Got a flashlight??? Kids can make a game…

After working till the wee hours on UBP tasks, Susan ended up with only four hours of sleep last night,

But there is no mercy for a tired, single mom. Kids don’t sleep in just cause we want to!

So, despite her exhaustion, Susan hosted my Olivia for an extended play date with her girls today, while I worked. (Yes – I guess I should have been hosting hers so she could sleep! LOL But duty calls.)

After playing with our girls at her house, taking them to the playground, going for a walk, and visiting the candy store, Susan arrived at my house around 3pm, desperate for more ways to keep our girls entertained that didn’t involve her being on her feet.

Olivia keeps a flashlight in her bed, (I will post about that tomorrow! LOL) and so Sophia, Julia and Olivia started to fight over it. I quickly ran downstairs, grabbed two more flashlights and then watched the magic…


“Let’s tell ghost stories…” the girls immediately squealed and the next thirty minutes they hid under the covers or jumped around the room, telling, “ghost stories” — which considering their ages weren’t really very “ghosty!” lol

But Sue and I just sighed with relief that they found a creative way to play — that helped pass the afternoon!

What kind of games do your kids create on a long Saturday afternoon that surprise you with their creativity?

Please Note: We are Rayovac Sponsored Bloggers. But our kids don’t care! They are obsessed with flashlights all on their own! You can find coupons and more at Rayovac’s Facebook Page.

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    My daughter’s name is Julia too!
    Today I found both my girls playing “Carnivorous Dinosaurs” and sharing a pencil pouch (which was the dead animal). My little one said “Hey! You got the head. that’s the best part!”.
    I just shook my head and went on with my post. LOL
    They do often set up “tents” around the house (which are really sheets draped on furniture). That keeps them busy for hours!

    • says

      ROFL – that is awesome Michelle! I love that they are carnivorous!!! lol

      Our girls are obsessed with Dinosaur Train and are always playing dinosaur now too!

      The only problem with the “tents” and “forts” that kids instinctively build is when they leave the mess behind for US to clean up! LOL

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    How are you two managing to get blogs done with all the UBP11 excitement?! Plus the children! My heroes! I am addicted to the blogs of you and other UBP11 bloggers – very inspiring! My mind is bustling with new ideas! Thank you!
    PS Pretend play is HUGE with my guys right now. They make up amazing stories all on their own…

    • says

      LOL — I know! I haven’t written too much this week, but I needed to get some posts done!

      Isn’t it just fabulous to watch our kids imaginations at work. I love play.

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    Yes, my son LOVED playing with a flashlight when he was a preschooler. He’d take it into the dark bathroom or make it shine under his bed or whatever. Great fun!

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    My daughter is in love with her daddy’s flashlights. He uses these, expensive, precise creatures for work and when he comes home our daughter grabs one and uses it for a microphone, hoisted in the corner of her tent playhouse for light, or as the doctor’s light as she works on daddy’s “wound of the week”. Usually a cut or two. Makes great rainy day play.

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