Tackle It Tuesday #110

This week my tackle is much more felt than seen! I am totally fighting with my depression! I know I am stronger than the past couple times I have fought with it because I am still treading above water, but it’s totally kicking my butt here!!!

I have always struggled with the loss of interest in my hobbies and with loss of appetite and with wanting to sleep my day away (yes! even with my littles ones around :o( )

But this time I have MAJOR guilt, anger at my self, feelings of wanting to hurt myself and it’s even affected my home!!!

My good friend blessed me today by getting me and the kids out of the house (which I don’t normally do on my own when I am struggling this bad)… when she called me this morning she asked if I was still in my funk and I said literally!!!! My house is a totally mess! So here is my start and getting over this mess!!! Both emotionally and physically!!!…

What are you tackling? Link up and let us know!

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Have a GREAT Tuesday Ladies!


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    Great tackling Carolyn!!!

    Tackling depression is the toughest tackle there is. And I know when I am down, doing dishes is like scaling Everest in flip flops. So give yourself a major pat on the back, because you did a great job!!!

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    Wow. You did a great job. Give yourself a gold star. I am so glad that you took your friend up on the offer to get out of the house. Being outdoors can help brighten your mood. Have a blessed week.

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    Yea! Happy Tackle it Tuesday! I have a pantry filled with what my husband likes to say “stuff”! I am not quite ssure what is in it and usually twice a year I clean it out and organize it, something I don’t look forward to, but does not take long. It may not look like it is organized afterward, but at least I know I threw out the can of eel that was given to me four years ago! Eeeek!

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    I pray for you and your family. I know that depression is a monster. It can be so hard on a person & their family. I am proud of you for fighting back. Great job, keep up the good work.

    God Bless

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    Wish I was ur neighbor, I’d come and do ur dishes for u, and i hate to get my hands wet.lol When my sister struggled like you, she just threw her dishes out and bought paper. Sometimes we just have to do a little as Moms can do.

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    Wow! Tackling those dishes has got to help, that was a big job and you got through it! Way to go!

    Once again, I’m getting ready for company. It seems we’ve had a never ending stream of company over the last few weeks, but it forces me to keep my house clean!

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    Tackling depression with you, my friend. Thanks for being so candid and sharing your struggles with us. It encourages me just to know that I am not alone in this battle! Of course, we have Jesus – so we are never alone, but it sure feels that way when we are in a “funk.” Blessings to you today, I’ll keep you in my prayers as we climb our way out together!

    Love, Leah

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    You got a lot of dishes done! Hope you feel better soon. I went through that after the birth of my second son, and it was like living in a fog. It got better after I started getting some sleep and got out of the house.

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    I can so relate. My Medication is just now really helping me turn the corner. I have had a hard time even taking it. I got a little pill box and am doing really well now. I walked this morning.
    I remember a dear friend years ago had maybe three times that many dishes undone. I went over and did them and was all done and she burst out in tears. I comforted her and consoled her. She then led me over to the oven where I found all of the worst pans. She cried we laughed and I got out the dish soap and put them on the stove filled with water to soak in heat, and to gain more hot water for I had used up the hot water tank.
    You know depression can just snow ball honey. I hope that this brings you a relief and not a embarrassment in any way.
    It is so hard to overcome. Sleep is so important for me. Do everything you can to get your sleep schedule on track it will help. Don’t sleep if you don’t need to it is so hard not to but hold on…It will get better.
    Get help! No shame!

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    Fantastic work – and we know it is WORK!
    Thank you for this weekly motivator for me – it is helping me to get LOTS accomplished. :)

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    I’m tackling depression, too. Sometimes, life feels like a constant struggle, doesn’t it?

    I hope God sends a few more friends to rescue you and help to lift you out of your funk.

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    Wow! You need to come over sometime when my husband has had the house to himself for awhile. That is an amazing job. I hope you feel uplifted after getting through that!

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    Congratulations! The kitchen looks MUCH better!

    I usually have problems battling depression during the winter months. When I notice it coming, I try to get out in the sun more often & read funny books.

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    My depression is raging this week too. Today I just want to burst into tears with the stress of it all.

    Way to go for sharing so openly!! I know it makes those of us struggling as well feel like we are not alone. I hope that all the great comments helped give you a {{{hug}}} today and lifted your spirits too.

    Wonderful tackle too girl. I am soooo sorry that you don’t have a dishwasher to help. That must be really hard to handle all those by hand. GREAT work!!! (I will pray your new house has a dishwasher okay?) :)

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    Congratulations with the dishes!

    It’s very brave of you to publicly open up with your depression. Alot of us moms can relate with feeling the funk. Taking omega-3 vitamins usually helps if you don’t eat alot of fish. Take care.

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    I don’t think I commented before, but your kitchen looks AMAZING! I don’t know about you, but seeing how good something looks after I’ve cleaned it motivates me to keep going. Don’t get me wrong – I have my fair share of the funk days…I hear where you’re coming from!

    Way to go!

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    Wow – you did an amazing job getting all that done! Great job! I will pray that this will help you feel a little better and start you on the path to feeling great.

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    Wow! And I thought that my kitchen was bad (and I am ashamed to say that it’s just me!!) I would have loved to post before and after pictures, but at the moment I work 08:30 to 22:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so would have to be Tackle it Friday (or Saturday or Sunday!), so that just wouldn’t work out would it!?

    That’s my excuse anyway! I do finish the evening job in a month’s time, so will join in Tackle it Tuesdays then if I may!! 😉

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    Good Job on the dishes! I have suffered with PPD several times. It is not fun! I hope you don’t mind me giving a tip. One thing i did was to cut down on the amount of cups, bowls and plates. With fewer dishes they don’t pile up so much and takes less time to clean. During the depressing times, i always used paper plates and cups. Easier clean up! Best wishes to you! :)

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    Arn’t true friends just the best!? I have a friend who I help out of her”funk” as needed. We even tackle the dishes and dust bunnies together. I plan on joining you next week for tackle it tuesdays.

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    I’ve been at that point where there are no more dished and would just rather throw them away and start over! Wait a minute, I have thrown dishes away before!


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