Tackle It Tuesday – Backing Up Email

Tackle it Tuesday

We’re in a Constant Battle with Email

You’ve likely heard Janice and I complain about the overwhelm of our inboxes. It is crazy how hard it is to keep on top of email.

Our main email account for 5 Minutes for Mom has become so overwhelmingly huge that Janice and I both now have our own individual gmail accounts where we have our assistant Erica forward us urgent items.

That main email account is currently hosted by a third party Exchange Server and is bloated beyond manageability.

We’ve decided to finally move from Exchange/Outlook to Google Apps and try to take better control of incoming messages with advanced filters and automation rules.

But the first step is backing up and getting ready to migrate.

I am very paranoid about losing important emails so I’m going to back up the mail in a couple of different ways.

So over the next week, I will be backing up and planning our migration to Google Apps.

And then I’m going to start using backupify to backup all of our cloud data.

Tell me… what do you use for email and do you back it up?

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    I don’t get near as much email as you, but I manage 4 accounts through my gmail. I have filters and labels set up and 50% of it goes right to a folder so that I can keep my inbox relatively cleaned out. I aim for 50 or less in the main inbox; I know some people aim much smaller than that. Once a week I schedule a time to do a major email clean-out and go through all the folders and piled up emails. Good luck!


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