My First Momversation – Do You Edit Your Music Choices in Front of Your Kids?

Janice and I are thrilled to have joined the team of panelists at Momversation.

For my first “momversation“, I chatted with Jen from and Shannon aka “Mr. Lady” from about the music we let our children hear.

Do you endure The Wiggles or turn on the radio? Is there a middle ground? What do your kids listen to?

What do YOU think? Watch the video and join in the Momversation!


Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and 5 Minutes For Mom Co-Founder
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    We let our kids listen to the radio, but we do monitor what they do listen too. Kesha and Lady Gaga are for sure banned when the kids are in the car. Depending on the lyrics of a song, it may be banned too, like S&M by Rihanna. I am one that really likes to listen to the radio, so if the worst that happens is I have to change the station and explain that the song wasn’t appropriate, then I think it is ok.

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    Wow. I guess I grew up ultra-sheltered. We mainly listened to Christian radio, or the oldies, in our home. The same goes for now. I have a couple of baby/kid CDs (Baby Einstein and a lullaby CD for sleep time). As my toddler grows and matures I plan to carefully guard what he listens to – but then, we carefully guard what we, as adults, listen to as well. My opinion is that there are themes and words that no one is “mature enough” to listen to. If it will defile a kid’s brain it will defile an adult’s brain as well. Maybe that sounds too prudish…but that’s the rule of thumb around here.

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      That’s not prudish at all Rosilind. It’s likely very wise.

      I grew up in a Christian family too, but we were allowed to listen to most music. And interestingly when I was a teenager some of my Christian friends challenged me to listen to stop listening to secular bands and stick to Christian music. I did try for a while and I did find some quality stuff.

      Throughout my life I’ve often felt guilty that I don’t listen to more Christian music. But these days, I just don’t listen to much music at all.

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      I should actually add though that I do often listen to a local Christian radio station but my girls still complain that it is “grown up” music. LOL. But we don’t spend much time driving, so we usually don’t even have anything on.

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    I always edit it. I don’t let them watch anything that’s not along the veins of Veggie Tales and Backyardigans and they don’t listen to anything but Christian radio in the car or on the iPod. Once I started thinking about the words to some of the songs, it just made my stomach sick to think of my little girls singing them.

    It does sometimes drive me crazy to never have anything on TV that isn’t a preschool cartoon, but I really believe “Garbage in, garbage out.” They are only going to be little for so long and it will be over. I can live with it for that short of a time.

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    We listen to a mix of both. My son like some popular music but I also monitor what it is and he likes kid music which I’m usually not opposed to him listening to in the car. He’s also a fan of soundtracks like for Harry Potter which is all instrumental and something that the whole family can usually tolerate.

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    I try to play Family friendly music in the car. We have songs on our ipod that we and my tween like to listen to. I’ll suffer through some of the songs I’m not a fan of and vice versa. We have a good mix. When my daughter gets a little older, I imagine we might have to start playing some music geared toward her too. We love Veggie Tales so it’ll be fun to get back into watching and listening to them again. I totally agree with what Susan said on the video; today’s music videos are so much worse than when we were growing up; highly oversexualized! I refuse to listen to Lady Gaga or Rhianna for that reason. And I’m so tired of hearing them on every station!

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      I love Veggie Tales… thank you for reminding me… my girls haven’t seen very many of them b/c I always just record shows instead of having to put DVDs in and out of the machine. But good idea to have them listen to the audio.

      (Sadly in my car I don’t have an aux in.)

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