Tackle it Tuesday — Donating Clothes

Tackle it Tuesday

I’ve always loved to donate clothes I don’t wear anymore. It clears space in my closet and I like thinking that someone else is benefiting.

But now I have a special way to donate my old clothes and all the fantastic outfits my girls grow out of. Janice’s Filipino nanny Marisel takes all our old clothes and sends them to her family and friends in the Philippines.


I love how tight knit and supportive the Filipino community here in Canada is and I imagine that it’s the same in her village at home. They help each other in every way.

For example, Marisel told us about a single friend of hers who is also working here as a nanny but is unexpectedly about to have a new baby and so we gave her my girls never-even-used crib, change table and tons of other baby supplies. I asked Marisel how the woman was going to keep working and she explained how their community all helps each other. She and her baby will be fine.

In today’s tackle, you can see Julia and Sophia sorting through my old clothes as we pack them up to give them to Marisel. (The girls had lots of fun dressing up and making a big mess of all the clothes.)


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    It’s a really great way to give back in a more personal way than simply dropping off bags at Goodwill. We’ve given a lot to nannies and housekeepers over the years.


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