17 Life Lessons I Learned From Oprah

Yesterday ended 25 years of Oprah.

I am surprised by my sadness. I truly will miss the Oprah show.

But when this final season began, I didn’t know the depth of respect and admiration I’d have for Oprah.


Oh, I’ve always adored Oprah, but I never knew how much. Throughout my life, I’d watch an episode here and there. I’d read books that she recommended in her book club. I’d flip through her magazine. I’d click though to her website. I loved the work she did, the inspiration she was, but I didn’t think I had time to actually watch her show on a regular basis.

And, I’m ashamed to admit… I often wouldn’t let myself watch it, or admit to watching it when I did, because I felt a slight sting of judgment for wasting time with “daytime television”. Most often, I wasn’t home or near a TV when it aired, but I realize now, that I would have done better to have recorded and watched more Oprah episodes.

A couple months ago, I decided to schedule Oprah into my DVR and watch some of this final season. As a crazy busy work-at-home mom, I don’t have much time to watch TV, but the truth is I squeeze in a few favorites each week, even if it is only in the background while I blog or tweet.

As I watched these final episodes and a couple behind the scenes shows shot for OWN, I started to get a better understanding of what I’ve missed. I’ve seen clips and stories from the lives of loyal viewers, guests and even Oprah producers and I realize what an impact Oprah has had on lives everywhere. She has touched and helped thousands upon thousands of people.

Now I add my name to that list.

I have learned, been inspired and am propelled forward by Oprah.

Her final episode was a blessing and I’m saving it on my DVR to watch again and again whenever I need a reminder of what Oprah has taught me.

17 Lessons I Learned From Oprah


  1. I have the power to change my own life.
  2. We are all on an amazing journey through the grace of God.
  3. I should be more true to myself and encourage others to be more true to themselves.
  4. We are all teachers.
  5. We all have a calling and our job is to discover that calling and each day get to the business of doing it.
  6. Never underestimate my own reach.
  7. We receive in direct proportion to what we give.
  8. I have the power to change someone’s life.
  9. Use my life to serve the world.
  10. The power of teamwork.
  11. “When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou
  12. I am responsible for my own life and the energy that I create for myself and that I bring to others.
  13. All life is energy and we are transmitting it at every moment and the world is responding in kind.
  14. We all are worthy of happiness.
  15. Everybody wants to be seen and heard without judgment.
  16. Wait and listen for the guidance of God.
  17. God is love and God is life. And life is always speaking to me.

As I admire Oprah’s wisdom, I realize she has learned from talking and listening to thousands of experts and real, everyday people who shared their journeys with her and with the world through her stage.

Oprah may have learned while on a stage in front of millions, but we have the same opportunities to listen and learn…

To Know Better and Do Better.

Thank you Oprah.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of the mom blog, 5 Minutes for Mom.com. Chat with me on Twitter @5minutesformom and Facebook /5minutesformom.


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    Beautifully written! When I think of Oprah, I think of my mom because I’ve really only watched it with her (since I don’t have tv at home). In other words, Oprah brings back good memories for me. :)

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    These are so great. I was actually writing the 5 things that I learned, then they kept going. I just found your list and it’s awesome. I need to stick this up somewhere I can see it every day. Thanks for putting them down in one place.

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    I love that list! I too have found myself feeling guilty for watching Oprah during the day but the upside was always the inspiration I felt after watching her show. Sometimes it made me laugh, made me think or helped me dream bigger. Oprah will be sadly missed for sure.

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