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  1. Meagan
    May 17 - 1:50 am

    The first time I linked up to Tackle Tuesday was to show 2 pieces of furniture I planned to tackle. This week I’m finally showing one of them finished! Thanks for hosting. ;)

  2. NCSue follows back
    May 17 - 8:40 am

    Thank you for hosting. I’m a new follower, and this hop is now found on a page on my site that lists more than 200 hops… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon and follow back!

  3. Susie's Homemade
    May 17 - 8:41 am

    I always clean when everyone is at school/work. At least it is clean/organized for a couple hours before everyone gets home:-)

  4. Smelly Good Stuffs
    May 17 - 1:47 pm

    I linked up with a several week project. We struggle with putting together window displays. I posted about a recent one we did.

  5. Lisa
    May 18 - 2:21 am

    Good job! It looks great! It is hard in smaller spaces to keep everything in its place. When my son was little, I just got a couple of large laundry baskets and kept all of his daily play things in those. During the day, we just pulled them into the center of the room and he could take out (or dump out) whatever he wanted. At the end of the day, I just threw everything in those baskets – no sorting – and put them in a corner of the room.

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