Get Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling

I adore my kids — I am completely in love with the little monkeys.

Jackson, Janice and OliviaBut, many days I feel like a parenting failure — giving in to nagging, not keeping on schedule, being too permissive, or, the worst, losing my temper.

Because of Jackson’s extra challenges, we have had more than our share of time with therapists, doctors, parenting courses, etc.

I am so grateful for all the extra training! When you have a child with special needs, you really need to be on the top of your game! And no matter how many therapist appointments and coaching we get, I always feel like I could use more. Often it isn’t that I don’t already “know” the methods etc, it is the reminders and the opportunities to reflect and continue to improve that I appreciate.

It is interesting how most people approach parenting with little to no training and yet it is the MOST challenging and important job any of us will ever have!

So, I am thrilled that we are offering this free Positive Parenting Solutions webinar. In my experience, I find I can use all the extra training and practice for this parenting gig that I can get!

Let’s face it, if your day is filled with back talk, tantrums, not listening, whining, sibling rivalry, bedtime battles… it’s just not a good day. But imagine your life when misbehaviors are few and far between and when they do occur, you know exactly what to do… and it works! Wouldn’t that make your life better?

Online training from Positive Parenting Solutions
will make your life better.

The strategies you’ll learn are designed to reduce the negative behaviors you don’t want and give you more of the positive behaviors you do want.

If you’re ready for your kids to behave better and see what a difference that makes in your world, sign up now for an exclusive FREE webinar.

Raising children is a very rewarding yet challenging experience. Ironically, parents are not formally trained for the most important job they’ll ever have. Whether you have toddlers, school age children, tweens or teenagers, as we know, there comes a time when you need a little help.

Parenting expert Amy McCready has been creating and delivering training programs for over 20 years.

Amy McCready founded Positive Parenting Solutions, Inc. in 2004 and has changed the lives of thousands of parents through in-person seminars, speeches and online parent training webinars.

Due to demand from parents around the country and abroad, Positive Parenting Solutions Online was developed in 2008 to give parents everywhere the skills, knowledge and tools to correct their children’s misbehaviors permanently without nagging, reminding or yelling.

So, make sure you sign up now for an exclusive FREE webinar. See you there!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of the Mom Blog 5 Minutes for Mom.
I would love to chat with you more: @5minutesformom and

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    • says

      Janice and Susan – thank you for the opportunity to share this training with the 5 Minutes for Mom community. Parenting is the hardest job on the planet – for which we get very little training! I’m thrilled to share concrete strategies parents can use right away instead of nagging, reminding and yelling!

      I’ll see everyone next week! It’s going to be fun! :)

  1. Sylvia says

    Thank you!!! I just signed up for Wednesday because I need this bad. Can’t wait to join in for the info!

  2. says

    I find myself in the same boat Janice. We have similar issues with our oldest boys. I too have read countless parenting books, articles, blogs, and had counseling visits, dr appts, etc. But you are right. Reminders and a fresh approach are always helpful.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. says

    What a wonderful opportunity! Through my teaching experience and raising my own special needs son, I feel that I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to deal with challenging behaviors; however, it is admittedly difficult to follow through with all those “learned” techniques when you’re faced with challenges 24/7 – I love how you put it into perspective, “…it is the reminders and the opportunities to reflect and continue to improve that I appreciate”. I’m glad to have found you, and am looking forward to reading more of your articles. Sandra

  4. Rachel says

    Since I am a mother myself I thought you might be interested in this site that one of my girlfriends informed me about. I am having trouble with my 13 year old girl and this site actually has helped me a lot because it monitors her email and text messaging use. If there is any inappropriate behavior I get notified. I agree with you that motherhood is and always will be the hardest and most rewarding job that we’ll ever have. With time and patience, alot of patience that teaching your kids to do anything is as simple as 123. Not only are you teaching them, but your training yourself to think a different way. Thank you, I really enjoy reading your stories and they have been very helpful!

  5. says

    It is so true that we face the “MOST challenging and important job” of our lives with very little training. Perfect reason for moms to blog and share what they know as well as their experiences.

  6. says

    Just finished my free one hour training – REALLY great stuff. If you are on the fence, PLEASE check it out. An hour well spent! Thanks, 5M4M, for offering it and thanks, Amy, for leading it!

  7. Arlene Marie D says

    I’m sure that a LOT of moms out there want to learn the tricks of this trade. Thanks for the post. To add to this wealth of info, I want to share this book I’ve read lately. It’s about the same thing. About having your kids become obedient without the fights and arguments. In fact, they’ll even love you for it. Check it out here:


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