  216. Tiffany Hulbert says

    What a great printer! This would really help my scrapbooking! Thank you for such a great opportunity!! :)