Ultimate Blog Party LIVE Webcast on MomTV

UBP Live on MomTV
The Ultimate Blog Party LIVE — 9-11pm EST, Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The UBP LIVE will be a video simulcast on MomTV and 5 Minutes for Mom where Janice and I chat via web cam and text chatting with YOU!

We’ve lined up some SURPRISE guests — a few of our TOP blogging friends from around the country — that we will live stream in during the UBP LIVE as we talk about hot blogging topics!

The show will air LIVE below… and also on MomTV http://www.momtv.com/5-minutes-for-mom


We had a fabulous night at #UBP11 live MomTV web cast! Thanks so much to everyone who partied w us! And thanks to our scheduled guests Leah Segedie, Kelby Hartson Carr, Kristen Howerton, Megan Jordan, and Angela England… and also to those partygoers who spontaneously turned on their cameras and joined the conversation live.


During the Live Webcast, we will be randomly awarding the following prizes…

$100 Land’s End Gift Certificate

Again we thank our friends at Land’s End for providing a $100 Gift Card for us to award to one of you during the live MomTV party.

Two $50 CASH PRIZES (issued through PayPal)

Provided by Trish from DayngrZone
Follow Trish @Dayngr Like DayngrZoneMedia

Dayngrous Discourse serves up the daily adventures of Dayngr – girl on the go! Follow along as she balances life as a mommy, a blogger, an entrepreneur and new media darling. Ever Dayngrous!

Website: DayngrZone.com
Blog: http://dayngrzone.blogspot.com

$50 Gift Certificate to “I Am A Woman Of God.com”

I Am A Woman Of God is on a mission to get as many women as possible together to publicly declare that we are women of God through their unique clothing line. Women who have wholeheartedly decided to stand in the gap and intercede for our families, friends and those who we may not even know.

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$25 gift certificate to Charmies Online

Charmies Online creates personalized handstamped jewelry and keepsake gifts. All of our pieces are made by hand from start to finish with care in our studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Hearts at Home Conference Registration Live or by CD

Free registration to one of Hearts at Home mom conferences in Illinois, Colorado, or Minnesota. (an $89 value). If the winner doesn’t live in within driving distance, we will give her a “Conference On-The-Go” which allows her to “attend” the conference by CD (2 keynotes plus 3 workshops of her choice).

Provided by Jill from Hearts at Home
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3 copies of Mommy Jingles (value $197 each).

Mommy Jingles includes three bonuses, too.
i. A digital download of my latest album of lullabies- Lullaby and Goodnight-33 Lullabies for Babies
ii. A stress reducing mommy meditation and
iii. A video course on how to make the perfect nap blanket for your child.

Mommy Jingles is a new kind of baby music class designed to make a mom and baby’s day easier and more fun. It supports moms in choosing musical tools to communicate and bond with their babies while establishing the foundations for literacy and education. It is all online so its available wherever and whenever you are as well as globally (delivered by Amazon Cloudfront). And we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if anyone is dissatisfied.

A coupon code for $100 off our Mommy Jingles program for all audience members. This is over half off the introductory price of $197.

The coupon code is MOMTV and is good for one week only (April 7-15).

To use the code, just enter it into the coupon code box at checkout.

In addition, you can get free lullaby MP3s and a report on music and baby brain development by signing up for my email list at AmyRobbinsWilson.com. There are also 2 free MP3s for those who “Like” me on Facebook at A Voice for New Moms.

How To Win

Join the live chat during the webcast – we recommend using your Twitter name when you type your login name upon entering the chat room. We will announce the winners during the live chat.

Please take a moment to follow our sponsors on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. We truly appreciate their support and we hope you can pass on our gratitude.

What Do YOU Want To Talk About?

What do you want to talk about at tonight’s #UBP11 Live MomTV webcast? Ask us a question or suggest a topic in the comments.


  1. says

    I am hoping that I’ll be back in time tonight to make it to the webcast. I might even put some make up on and join you! As far as what to talk about, I would love to chat about what fellow bloggers like to read. What makes a blog worth their time to visit? Maybe talk a little about favorite blogging conferences and why?

  2. says

    Hi! I would love to learn more about how to get people interested in my blog. Even with #UBP11, I have gotten a huge amount of random hits to my blog, but very few followers or commenters. I’d like to encourage more interaction. Thank you!

  3. says

    Hi Girls,
    I’ve been impressed by the many brand new bloggers who have attended the party- I feel so much better knowing that I am not the only one stumbling around in the dark :D. Do you have one, most-vital, boiled down tip for us noobs?? (BTW, the #UBP11 is already a smashing success!)

  4. says

    I was curious to know from you ladies what the biggest hurdle you have had a professional blogger? How did you overcome it? Do people ‘get’ what you do? Do you have support? Are you taken seriously (now of course, but perhaps at first?) Since I am new to this, I want to know how to ‘convince’ people this is my new job that I love and want to do well at!
    Much love from MamaMOE xo

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