Bikinis on Little Girls: Cute? Or Just Wrong?

Do you think it’s cute for a little girl to wear a bikini or do you think it’s just wrong?

Janice fights it out with Jessica Gottlieb and Shannon aka. Mr. Lady on Momversation

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Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and 5 Minutes For Mom Co-Founder
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  1. says

    My daughter won’t be wearing a bikini any time soon. I do not think that it is appropriate for little girls to wear bikinis.

    • says

      I don’t have a little girl, but if I did I would not be letting her wear a bikini for a while. It may be innocent to them, but there are too many perverts out there. Plus I hate it that little girls are thinking their self worth has to do with their looks. This just reinforces that mentality.

  2. Amy's blah, blah, blogging says

    I personally find it disturbing to be sexualizing small children in this way. The fat rolls and bellies look just as cute in a whole piece. Not to mention, due to sun exposure, i cover up my kids as much as possible. There are plenty of whole piece suits that are adorable, no bikinis for us.

  3. says

    NOT a fan of making children into eyecandy for every pedophile within view. No… kids should look like kids. Also, when we sexualize our children, we shouldn’t be surprised what happens…can you say GRANDMA?

    Wrong on so many levels…

  4. says

    Okay, not one to jump into the fray but let us all use a little common sense.
    Littles have skin that needs to not be burnt to a crisp for as long as possible. The Skin Cancer Foundation is right in that kiddies need more protection. No bikinis period for littles. I would not let my son run around in nothing but his little diaper swim pants exposed either just so you know. It should not even be a question about fashion, politics, or anything else. Protect their skin…be the parent…not a slave to the fashion machine. By the way I have six female nieces under the age of ten…they wear coverups and one pieces too….

  5. says

    I typically don’t tout my opinion on heated topics; however, this one hits very close to home for me. I’m doing my best to raise my children to have some respect and modesty for themselves and others.

    LittleGirl and I had a chat about this very topic 2 weeks ago while shopping for swimwear. Last year, she had a two-piece tankini with the top being a bit cropped and exposing her belly. We had no problem with it, especially since we swim at a private family pool. She’s never even been to a public pool.

    Now that she’s 8, and noticing boys and body changes, we decided a one-piece suit would be more appropriate. Here’s how I explained it…Your body is a gift for your future husband. The clothes you wear to cover your private parts are for your future husband to see…him and only him. Consider your swimsuit the wrapping paper for your body. You don’t want to spoil the surprise gift by showing everyone what’s under the wrapping. :)

    I’m hoping this visualization will stay with her in the future too! I’ll be very interested to read all the commentary on this subject. Happy Friday! :)

  6. says

    I call it prostitoting our children! Notice the spelling difference. We are advertising our girls and their bodies at such a young age! What is left to expose when they became a teen? I am all for modesty!

  7. says

    I don’t wear bikinis, and my daughters have never and will never wear bikinis. We set modesty standards for our kids at an early age. If I don’t want them wearing bikinis when they are teens, then I won’t put them in bikinis (or short shorts or short skirts, etc) when they are little girls, either.

  8. says

    I already left a comment on this topic at Jessica G’s blog but I’ll say it again, bikinis are not appropriate for girls under 18 in our house. My only exception to this rule is the little Minnie Mouse bikini we bought for our 2 year to wear at home. The top is more like a thick strapped sports bra with a ruffled bottom, adorable and age appropriate, at home. In public, the girls only get one piece swimwear.

  9. says

    interesting… I suppose for me it depends on the bikini. Are we talking all two piece bathing suits here or only teeny tiny mimicking-bathing-suit-model bikins?

    My daughter has all sorts of bathing suits because she gets a ton of hand-me-downs (yay!)… I don’t find the little two piece suits she has any more revealing than the frilly one piece ones. They all seem very age-appropriate to me.

    I guess I don’t see a problem with the vast majority of little girl clothes that I see… My daughter is 4 and all her little friends always dress age appropriately in my opinion. She looks like a little girl in everything she wears, nothing sexualized about it. I see no problem with her belly button showing. Of course I am not a fan of the tiny little triangle bikinis for anyone, never mind just kids.

    That being said we rarely swim outside… it is too cold here… so sun coverage is not an issue. When we go to the beach she is covered to avoid sun burns etc.

