Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I am Going to Miss About Summer

Thursday Thirteen
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School starts next week. And while I enjoy fall, I will miss summer.

13 Things I am Going to Miss About Summer

  1. Fresh fruit – We have amazing berries and peaches available in our area. I am indulging in some right now – smothered in Cool Whip Light of course!
  2. Warm summer evenings – We don’t get too many weeks of it being really hot. It is usually quite pleasant here, especially in the evening.
  3. Watching Jackson learn to ride a bike – Jackson went from having ridden his bike only once with training wheels, to becoming a confident, two-wheeling fanatic in a couple of short weeks. He has basically been on his bike for a month and a half straight! It will be so sad when the rain starts (and boy does it rain here!) and he won’t be able to ride as much.
  4. Watching Jackson learn to ride a horse – When he was two and a half, Jackson first rode a horse. (We actually went on quite a trail ride considering he was two!) This week he is going to horse day camp and he loves it!
  5. Flip Flops – I can’t bear to go back to shoes and socks – ugh!
  6. Crocs for Jackson – I only wish I had bought myself some too. (But I am quite addicted to flip flops.) Crocs are the greatest footwear for kids in the whole world. Sun, rain, mud, dirt, sand – and then just rinse them off at the end of the day. And as Jackson pointed out the first day he put them on, “I can kick a soccer ball in them!” It took me a while to get on the bandwagon – but yes I am now fully converted to the wisdom of Crocs – and so is Jackson! He has worn them every day all summer.
  7. Shorts and t-shirts – I love the simplicity of summer clothes. No jackets and sweaters to bother with and less laundry to do
  8. Summer camp – it is only one week of the year, but what a highlight it is. This year was great, despite the rain we had.
  9. Going to our cabin – when I was a kid I hated going to our cabin because it is a six hour drive. But my parents would say, “One day you are going to beg to borrow this cabin to bring your family.” “No way – I will never!” I would insist. Oops – I guess I was wrong. My husband and I are so grateful to have access to such a beautiful place for family vacations and Jackson loves it there.
  10. Long days and after dinner walks – I love daylight savings!
  11. Playing outside all day long – except on those really hot days when we sought refuge inside.
  12. Less colds and flu – we have had a pretty healthy summer, except poor little Julia is so sick today with a fever and what seems to be a very bad cold. (Susan had to take her tonight to the hospital to get checked because she is so lethargic and out of sorts. It seems to be a virus and hopefully she will be better soon.)
  13. Fun– Summer is just so much fun! It has been wonderful and I will always remember this as a great summer as I watched my sweet son and my beautiful niece live their little lives to the fullest.
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  1. says

    I know, I cry when I have to wear real shoes again instead of sandals. My mother of course instilled in me no white after Labor Day, but I rebel and wear white and sandals as long as I don’t have to wear a jacket during the day.

  2. says

    Doubt I’ll get to do thursday thirteen today. I have two bedrooms to blitz and one bed to dismantle ready for selling on ebay because a new one is arriving at the weekend!

  3. says

    I am ready for summer to go and I have to tell you that I have had a summer cold for over 2 weeks. I much prefer them in the winter time! The fall has some really cool things in it to look forward to! Enjoy what is left of summer! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!

  4. says

    I’m so glad he learned to ride a bike. I didn’t have one until I was 9 or 10…and then it took me several years to learn to ride. Then you couldn’t get me off the thing! Riding a bike is a big part of childhood, and I wish I’d learned when I was little! And crocs…sorry, but omg, I think those things are ugly. Except for little kids–the colors are fun!

  5. says

    Mine is about summer, too — about how hot it is here. :) I won’t miss the heat, but I will miss the more relaxed and spontaneous schedule we have in the summer.

  6. says

    What great memories of summer! Living in the South now, my summers are not quite as dramatic as the days here are warm all year long, but I am a Northern girl at heart.

  7. says

    i like your list.
    i am gonna miss the flip flops too. infact, i think i might have to buy some more socks. i think i threw out my last pair at the end of winter….too many holes.

    …but one thing i LIKE about summer being over – I WILL FINALLY HAVE A VALID EXCUSE for not weeding my flower bed. sigh.

  8. says

    Oh, I agree!!!!!! Yesterday it was so nice and cool here I was enjoying the almost fall weather but still I will miss so much about summer too.

  9. says

    I love all the season, especially fall. But even though it’s nice to get relief from the heat, I always hate to see summer end. And lucky, lucky you – the camp sounds wonderful.

  10. says

    **SIGH** as much as i LOVE fall, it is a bummer to be cooped up in the house as the winter temps keep inching in on us. and i get so depressed when it’s dark out at 5 p.m. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??!?!!

    my almost 10 year FINALLY got the hang of riding his bike this summer! WHEW!!! we were getting a little worried about him.

  11. says

    I’d like to say that I’ll miss summer but I really won’t. I guess we have pretty good weather year round and I’m looking forward to cooler days! I love the fall!

  12. says

    I wish my Sweetheart would move up there with me. Your summers sound beautiful 😛

    BTW – when you have time, I have a surprise for you on my blog tonight :wink:.

  13. says

    I’m still having trouble getting on the crocs bandwagon but you make a very good point about the usefulness for kids. I may have to consider that for next year!


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