Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge — Have You Found Your Team Yet?

I had planned to get this post up earlier this afternoon.

But I was out walking. True story. 😉

Spring Blossoms in a Bucket

There is nothing like sunshine bouncing off of cherry blossoms to make you abandon your laptop. (And my dog, AJ, and three year old, Olivia, were pretty encouraging too.)

AJ is a young dog who has as much endless energy as my very active children. Seriously people. It is actually hysterical how well my dog “matches” my kids!

So, every day, multiple times a day, I am out with my “walk it team” — my dog A.J. and myself. My kids are alternates on the team, depending on if they are at school, etc.

But if it weren’t for the necessity of walking my dog, I would not be outside so often! He keeps me on track and moving during long work days. (He is very persuasive. One of his tricks is to take a running start and jump up on me so hard he pushes my chair away from my desk/kitchen table.)

Which brings me to the question — do YOU have a walking “team?” Who helps you get exercising even if the sunshine isn’t quite as warm and inviting as you would like it to be?

Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge

Find a Team Near YOU!

If you are looking for some extra encouragement and motivation, don’t miss out on Weight Watchers 3rd Annual Walk-It Challenge. You can team up with your family and friends and walk a 5K on May 22nd, 2011.

You can find a walk already taking place in your area or map a route for your own 5K. Or you can even join one of the 58 Weight Watchers 5K walks being held across the country hosted by the Road Runners Club of America. Find a Walk It 5K near you.

Weight Watchers members and online subscribers also have access to a six-week training plan. So make sure you check out weightwatchers.com/walkit for motivational tips, encouragement from fellow walkers and tools to find a walking team in your area.

In fact, you can subscribe to Weight Watchers Online and follow the new WW PointsPlus plan completely online!

WW Online helps you stay on track, right from your own laptop! With over 3,000 recipes and plenty of online tools to help you reach your goals, Weight Watchers Online has you hooked up!

If you are looking to find some fellow bloggers to team up with, locally or virtually, make sure you leave a note in the comments! And follow the hashtag #walkitchallenge to find each other on Twitter too!

Please Note: We are working with Weight Watchers online and this post is part of our promotional campaign. But, as usual, we are posting because we mean every word we write!

Written by mom blogger, Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
Talk with me: @5minutesformom and Facebook.com/5minutesformom.


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