  10. says

    No bikinis here! I think they are very inappropriate for little girls! As long as I’m buying the suit, it will be a one piece.

  11. says

    Dear mom’s
    Thank you thank you thank you. I have 2 boys that I’m trying to raise to respect the girls in their lives and I know that my 10 year old will soon start looking if he hasn’t already at girls differently. Thank you for covering them up! I appreciate all the help in keeping my boys innocent for a little longer!

    • says

      Great comment… I think you are a terrific mom!
      I raised my boys this way (now they are 20 & 23) and it was tough then, I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you now.
      Keep up the great work. =)

  12. says

    The problem with discussing an issue such as this on a forum such as this is we’re mostly like-minded people.

    As a teacher, I will tell you that the vast majority of parents, teens, little girls out there – yes, the VAST majority – would not see any problem at all for little girls wearing bikinis. Or the panties that say things like “juicy.” Or sweatpants that say, “love pink.” Which is why certain clothing retailers are still in business. If they sell it, people will buy it.

    It’s unfortunate, and I disagree with sexualizing both kids and teens, but obviously, the mainstream media, advertisiting moguls, and big businesses don’t much care what I think since I’m in the minority. I raised my daughter to be modest, and I’m glad she doesn’t buy into the whole “sexy” thing.

    I wish more people would explain things to their daughters like Larri did. Wonderful message!

  13. says

    my daughter is 6 and she has a bikini bathingsuit, but it is not one of these tiny tiny bathing suits. It fits her well and covers everything, so I don’t see a problem with it. Specially when she will ne swimming at home.

  14. says

    I have no problem with little ones wearing bikinis at home (like Cat said for her daughter – especially if it is Minnie Mouse. =)
    But I really hate when parents (and the people who make these close) try to sexualize and force these little girls to grow up WAY too fast. Like the make-up that is now design for tweens… why do they need make-up and and sexy bikinis? There are too many weirdos out there and there is NO reason to make our children more appealing to the pedophiles.

  15. says

    I can only speak for our household….but NO bikinis on No little girls! EVER!!!!!

    Our little ones are being sexualized way, WAY too soon. Let them remain innocent children as long as they can. IMHO.

  16. says

    Don’t think my daughter will be wearing bikini’s in the future, but I do have to say that she is 3 and wears “tankinis” to make it easier for potty time……but as she grows, she’ll learn modesty in swimwear (I hope) :-)

  17. Melissa P. says

    I honestly do not believe bikini’s are appropriate for any female at anytime. I believe a woman’s body was given to us by God to share with her husband and her husband alone. No need for any other man or anyone else to see those bare parts including the bare parts of innocent little children. If we begin to teach our children at the youngest of age then those values will start to become instilled in their hearts. Modesty, purity, and respect for not only their body but the bodies of others. Plus, covering up our children’s skin is also safer for them.

  18. says

    I am first generation American. My family is from Europe and we spent many summers on the beaches in Croatia. It is common place to see both children and adults, men and women partially or totally nude. No one is cat calling or making rude or obscene gestures.That is just what they do and it is totally normal and not sexual in any way.

    I am not saying that is right or we in America should adopt the practice of being nude on the beach. It just makes me realize that here in America, everything becomes sexualized. We see some skin and immediately think sex, even if that skin belongs to a young girl. I have a 3 year old and I don’t allow her to wear anything less than a tankini (it’s easier to allow her to go to the bathroom and still covers enough that her mid drift is not exposed). It’s not the bikini itself I am opposed to, it is the way men or boys are going to view her in the bikini. I want my daughter to be comfortable with her body, but it becomes increasing hard to separate the associate between sex and the human body when every bill board and TV ad is showing a scantily clad women or man.

  19. Denise says

    I find it so disturbing that somehow a child wearing a bikini is a sexual thing to people! What? They are only showing their bellies, maybe I haven’t seen these “sexy” bikini’s you are all referring to but I am totally freaked out by the fact that woman think their children’s or any childs belly is a sexual thing. We are talking about kids here she didn’t say tweens or even teens right? If boys or anyone else looks at a small child in a sexual way they have a problem it doesn’t matter what the child is wearing.

  20. says

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