Tackle It Tuesday – Updating Our Rocking Horse Store

Tackle it Tuesday

Although Janice and I spend most of our daily work hours running our beloved blog, 5 Minutes for Mom, there is another side to our business.

Yes, before we created 5 Minutes for Mom in March of 2006, our primary business was running two online toy stores. The first store which we started in 2004 focuses on retro pedal cars, ride on toys and other retro products like record players. We launched our second store in 2005 specializing in rocking horses, rocking chairs and other kids furniture and toys.

Our fabulous mother Joan works daily handling customer service for these stores and since we’re both usually so busy with the wonderful world of social media, most of the work updating the store websites also has fallen to our dear mom.

So, over the last couple years, our stores have been chugging away thanks to the hard work of “grandma”. But I am now again starting to refocus more of my attention on these toy stores. We’ve updated the rocking horse store design and we’re soon going to launch the new site design of our pedal car store.

We’ve still got lots more tackling ahead, but for today’s tackle I’d like to show off some of our dear 70 year old mother Joan’s hard work on our second toy store, A Rocking Horse To Love.

We’ve updated the header and improved the layout and made a bunch of behind-the-scene updates.

Unfortunately I can’t find the “before” screenshot that I was sure I’d saved… but here are a couple after shots.

A Rocking Horse To Love

Below is our updated product page showing one of our most popular toddler rockers and a personal favorite of mine… Lulu Ladybug Baby and Toddler Rocker.

Lulu Ladybug Baby and Toddler Rocker


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    Huge project finished after sitting dormant for 2 months. I’m excited to show off my son’s beach themed playroom! Thanks for hosting the party!

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