Strap it to the Stroller – Brilliant Baby Gift

by Janice

Sparkability has some very cool finds. If you are looking for innovative and useful gifts for a new baby or for anyone with children, this is a great store to click on.
Stroller Tote
I am totally sold on this “strap it to your stroller” concept. The Strolling Tote can be used for anything you can need to hold on to – diapers, wipes, cell phone, car keys, whatever – and it attaches right to your stroller.

Stroller Tote
Need somewhere for a bottle or a sippy cup? Snap on the Thirsty Tote or the Double Thirsty Tote bottle holders. Insulated and everything. What a great baby gift idea. (Did I mention they are machine washable?) Ohhhh – I need me some of these.

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